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Rei Ginsei and the “Kirin”, part 2 (Rei Ginsei Saga ch.3)

Whuh-oh, what’s happening now? Chapter three in Rei’s story is presented here for your amusement/bewilderment/eye-rollilng. There is an explicit sex scene that’s clearly marked via a line break. You can skip it if it’s not your bag, but you will lose a lot of context. This isn’t a particularly happy chapter, and you may perhaps think differently about my screenshots and the expressions of the actors therein, but hopefully this provides depth and a better understanding (and perhaps anticipation for the next installment!).

I’ve decided accompanying pictures aren’t my thing and so won’t be a regular thing like I’d hoped. There are people far more adept at making pictorials and in possession of an ability to visualize and think ahead. So I’ll leave all that to them. Meanwhile, enjoi!

After taking the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of a mortal body next to him as he slept, Rei set out the next morning, heading back south towards Falkreath Hold and Lake Illinalta. He had no idea what he would find when he arrived or how much he would have to put up with, in terms of water, but he tried to think of every scenario he could and what action could be taken in each one.

It was early evening when he noticed the river he had been following had widened into a larger body of water, and the dense treeline marking Falkreath Hold was casting shadows over him. Rei had traded his heavy coat for a lighter fur cloak before leaving Whiterun City after a late lunch, when the sun had warmed the tundra just enough to make heavy layers uncomfortable, even for him. The shade now more or less sucked up any warmth there was to be had, though, and with an intense shiver, he drew the cloak close.

“Pardon me,” he called down to a man in peasant clothes walking the road. “Is this Illinalta?”

“Sure is. Lookin’ to do some fishin’? It’s the right time for it.”

“I’m looking for Illinalta’s Deep.”

The man pulled his head back in surprise. “Why would anyone want to go there?”

“I have my reasons,” Rei answered. “Where is it?”

“It’s on the far side of the lake, both long and wide. But I wouldn’t go there, stranger; folks’ve been known to go missin’. Place is haunted.”

“I’ll take my chances.”

“Mara protect you then, I guess,” the man said. “Good luck.”

Rei nodded and goaded Baku into a canter to try and save some daylight. The one advantage Clavicus Vile had bestowed upon him during the change was much better night vision, so that wasn’t a problem, but night meant cold, and, emotions or not, that got pretty tiresome.

He had to make his way along the entire far side of the lake shore, dismounting eventually in order to lead Baku along the ever-narrowing path that cut between the lake and the small mountain range separating tundra from forest. He tried his very best to keep from getting his boots even a little wet. Rationally, he knew lakes and oceans were very different things, but he could still recall the pull against his legs, and even if he couldn’t feel it now, the memory of the fear was enough to cause his heart to pound.

Finally he reached Imperial ruins. First there was an archway, standing free of anything else, a portal now to the destruction which happened many ages ago. Just beyond, Rei saw two turrets standing proud of the water, both canted at odd angles as they continued their slow disappearance. A small dock had been constructed next to the taller one, with a ladder leaned against its side. Rei rolled his eyes at the superstitions of the local Nords. If they’d bothered to look, they’d know ghosts weren’t the ones making the place accessible.

“Stay here, beauty,” he said to Baku, patting his cheek. “I’ll be back shortly.”

The horse had gone what breeders called “grey” early in its life, its black coat turning snow-white while its mane and tail remained unchanged. It was an unusual way for a horse to go grey, but Rei was happy to spend the large amount of gold for such a rare beauty. As he usually did, Baku nudged against his master’s hand until he could bury his velvety nose in his palm.

Turning back to the tower, Rei took a deep breath. The way the structure had sunk, there was no way it could be dry inside, but the Star was much too important to let such an habitual aversion get in the way. Quickly he climbed the ladder, the rungs of which were much too close together for a man of his height, and pulled at the ring on a square door set into the top. The damp had caused the wood to swell, so he had to throw all of his weight back to get it to even budge. He pulled and pulled, the skin of his palms beginning to bruise and chafe, until it finally gave. The suddenness of its compliance caused Rei to stumble backwards, and, being unable to see behind him, he braced so hard against the inevitable fall into the water that the force of the stone top of the turret against his back startled him as it knocked the breath from his lungs.

