Update and also NWS Rei/Sabrael Pics!

Okay so chapter 4 of Rei’s story is coming very soon, and also some screens from Syllisjehane!

Hopefully not too long. I’ve got the flu again, and this year is shaping up to be worse than other years; I have a couple of chronic conditions whose treatments ruin my immune system, and I can only do so much about it beyond chugging NyQuil, so that’s why every other week it’s been me apologizing for my dumb body being stupid. Um. This time it’s pretty fierce, went to the doctor and got some heavier-duty meds (CODEINE!). But it may pass in a day, it may take a month like it’s done before. Don’t know. I’m reconsidering part of my career. Kids are gross.

But you gotta get up and about at least a little every day or your muscles get wonky. And if you’re like me because you’ll go batshit in pretty short order.  I went to take some ~*~tasteful nudes~*~ of my darling daedric couple, but I only got these two. Couldn’t make anything else work and then I forgot to turn off SL Aroused and welp. Also it’s hard to feel things like that when you’re feeling markedly unsexy, yourself. lol But these two are good. Also this might be the only proper shot of Rei’s back tat I’ve taken. So if you’ve ever been curious…

Be good y’all. May germs quake in your path and leave you alone!


  • Yueviathan

    Lovely shots as always, please be careful furbi that medicine can be fatal with alcohol and anything that causes drowsiness.Send all the the loves your way and hopefully this post goes threw. If it does I have some back tracking to do.

  • Elven H

    Yikes, I really hope things clear up soon Furb! Good wishes coming your way hehe. Seeing that you have to use such strong medication as an alternative worries me….please be careful with that golliath of a medication, personally I would recommend having a nice cup of detox tea each night till the flu goes away, that way your body can take the medication then safely flush it out afterwards along with the beastly flu. I really hope you get well soon Furb β™‘

    On another note your it's great to see Rei and Sabrael showing off their goodies hehe, very sexy. I'm really liking the steamy fog in the second shot especially, gives the whole scene of them being nude more hot and heavy πŸ˜€ great shots Furb, also looking foward to the continuation of your story!

  • jumarbye 1

    Yeah, I don't think I've had a proper view of Rei's back. He looks as fine from the back as from the front! πŸ™‚

    Yes, kids are gross. πŸ˜€

    Take care of yourself. We are all looking forward to you feeling better and treating us to the next chapter in the adventures of Rei and Sabrael πŸ™‚

  • RefurbMadness

    Thank you, I'm doing my best πŸ™‚

    I have to try and remember what I was like in high school…I want to tell myself I was super fastidious and in no way a vector for germs, but I know that's not the case lol Still, next time I have to sub I'm bringing an oil drum of Purell and getting the students to bathe in it before I teach them anything πŸ˜›

  • RefurbMadness

    Thanks for your warm wishes <3 Don't worry too much, I'm taking everything as directed, and I'm set for tea…the best thing about moving back to my hometown is my undergrad voice teacher is here and has detoxifiers and remedies for everything! She's always the first person I call πŸ™‚

    And I'm glad you like the shots. I'm digging the similarities between Rei and Michelangelo's David, personally :3

  • RefurbMadness

    Don't worry, darlin', I tend to exaggerate when I feel crappy πŸ˜‰ Rest assured I'm following directions and I'm not drinking or taking any of my sleep/anxiety meds. Not that I need either since I'm sleeping most of the day anyway lol

    Thanks for all your comments, you're really too sweet <3 I need to go back to bed for now but I'ma hit you up in a couple of days to try out the new Cleric. And to hang out ;P

  • syl

    Eh, blech flu. Forgot to get my shot this year, at least I'm not dealing with littles mostly.

    Glad you liked 'em. Those were fairly early shots, they've gotten a little better later on, learning more as I go.

  • RefurbMadness

    I deal with high schoolers, unfortunately; I sub for the richie-rich high school's music theory teacher, and I blame that building. I used to run a small class out of my house for little ones whose parents were wanting to get them a head start on musical concepts, and I rarely ever got sick off of them. vOv

    Screenshot progression is a super fun thing, I've found. Once you really hit your stride it's all sorts of fun as your improvement just goes nuts.

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