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Cymbeline – Character Profile

I decided I wanted to introduce Cymbeline next. Aria is, in terms of importance, a bigger deal to me, much bigger than even Rei, albeit in possession of a much less interesting story, so I don’t want to bring her into proper focus just yet. But Cymbeline is very important to me nonetheless, and I do hope she’ll be making more of an appearance here.

Name: Cymbeline
Gender/Sex: F/F
Title: Princess of the Grey Hawk, Captain of the Hunt, The Deer Girl (derogitorily)
Race: Primitive Breton
Tribe Affiliation: The Grey Hawk; unaffiliated with the Forsworn
Patron Deities: Auri El/Akatosh, Hircine
Age: Seventeen
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 122 lbs
Class: Barbarian

Cymbeline was born to the chieftain and high priestess of the Grey Hawk tribe of native Bretons, an isolated and isolationist tribe located in a system of caverns in the northeastern-most part of the Druadach Mountain Range. Their allegiances align with Auri-El and Kyne, with tributes paid to the daedric lord Hircine in order to maintain the viability of their hunting grounds. They are a staunchly pacifist tribe, and at the time of the revolt against Empress Hestra, when Faolan, the Red Eagle, traded his soul to Molag Bal and became the first Briar Heart, the Grey Hawk and several smaller, neighboring tribes, withdrew completely from the world at large to practice their magic and worship their gods in peace. Eventually, those smaller tribes were absorbed by the Grey Hawk through intermarriage and political dealings.

Cymbeline was born to her parents under the sign of the warrior, a significant change for her lineage, which had produced almost nothing but seers for several decades. She was also born with nubs that would turn into the small horns of a fawn, an uncommon blessing from Hircine, granted only to a child of a chieftain, as a sign of remarkable bounty in their hunting grounds. In Cymbeline’s case, this was a very questionable blessing that was not seen entirely as altruistic, but that’s a story best saved

for later.

On her coming-of-age at seventeen, she embarked on the traditional spirit quest, whereupon Auri El, appearing to her as the dragon-god Akatosh not traditionally acknowledged by her people, instructed her to leave the Grey Hawk caverns and venture southeast, before granting her a horrific vision of fire and death.

It was, with much trepidation, decided that she would have to obey their god’s wishes, and so it was that she set out into Skyrim on her own, save the company of her enormous horse Suibhne.

Hers is a story of the importance of temperance – that there is such a thing as being too peaceful – and the adage that for all things, there is a season. She meets new companions and challenges the norms of her tribe versus the more modern and nuanced viewpoints of the world below.

I may eventually post her first chapter, at least. Or at least where she meets Anum-La the Swamp Knight and has to be basically told what everything is.


  • RefurbMadness

    Thank you so much 🙂 It's fun getting to share them this way.

    Actually when I made her I was listening to Loreena McKennitt's setting of "Fear no more, the heat o' the sun" from the play Cymbeline, and I was like, "Well that's a right fine name for a Breton, even though she's not a guy!" 😛

  • jumarbye 1

    I was looking for that song! I googled Cymbeline AND Loreena McKennit & couldn't find it, so I thought, well I must have the name wrong. Then saw the PF song, and, well you know the rest.

    The LM song is better 🙂

  • Yueviathan

    She is a beautiful character, You have such a awesome style. I hope she has a deer mount. She screams deer mount *w* . All your characters and stories are amazing, love what you do.

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