He was shaking, his heart was pounding, and he had to force himself to slow his breathing. Every part of him seemed to be on fire, and it was almost unbearable. His chest tightened suddenly as the rest of his body suddenly relaxed, and a sob shook him.

It was a few moments of crying into his hands before he suddenly realized that what was happening was caused by fear. Fear whose intensity seemed amplified due to its unfamiliarity. The release of his muscles, then, must have been relief, and the crying a mixture of that and the sudden emotional overload which was surprisingly painful.

Then he realized he wasn’t as cold.

It’s the Star, he thought. Excitement built so quickly in his chest, he almost shouted to release the pressure. He wasn’t sure why he suddenly thought the artifact would have such an effect, but he figured if Azura was indeed fishing for a new servant, this was the way to do it.

He scrabbled back to his feet and looked down into the tower. Just as he’d suspected, the place was flooded, but no more than a city street during a rainstorm. There was a ladder, but it was difficult to get to going down, so he grabbed the edge of the portal and carefully lowered himself onto the rubble below.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the return of his emotions was going to be a rocky road to travel. As he turned, the sudden presence of another person made his heart seize and coaxed a proper yelp from his throat.

“Goodness,” the man lamented. “I certainly wasn’t meaning to terrify you.”

“I’m not terrified,” Rei protested. He wondered if his heart would ever be allowed to slow down.

The man, insofar as Rei felt he could be called one, was perched comfortably on top of a pillar that had crashed and remained more or less upright. That was why he didn’t see him from the outside looking in. He was beautiful, though, and Rei felt an odd familiarity tug at his mind, though he couldn’t say why. Skin as white as porcelain seemed almost to glow in the dim light of torches maintained, presumably, by Varen’s students. Strange markings adorned his face and framed large eyes, into which fell long, inexplicably turquoise hair. Four horns sprouted from the top of his head, leading Rei to believe he was a daedra of some sort.

“Who are you?” Rei asked.

“Don’t you recognize me, Celedaen?”

Rei jumped, suddenly realizing how long it had been since he’d heard his real name. “How do you know that name?”

“Well, a good friend remembers the names of those he’s met.”

“I’ve never met you.”

“Are you sure?” the creature asked, sliding gracefully from his perch. He was barely clothed, covered only by a clingy loincloth, and Rei swallowed as he took in long, sleek legs and pelvic ridges emphasized by his stretching. “Think, Rei Ginsei. Think, Celedaen.”

Suddenly the creature became somehow incorporeal, his solid form leaving behind a vague cloud that began to dissipate.

“Wait!” Rei called, climbing hurriedly over fallen stone towards the evaporating cloud. It seemed very important to not let the creature leave again.


“Come back, I-“

All at once, interrupting his plea, the cloud began to change shape and reconstitute. It grew much larger, and Rei stepped back, wondering if he oughtn’t be reaching for his swords. In a matter of seconds, though, what stood before him caught his breath.

“How about now?” the creature prodded. This time its voice seemed to originate from inside Rei’s head.

What stood before him was a fantastic beast, with the head and shoulders of a horse, sporting webbed toes in the place of hooves, all transitioning into a long, serpentine tail whose thick muscles made it perfect for swimming. It was turquoise, just as its hair in its humanoid form, and its scales shimmered even in the poor light.

“It’s you,” he breathed. Feelings of relief and joy and love flooded his mind, and once more he had to keep himself from shouting in an effort to release the pressure of excitement.

“I’m not the kirin you imagined,” the creature lamented.

Rei suddenly felt shyness and self-consciousness join with his other emotions, but they weren’t his.

“I don’t think that matters,” he said.


Rei drew close and reached out his hand, placing his palm on the creature’s cheek, just as he had always done with his horses, creatures he felt an affinity with for their similarity to the kirin. But this creature’s fur was much smoother and softer, laying close to the skin to keep it streamlined and viable as a beast of the water.

“Do you have a name?” Rei asked quietly.

“I am Sabrael,” he answered, dipping his head in a small bow. “An elemental daedra and your soul bond.”

“My soul was taken.”

“Not when I saved you. Come, I realize you have business here, but if we wish to continue this, it would be wiser to do so in a place someone dangerous won’t likely barge in.”

