Desert Flower (Adriel Photoset)

I was supposed to be taking shots for something else but ya knoooooow…

Basically I think Adriel has the loveliest profile, so I put him in his Arabian Nights outfit and took him to the desert…coast…place! Anyone else get a Star Wars vibe? vOv

Two new mods going to be released in the next day! One on Nexus (my last one there) and one exclusively here! ~*~StAy TuNeD~*~


  • Elven H

    Adriel looks quite suited for the desert terrain, and not because the outfit! Hehe although the outfit looks wonderful on Adriel, love the color and the contrast between the desert and his outfit,it is gorgeous. Lovely set Furb! 😀

    You actually inspired me to make my own female to male armor conversion

    I have to thank you for giving me the push with your awesome shots, characters/works, I am now in the process of making quite a few conversions myself, mostly full body suits and the like. Thank you so much Furb ♡

  • RefurbMadness

    That is so awesome! I'm glad I could inspire you that way, and that conversion in your set is great 🙂 And the set is great. The whole damn thing is great! 😛

    You know after these two mods are up they will be officially off my plate for a while, and I will be able to focus on and finish my male version of Ashara's Elven Knight set >:3

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