More Adriel and a Kinda Update

I’ve been up since midnight on about fifteen minutes’ worth of sleep, and it’s now at an hour where going back to bed would be awful.

I discovered quite by accident that my replacer for the Mythic Dawn robes was severely broken. I don’t know why or how, but it was. And it amused me that in two years I never came across it. Of course I had to fix it right then. And of course “fixing” became “remodeling”. And then I noticed the leg warmers were mapped incorrectly. That seems to be the case for most instances of that mesh, and I wish I knew what I was smoking, because I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how.

In any case I tested it on Adriel since. Y’know. Mage. I can’t post these on Nexus because pubes and also the “acceptable” level of exposure for males is severely more restrictive than it is for females (they have a chart, and everything!). So I’m posting some stuff here.

I’m realizing I keep taking shots of that couchant pose without thinking about it. It’s a good pose, though. I know it’s not technically “couchant” but you probably know which one I mean.

Anyway the Male Cleric armor adaptation is on its way soon. There’s a LOT of forms to make. The home stretch is in sight, though! I’m a little worried about permissions. NULL9 has on the page that you can use whatever without explicit permission, but I sent him a message anyway because I don’t want whatever homophobia follows me to seep over into his mods. I’d legit feel terrible.

I notice Nexus doesn’t really give half a shit about it, either.

Anyway. Pics.


  • Yueviathan

    shit, now I have to steal these robes in the game once this releases. I been avoiding daedric quest for a pure run this playthrew but these look to sexy to leave them in the case. <33 all the loves

  • RefurbMadness

    Yeah, these might be my favorite. I came across them and discovered their brokenness while approaching the Nightgate Inn where the follower Abel hangs out. The dude these belonged to was trying to murder him…or was being murdered? I was too far away to really see, but in any case now I have them lol

  • jumarbye 1

    He looks great in these, and I like what you did with the mythic dawn robes – they look much better now! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I'm glad you're posting these shots here. I'd much rather look at these than boob shots.

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