Rei nodded. He needed time to adjust to the trauma of regaining his emotions after nearly four centuries, anyway.

They left the turret once Sabrael had taken his humanoid form again and found a place a ways back from the lake, surrounded by trees, where Rei could set up camp.

“Why in Oblivion were you waiting for me in that pit?” Rei asked once he’d gotten a fire going.

“I felt it was better than waiting for you outside where the locals might see and get jumpy,” Sabrael answered. “Varen’s students make their home much deeper in the ruins, so I wasn’t terribly concerned with being discovered.”

“But where did you go in the first place? Why are you only showing yourself just now, when I needed you long ago?”

“Perhaps you will need me more in the future?”

“Be that as it may,” Rei answered, feeling a twinge of anger begin nesting in his heart, “if you can apparently just come and go as you wish, and if you have apparently been watching me for all these years, why let me suffer without you?”

Sabrael took a deep breath, biting his lip as he thought on his words.

Rei suddenly felt his heart speed up again, accompanied by muscle-tensing nervousness. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

“Elemental daedra,” he said slowly, “are more impressionable, I suppose you would say, than other daedra. At least, greater ones like myself are. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that a common atronach is not much more than a golem. We daedra like souls, as you know well. Some, as your dear master, more than others. In the case of daedra like me, if we’re not careful, we will bind ourselves to a mortal. Surprisingly it seems Vile doesn’t realize he doesn’t have all of you.”

“It is you, then. You’re why I feel again.”

“The lagoon near your family’s estate was my body of water, and often I would watch you and your friends. I was only a young daedra, just a couple of years younger than you.”

“I don’t know why, but I never thought of the concept of a young daedra.”

“We exist,” Sabrael smiled. “Just like you, we must all come from somewhere, and it just so happens that your timeline and mine intersected. And the first time I saw you, I fell in love. When the rip current grabbed you, I was beside myself. I couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing you again, even if it was from afar, and I swam as hard as I could to save you.

“But your soul was leaving when I reached you, and so, being what I am, I absorbed the small bit that had escaped. I had every intention of returning it, I really did, but my selfishness got the better of me. Ever since then, we have been bound together, whether you realized it or not.”

Rei shook his head and ran his hands through his hair. The anger had only been growing. Even when it crept up, it was unreasonably intense, and now it was positively unbearable.

“Of course I knew,” he said. “Or at least I thought so. I dream of you constantly. I have ever since you rescued me, and those thoughts of you are the only things that come close to making me whole. Those few seconds I saw you were perhaps the most important seconds in my life, but I never thought I would see you again. In fact, I often wondered if you weren’t just an hallucination. But you didn’t answer my question: if you love me so much, why you would let me linger this way?”

“Opportunities don’t always present themselves when we want them to,” Sabrael answered uneasily (fear seized Rei’s being). “You on Nirn think of us as controlling the elements, but it’s the other way around. Being separated from my lagoon wears on me, and for a long time I wasn’t strong enough to leave for very long. Often I’d try, and often I’d have to simply return to Oblivion to regain some modicum of strength. Those times were when I could watch you. But you have to believe the separation has been just as hard on me.”

“No, it hasn’t!” Rei shouted suddenly as the burning ball of anger finally exploded. Sabrael jumped and skittered slightly off to the side, away from him. “People never thought I had feelings when I was growing up because I wasn’t some melodramatic ponce. At the time, I didn’t care, because my feelings are my own, and they’re nobody’s business. But to have them taken away? You don’t know what that’s like! It’s a paradox. How do you cease to feel and at the same time notice the void in your core? Meanwhile, I find out there’s a second daedra cavorting about with part of my soul, with my feelings, having the gall to tell me he’s had it as bad as I have.”


“Shut up!” he barked. The anger and what he knew to be Sabrael’s fear wrestled with each other, making him nauseous in their strength. “In nearly four hundred years you never once found an opportunity to find me?”

“Rei, you have to believe me,” Sabrael pleaded. “If I could have shown myself sooner, I would have.”

Rei took a shuddering breath and brought his knees up to his chest. He was crying again, overcome with the worst pain he’d ever felt as fiercely negative emotions roiled within him. Coupled with the shame he was now feeling due to the frequency of these fits, he felt like just giving up altogether and falling over onto the cold ground to let whatever would happen to him, happen. “Go away,” he moaned.


