Tank Girl WiP – Boots

So I wanted to make something for female characters, something lore-unfriendly but neat. I almost wish I had any interest in FO4 because what better place for this sort of thing, right? But I’m not buying a video game so I can make one mod for it and never touch it again. Besides, it’s my game. *snap*

Being a huge fan of Jamie Hewlett, this just seemed the Thing To Do. The titular Tank Girl didn’t have any one single outfit, so what I’m going to make is just an amalgamation of pieces derived from various designs of her and all her *Girl friends.

One thing that’s my favorite, though, is the carelessly-laced combat boots. And that’s where I started. And I think I did a damn good job. So I wanted to share. I’d include the other things I’ve got, but they really look pretty goofy on the static model and with no textures or unifying feature just yet. But it’s one of those things you know is gonna be pretty righteous when it’s in motion and on the right character!


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