Brigida Dress Alteration

UPDATE: This mod is now available here! Hope ya try it and like it!

I don’t know what’s good for me and I’m about to faceplant. My dad always got mad at me when I stayed home from school because sick kids don’t feel well enough to do x. Yeah, well. I didn’t feel well enough to do anything, I just get irritated not doing anything.

Rei and Sabrael, as I mentioned, were looking for wedding outfits. As it happens, Apachii’s Divine Elegance store offered the Brigida dress (Witcher 2) for women and for men! Well. How progressive and awesome.

…Except the male model for it didn’t really blow my skirt up. Haha. *snort* So this meant I had to tweak it. I shaped it down to the SoS body mesh, reshaped said body mesh to have a bit of a waist to fit it down further and give it shape. I lessened the emphasis on the butt and slimmed the skirt a bit, as well. Then I took the arms off because I dunno. It wasn’t because I thought anything was wrong with them.

Also threw in new boots and lacy gloves to make it kinda Lolita-ish.

Sabrael is now quite stylish. And I will show you!

Don’t mind that patch on the shoulder, it’s been fixed.

Also here’s some pics of him and Rei! …Dat outfit on my Rei, doh. Woof!

And that’s it. I’m for reals going to bed now. I know I’ve said this before, but I really am planning on having Rei’s next chapter up. I’ve honestly been pretty nervous about it, hence the long wait despite its being finished, but I suppose the only thing to be done is light the fuse and find cover!

Good night peeps what read this (imagine an ASCII heart here because the text editor can’t parse greater/less than symbols without trying to turn things into HTML tags)<3 br="">


  • jumarbye 1

    Wow – good job on the Brigida dress. Sabrael looks adorable, both in the dress and in the extended pics album of bed story – hope he doesn't mind being called adorable. I can't think he would mind since that's the kind of vibe he gives off when he's being coquettish with Rei 🙂

    Speaking of bed story…I hope you get some (well-deserved) rest. G'night!

  • RefurbMadness

    Thank you! I think Sabrael would love being called adorable; he is a bit of an attention junkie, after all. Plus, when I think of Sabrael I think of otters or some other rambunctious, playful creature, and if otters aren't adorable, I don't know what is!

    Tryin' to rest, no worries!

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