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The Prince and the Altmer, pt. 1 (Rei Ginsei’s Saga, ch. 7)

This was a bear of a chapter to write for many reasons (health, and even the chapter itself inspired panic attacks so yay). I’m more or less pleased with it now, though, and chapter 8 is seeing my mojo back, so pardon me for any unusual crappiness. It will get better, I promise!

“There is it, boys,” Barbas announced. “Haemar’s Shame.”

“E-Excuse me,” Sabrael stuttered nervously as Rei helped him down. “What does that mean?”

“It means some guy named Haemar did something he shouldn’t’ve been proud of,” the dog answered flippantly.


“Don’t mind him, my beauty,” Rei assured him. “So are there vampires here, or not?”

“I guess you want me to go look?” Barbas asked sarcastically. “You’re the killer, here.”

Rei turned to Sabrael. “I’m sorry we have to do this again so soon, but you understand these are vampires.”

Sabrael nodded. “They have to go, either way.”

“Right. Now, I am perfectly content to do this the quiet way. I’d rather get cut by a hundred bandits’ swords than wind up with what they’ve got.”

“I always wondered why you never sought vampirism as an answer to your mortality.”

“I might like the sight of blood, but the thought of feeding on it  makes me ill. I’m also rather partial to sunlight.”

“So are we going, or what?” Barbas called.

The whole process was about as easy as it normally was with lesser vampires. His lonely left eye could focus much better in the very dim light, as well. Rei could snipe one of a group and fall back on his nimble limbs to avoid spells. It was a help, too, that not only was Vile’s near-invincible dog joining in, but Sabrael was fighting with surprising conviction and focus. Rei knew that part of that was his own disinterest in the act. Killing a vampire wasn’t much different than killing a rabid animal, so there was no real enjoyment to be had. His mind was therefore calm, and Sabrael could do what he knew needed to be done in the cold, judicial way it required.

Finally, they came into a grand sanctuary where, in the middle, was a towering statue in the traditional form of Clavicus Vile and Barbas. Or usually Barbas, as Rei noticed the stone version of Vile was petting the air where a stone dog would fit perfectly.

“How are you missing from that statue?” Rei whispered so as not to be heard by the group of elder vampires praying at the shrine. “The statue of Clavicus doesn’t disappear when I’ve summoned him at a shrine.”

“Such is the power of an angry Prince, I suppose,” Barbas said dismissively. “C’mon, hurry.”

Rei drew his bow and slipped up to the railing overlooking the shrine. These would be the masters of the den, he surmised, clad in finer outfits and tasked with praying to their lord. Why their lord happened to be Vile and not Molag Bal or nothing, he couldn’t guess.

“Barbas, are you setting me up for something?” he hissed. “Why are these things praying to our master?”

“How does it usually go? Clavicus granted them a wish, they want a refund. Knowing him, he’s probably planned for this.”

It was fair enough, he supposed, and Barbas wasn’t the sort for subterfuge. He resumed his place and drew his arrow back. There were a great many candles around the shrine, making it hard for him to focus with just the one eye. The vampires were blurry and bleeding fuzzily into each other, leaving colorful trails as they moved, but this wasn’t anything new. He just had to be just that little bit more sure.

The arrow flew from his fingers and embedded itself diagonally in the side of the right vampire’s neck. It was a poor shot, but it got the job done. The creature gurgled hideously, clawing at its throat as it sank to the ground.

Barbas leaped down and began to tear at one of them, and Sabrael fired spike after spike of ice at the other, which did basically nothing to stop its progress toward them. Rei felt his breath leave him and his veins ache as it cast a draining spell on him. It wasn’t the first time he’d felt it, but it never ceased to be painful, especially now that he possessed tactile emotions again. Against his urge to let himself collapse into a sobbing heap, he nocked another arrow, thankful the vampire had moved away from the light, and fired. This time the arrow flew right through the creature’s skull.

