Hey everyone!

This is an 18+ blog that contains nudity and explicit depictions (written and visual) of sexual acts and, occasionally, written violence. If this is not cool with you, that’s okay! Just maybe find something else to do.

Meanwhile, if none of this bothers you, click up there to embrace the smut!

Or read about my dumb ass…

I’m RefurbMadness, a Skyrim modder and general fangirl. You might know me from Nexus where I formerly posted my mods and continue to post screenshots on occasion. You can call me Refurb, Furb, or Shannon, which is my name. It doesn’t bother me which you choose! I’m big on sex positivity and inclusion. Everyone is welcome here, and it is my hope to create a fun and safe place for anyone who wants to hang out and be dirty.

So dirty.