Male Cleric Armor for SoS is UP!

Yes! Yes yes yes. Oh my god.


Sweet freedom.

Okay but seriously it’s posted over on Nexus, my last official one there.

Please do enjoy :3


  • Elven H

    It's great to see it finally released furb! Great job on the sexy SoS Cleric armor.

    Although at the same time I'm a bit sad considering this release is pretty much the "last nail in the coffin" for the nexus. :c Still I'm happy that I can still track your content here on your blog atleast 🙂

    Also that comment about "the penis turning someone gay" made me choke on my coffee LOL xD r.i.p my soul.

  • RefurbMadness

    Thank you Elvin 🙂 As I've assured others, I'm still modding, and if what I post here somehow winds up on Nexus that's fine by me…let someone else deal with all the noise 😛

    I wish I could take credit for that joke but I'm pretty sure my husband said it to me first. It's not joke theft if it's your spouse, right…? >.>

  • Elven H

    Hey he didn't monetize it so I I'm pretty sure it's fine hahaha xD

    Also while I was talking about your mods I also meant your wonderful works of art 😉 if I could I would endorse you 100x

    That's it time to request an endorsement button on here hehe :v

  • jumarbye 1

    So if we want to take images in your armor, and show them off, do you want us to keep posting to the Nexus? Or are you going to have a place for us to share pics of how Furb-ulous we look in your stuff? 🙂

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