Rei Ginsei Image Dump (and Sabrael, too!)

I’m getting a couple aspects of my genderqueer mod finished, so I had Rei model the thigh-high chunky-heel boots from my UNP mod. Rei might not like dresses, but he’s rather fond of boots. Something to do with perceived authority I guess.

But I’m still very much not well, so I only had three shots in me before I just went “ugh”. So in that vein I’m throwing in a bunch of mostly-Rei shots, including some where he was hanging out in Riften waiting for his wedding day, generally being a weirdo.


And now the other junk…

Gonna get another Cyrelian installation tomorrow. So look forward to that. I hope to have the next Rei chapter by Thursday. Gonna crawl back under the covers now lol



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