Hello World

Hey there! My name is Shannon, also known as RefurbMadness on Skyrim Nexus, or Furb, for short. You can call me whatever, I’ll probably respond.

This is a place for me to record all the ramblings I shouldn’t be recording on Nexus. Not because they’re inappropriate or anything, but nobody really cares about what I do, and I shouldn’t be bothering them! If you follow my mods, you’ll find future plans, sneak previews, and maybe even special downloads!

You’ll also find screenshots of my characters (male and female) that I can’t post on Nexus. Probably a sliver of fanfic now and again, but I’ll put a warning on those so you don’t go all Raiders of the Lost Ark on me.

Not that my writing is godlike, you know, I just mean. It’s so bad it’ll melt your face.

But anywho. Come in, have a seat. Meet my characters. Maybe find a new mod or two.

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