Meet Tristan (nudes)

Once upon a time I don’t like to think about much, I worked for Blizzard Entertainment. I had no real interest in WoW before that, but y’know you get a game and sub for free, what are ya gonna do? This was I think the final…um…dang I can’t think of the phrase. Ugh. Anyway it was right before they introduced the Zul’Jin plot in Burning Crusade. So blood elves.

I had sooooooo many blood elves. I’m not ashamed.

Two of these blood elves were paladins – one was protection spec, the other was retribution – and they were brothers. The ret pally was Caerwyn, whom it would be fair to call Rei Ginsei’s prototype (though he was far less manipulative and crazy), and the prot pally was Tristan.

I had made Tristan in Skyrim a while ago and heard his “theme song” (see below) today so I aimed to spruce him up and make a new game. Oh my god. He was so bad looking. There had to have been something I overlooked in the preset because I refuse to believe I consciously made that thing.

So spruce I did!

Tristan treads the boy-next-door line pretty well. He’s not perfect; he’s a bit too young looking, and the Altmer mesh gives him a case of the smug. But I dunno. We’re all a little smug about something. 😛


Oh hey if anyone has any camera mod recommendations I’d be grateful to hear them. My hands shake pretty badly and I have to think there’s something that would make fine camera adjustments a little less stressful. lol “Stressful”. Y’all know what I mean.


  • syl

    Ah, I see you got Vitruvia to play nice with Hoodies. Cool.

    The one I used for awhile was by Utopium; I think it's under the Caretaker account at Nexus now. I actually don't use it much as much now that I'm wildly tweaking FOV and stopping time.

  • Elven H

    Tristan looks hella awesome furb! Very handsome indeed, I've actually never played WoW before…I know shame on me haha but wow you worked for blizzard..that is awesome! (I love diablo though, played it quite a bit, not so much anymore though)

    Love the shots, love the character. Overall a wonderful set Furb ♡ 10/10

    If you're looking for a more flexible way to take shots then I'd recommend my secret to sweet angle snaps right here

    It's pretty simple and very easy to use, gives you quite a bit of options too (if I'm not mistaken)

    Hope I was able to be of some assistance Furb 😀 keep up the awesome work! ♡

  • RefurbMadness

    Yeah, the Blizz gig was originally just a temp thing to hold me over while I established myself after a big move, and I wound up staying for a while. Was seriously ready to put aside my music career for them until Vivendi stapled Activision to Blizzard's back and everything went to shit…my department was dissolved and thus I no longer could move up and they were actually going to demote me by default. So I left along with a few other people. A couple of my old colleagues are at Zenimax now so I get to rib them about Bethesda being crap 😛

    That looks hecka awesome, and exactly what I need! Thanks a ton 😀

    And of course thank you for the compliments. I'm super glad you like them :3

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