“Go. Leave. I don’t want you here.”


“Because it’s been too long, and I can’t handle this. Keep my soul if you must, but I don’t want you here where I can feel it. I don’t want to feel yours.”

 He felt a timid hand slide over his upper back as Sabrael drew close on his knees, pressing his forehead against Rei’s upper arm. “Please, Rei,” he said quietly. “I never meant to do you harm, and nothing I can say will change anything. I know you must feel my love through our bond. That can’t be faked.”

“I don’t know what to do, Sabrael,” he sighed without looking over. “I do feel your love. Do you feel mine?”

“I do. I feel a lot from you right now, and I know it must be terrible.”

“What do you feel?”

“Anger. Hurt. Confusion. Fright. And…lust?”

Rei laughed once in spite of himself. “Just as it always was. Almost always there regardless of whatever else was going on. It’s wonderful to feel that one again, instead of something I’m making up to just take care of needs,” he said. “But it’s the same as the others. It’s unbearable in its intensity.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Sabrael assured him. “It’s like anything else that’s shocking. You just wear yourself in. But if you want me to leave, I will, and I will never bother you again. If you wish me to stay, however, I will never leave your side.”

Rei looked over and into Sabrael’s eyes. In proper light he could finally see they were an hypnotic blue-violet. Slowly, he leaned over and took the daedra’s lips with his. A deep sigh worked its way from his chest as his heart swelled. Before his pact with Vile, he had never experienced lust combined with any deeper feeling, and in this state, his heart ached physically and terribly.

Long fingers slid down over his abdomen and over the bulge at the crotch of his leggings, spreading to conform to the shape of his member. He moaned deeply around the kiss, moving his hand to unlace the fly, but stopped.

“Stop,” he said quietly, taking Sabrael’s hand and moving it up to press against his chest. “Please.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s too much, right now. There’s too much in my head. In my heart. I never thought I’d say this, but I’d rather just be close with you tonight. For so long all I ever wanted was to be near you. I only wanted my kirin…or…”

“I’m still your kirin,” Sabrael smiled, “if that’s what you wish to call me.”

Rei took a shuddering breath and swallowed, relieved that at least Sabrael had traded fear for comfort. This was going to be hard, getting used to normalcy and feeling Sabrael’s feelings on top of things, but, among other things he never thought he’d say or admit to, he was glad he wasn’t alone.

He kissed Sabrael again, more deeply, and wrapped his arms around him. Exhaustion was setting in, and so he allowed himself to fall onto his side on the bare ground, pulling his love down with him and squeezing him tightly. Sabrael’s head was tucked beneath his chin, and tried to focus only on the love and the relief of being reunited, while he shut his eyes tight against the pain and the racing thoughts brought on by everything else.


Rei awakened to darkness and a deep coldness. Fear lanced his heart before he realized that he had fallen asleep outside the tent and that Sabrael was still securely within his grasp, though he had shifted so that his back was to Rei’s stomach. The fire had gone out at some point, but the sky had grown cloudy, and Rei was unable to gauge how long they had been lying there.

A quiet moan escaped his lips as the feeling of security settled in, allowing him to realize that he was still in possession of a rather fierce erection. Almost involuntarily he pressed his hips against his love while he gently stroked soft turquoise hair. Regardless of what he’d said earlier, in a calmer state certain things begged to be taken care of. Rei noticed Sabrael was breathing hard.

“Oh, Rei,” he moaned.

“What’s wrong?”

“How do you function with such a drive?” he laughed breathily. “I’m so hard I can barely stand it.”

“It’s easier when it’s just a basic need,” Rei answered, burying his face in Sabrael’s hair. There was a slight saline quality to its scent that brought back memories of home to his head and a broad smile to his lips. Carefully he reached down and slipped his hand beneath his love’s loincloth and wrapped his fingers around the rigid mass. “You don’t appreciate how intertwined emotions are with everything you do until, well.”

Sabrael groaned and pushed his cock into Rei’s fist. “So you never felt it when you, you know…when you came?”

