Reachman’s Tribal Armor UNP BBP/SoS (mod download 1/2)

Howdy peeps. I’ve been like super under the weather, hence my relative quietness. I’m on day three of this migraine, I’m out of bed because if I’m going to be in pain I don’t have to be bored, on top of it, right? So me and my super-dark sunglasses typing away like some low-rent gender-swapped Hunter Thompson. Or Steve Dallas. Probably the latter more than the former given my level of charm and intellect. Only missing the cigarette.

Anyway, I’ve decided that when I do these it’s going to be one mod per entry because it seems like packing both the ones I wish to share into one, with the pics and all, is a bad idea.

This file contains all original assets. Do with them as you will. I would strongly prefer they don’t end up somewhere that money is charged for mods *insert screeching rant against late-stage capitalism and the exploitation of a delusional proletariat here*.

Reachman’s Tribal Armor for UNP BBP/SoS



  • Loincloth M/F (52/49)
  • Harness F (32)

How to get:

  • Craft the pieces at a forge. The male and female loincloths are different items due to item slot choice. All pieces are temperable.

Known issues:

  • Male front cloth could do with some better painting. It’s fine as it is, it’s just not fantastic.
  • There is a static penis mesh included with the male loincloth. For reasons I can’t figure, there’s a gap between it and the body. It’s very small, though, and probably not something you will see unless you’re just getting right up on it for some reason.
  • Also the name is dumb, I was never planning on releasing this lol

General info:

  • The penis mesh will use whatever texture you have assigned to the VectorPlexus Regular schlong from SoS. You don’t need to have that plugin enabled, you just need the textures. It’s also uncut because that’s just how I roll.
  • There is no hand-/footwear in this mod, however, I have noticed the Barbarian Hero gloves and boots from Immersive Armors go nicely, as do (not to toot my own horn) the pieces from my Barbaric Boob and Barbaric Male armors. Also, if you’re an eager beaver and don’t mind a bit of quick retexture work, Ashara’s Imperial sandals are fab. I mean you don’t have to retexture them if you don’t want.
  • Also Clavicus’ jewelry will be made available in a future download (not his cuff though, that’s his and Rei’s. *a-wink*).

Download HERE!

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