Rei Isn’t a Good Test Character

I remembered I wanted to check something before I started actually playing and being that I already had Rei loaded, I put him in one of the Grand Magister robes.

He didn’t like them.

He pouted…

…and sulked…

…but then he decided to pose anyway…

Poor bweebwee.

Jesus, sometimes I question my sanity. lol

Next installment of this bad boy’s story is very soon. Sooner than normal! Maybe will even be a two-fer because I feel bad about the horrendous pacing the story’s got off on (the actual story, not my creative schedule ’cause I don’t apologize for that). Give y’all some more action (of various types *waggles eyebrows*) and also maybe a certain Prince who’s name starts with C and ends with Vile!

See you then, space cowboys <3 br="">


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