“Sure I could. I could feel pain, and I could taste, and I could feel temperature changes and anything else a mortal needs to feel in order to survive. But there’s no joy in anything. No sadness, no fear. My libido didn’t go anywhere, but without the usual excitement or annoyance, it was just a thing between my legs that caused discomfort.”

“I can’t imagine,” Sabrael sighed.

Rei pulled him closer and continued his slow massage, occasionally letting his hand slip down to carefully squeeze the gradually tightening sac. He suddenly noticed that extra feeling, Sabrael’s ecstasy, that mingled with his need. It filled his heart and twined with the old, wonderfully familiar ache that snaked from his core and into his toes and fingers.

“Rei,” he moaned again.

“I’m here,” he answered, speeding his pace as his heart began to race with the growing intensity of his beautiful kirin’s euphoria. “I know you’re close.”

Sabrael only gasped in response, thrusting harder against Rei’s strokes.

“I need to feel you come,” Rei breathed into his ear. “Please, darling.”

After only a few more strokes, Sabrael grabbed Rei’s wrist as his hips almost froze, pressing gently and rhythmically with the pulsing of his cock. Sweet cries of ultimate relief filled the air around them.

Rei took a sharp breath in as the emotional sensation of Sabrael’s orgasm filled him. There were small explosions all through his body, not enough to coax one from him, but enough to drive him nearly mad.

“Suck me,” he ordered, pushing himself up onto his knees. He knew first hand that Sabrael had not even come down, though he wondered if he even could, since he could feel his emotions, as well.

“I wonder if we might get stuck in a loop,” Sabrael laughed as he followed suit.

Rei paused and looked askance at his lover, wondering just how deep the bond went for Sabrael, since it seemed he could at least somewhat sense his thoughts. It wasn’t important enough to dwell on, and he continued unlacing the fly of his leggings, finally, mercifully, releasing himself from the increasingly painful doeskin prison.

“Oh my,” Sabrael said, looking trepidatiously at it.

Rei smirked, happy that he could properly appreciate his own pride. Carefully he ran the length of it with his hand, wondering at the last time it was so hard. “You’ll get used to it,” he purred.

“I’ll just need a lot of practice,” Sabrael grinned, lowering himself to all fours.

Rei bit his lip and looked down as his lover wrapped his fingers around the base of his tool. Warm breath enveloped the head, and the sensation of Sabrael’s wet tongue against the underside made him whimper in a way he never had. Slowly – too slowly – soft lips wrapped around him and began to take him in.

“If you don’t hurry it up I might have to fuck your mouth,” Rei panted. “I don’t think that’s something you want, my beauty.”

Sabrael looked up at him and grunted an unintelligible answer, but in his mind he felt the jolt of lust that originated within the daedra. He also felt a pang of a different sort of pleasure and noticed that Sabrael had begun tugging at his reawakening member.

Rei grinned, feeling everything he’d felt back in Summerset returning. He grabbed a handful of Sabrael’s hair and pushed himself into his mouth, carefully at first. Plenty of people in his past (before and after Vile’s appearance) had learned the hard way how to breathe with something slamming against the back of their throat, but Sabrael, of course, deserved better.

It was for the best, in more ways than one, he decided. The sensation of arousal alone was wonderful, but to feel, really feel, the soft wetness of someone’s tongue on his cock was spectacular. It warranted savoring, blending it with Sabrael’s emotions and hoping he could hold off just a while longer to stay in this bliss as long as he could.

Rei’s eyes rolled back, and he tightened his grip on Sabrael’s hair as his thrusts grew faster and harder. He felt his lover’s urgency as his masturbation reached a fever pitch. Sabrael was moaning around him, sending exquisite vibrations through his cock. He was there, perched on the edge of blinding orgasm, but he tensed up and slowed his pace, trying to hold back.

Finally, just as his pelvic floor muscles were starting to give, he felt Sabrael’s peak, that momentary pause before the eagerly awaited drop, and he gratefully resumed his pace. Just as soon as he felt Sabrael’s release, he shoved his cock as hard as he could down his lover’s throat and held his head fast against his hips. The first explosion was so intense that his ears almost popped, and each subsequent pulse weakened his muscles exquisitely.

Sabrael’s climax worked on his, filling him with more pleasure and desire than he could ever remember experiencing. He was consumed, drunk almost, holding the daedra’s head now with both hands and using his mass to fight against the hands that were frantically pushing against his hips.

Suddenly, a steely bolt of fright shook through him, and he shoved Sabrael’s head away  and scrabbled awkwardly backwards on his knees until he landed on his backside.After a moment, when the worst of it had passed, Rei finally was able to register what was happening in front of him. Sabrael was on his knees, coughing and wiping his mouth with his forearm.

“Did I,” he began, “I mean, are you alright?”

Sabrael nodded and took a deep breath through his nose.

Rei felt his muscles relax on the exhale.

“You’re just rougher than I was expecting,” Sabrael laughed uneasily.

“I wasn’t even that rough. For me.”

“You felt me panic a bit when I couldn’t breathe.”

Rei nodded. He had always been a dominant and aggressive lover, and usually without the other party expecting it, which is why he’d at least tried to be gentle with Sabrael. Feeling the effects of his  particular style of lovemaking on his partner wasn’t something he’d ever thought about. Sex was his release and his pleasure, after all, and he realized that the biggest impetus this time was the promise of the best orgasm he could ever hope to have.

“It’s alright,” Sabrael said, sitting next to him and leaning reassuringly against his shoulder.

“It put a lot of things into perspective.”

“Like what?”

“Like the way people must feel when the person they’re fucking starts manhandling them.”

“Do you do that?”

“I’m not very pleasant, Sabrael, and I never have been. And I’m sure it’s not a good sign that it’s resentment I feel being able to reflect on my actions in this way.”

Sabrael was quiet. He ran his hand over Rei’s inner thigh, and he responded by placing his large, slender hand over the smaller one.

“I’m sorry I hurt you. I wasn’t thinking.”

“You didn’t hurt me, Rei,” Sabrael sighed. “You got carried away, is all. I mean, being able to feel each other…”

Rei smiled at the ripple of excitement that traipsed across his heart. He laid his head against his lover’s.

“Can I ask a question?”

“Sure,” Rei answered.

“If you didn’t experience orgasms the same way, why did you seek people out?”

“I was always cold. Terribly cold. If someone showed interest, well, I could spend the night with someone in possession of their soul, and thus their warmth. I can’t recall a time where that aspect would come without some expectation on their part of sex, and I’d need to take care of myself in one way or another, pleasure or not, so why say ‘no’? I couldn’t tell you why I was never careful with them. Before Clavicus Vile, it was a thrill. It became habit, I suppose.”

“You can be rough with me, if you want,” Sabrael offered.

Rei winced. “I love you, Sabrael,” he said, “and I can’t do that to someone I love, not after feeling that. I don’t want to be a source of your fear or injury.”

They sat for a while in the dark, listening to peep toads and the occasional owl. Rei felt Sabrael’s serenity and tried to drown out his thoughts and his worries, both to enjoy it for himself and to avoid causing his darling kirin distress.

When a fork of lightning struck across the lake, followed quickly by a clap of thunder, they shared a kiss and crawled into the canvas tent. Finally undressed and under his furs, Rei welcomed Sabrael into his arms and held him fast as sleep once more set in, aided by the beautifully soothing sound of rain.


  • jumarbye 1

    Oh-h-h-h….I really, really liked this installment of Rei's story. And I can see where you say it isn't happy, but I think the experiences Rei had to endure were necessary for him to a) start to accept feelings again & b) start learning how to be sensitive to a true lover. (Sorry, I'm an accountant so I'm really analytical) 🙂
    Anyway, their story was so sweet…it almost made me cry. I just adore Sabrael – he's such a sweetie, and the perfect foil for Rei. 🙂 🙂 They are such a lovely, loving couple. Boy, I'm really fangirling over this!
    Thanks so much for sharing this segment of the story.
    On another note, that is probably my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song. 🙂
    On another note, hope you're feeling a little better.

  • RefurbMadness

    I'm super glad you liked the chapter, jumarbye 🙂 I'm also very flattered it had such a strong effect.

    …I've never had anyone fangirl over anything before. Tee-hee 😀

    I am feeling a bit better, save a scratchy throat, but I'll take that over feeling like death warmed over any day. Ava Adore is definitely my favorite Pumpkins video…Picking a favorite song is nigh impossible for me 😛

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