“Rei, are you okay?” Sabrael asked as Rei fell onto his back, panting.

“Just grab one of my swords and help Barbas!”

Sabrael did as he was told, and after a few moments, the sounds of battle stopped. Rei could still feel Sabrael, worked up from adrenaline, and breathed easy. The sound of claws clicking on stone told him that Barbas had made it through, as well; Barbas was as immortal and persistent as the Prince of whom he was a part, but Rei wasn’t sure what would happen to him if he “died”, being that he couldn’t go home. With some effort, he pushed himself back up and into a sitting position, holding his head in one hand.

“Rei, I’m so sorry!” Sabrael cried, rushing over to him and throwing his arms about his neck. “My spells weren’t working.”

“They were, just not very much,” Rei sighed. “Frost doesn’t tend to faze the more powerful undead.”

“Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just gonna be a bit weak for a little while. I’ll need to find a potion in short order, though.”

“I think he’ll live, Turquoise,” Barbas said impatiently. “Let’s get him up so he can summon our master.”

Sabrael looked confused.

“Your hair,” Rei said quietly.

“Oh,” his kirin said. Then, once proper cognition took hold: “OH! Sorry.”

Rei chuckled and kissed Sabrael on the temple as he was helped up. He was light-headed at the change in altitude, but once he was up, and the room had stopped spinning, he was fine.

“What did that do to you?”

“It saps your blood,” he answered, leaning against the wall for stability as he descended the stairs. “Not as effective as feeding, but it gets the job done if they fear for their lives.”

Rei felt Sabrael’s chest tighten.

“It’s fine, my beauty. Don’t worry.”

Finally, Rei stood in front of the shrine and placed a pouch that had been hooked to his belt at the foot of the statue. “Clavicus Vile,” he called, “your most loyal disciple calls upon you for a favor. I bring to you mortal souls, as is my promise to you.”

He heard Vile’s voice before he saw him: “I do so love when you summon me, Rei Ginsei. Always so formal! Those vampires were becoming such a bore, too. They should have asked you the proper way of asking for immortality. But it at least looks like you granted their wish to, well, not be vampires anymore.”

Slowly the form of a man only slightly taller than he was took shape before him, with his arms resting on his shoulders. His was a strange visage, but Rei had always liked it. Ram horns spiraled out from a nest of dark brown, boyish curls that fell into a pair of flaming eyes with pupils like a goat’s. Dark olive skin was flawless and soft, and his nose sloped gracefully, not unlike Sabrael’s, with nostrils that raked upwards to further accentuate his beastliness.

“Oh, but you’re damaged,” Vile cooed. “I do so hate when my favorite toy gets banged up. Who’s the filthy scoundrel?”

“It was a bar fight,” Rei said. “That’s all.”

“A bar fight? Looking for new thrills? You know you could always come to me if that’s what you want.”

“I wouldn’t want you to get tired of me.”

Vile smirked and drew closer, and Rei happily received his kiss. All of a sudden, a feeling of belonging and rightness enveloped him, and, as it usually did, things began to progress rapidly, regardless of present company. Rei pressed himself against his master’s hips and moaned deeply.

“Wait a minute,” Vile said, pulling away. “I just realized you were smiling at me, and it was genuine. And just now, you were actually enjoying yourself and not playacting.”

Rei opened his mouth to speak, but Vile put a long, clawed finger over his lips as he stepped back.

“You have your soul back. But that can’t be right, because I keep your soul in a  very special place, and I saw it just this morning.”

Rei thought it best to keep quiet.

“It’s not even with you, is it?” Vile asked. “No… Ohh, but what’s this? What a darling little elemental! What’s your name?”

Rei turned to see the exchange. He felt Sabrael’s fear, as the sinewy being stepped towards him with long, careful strides. He looked so small next to the Prince, and Rei tried to boost his calmness.

“S-Sabrael, sir.”

” ‘Sir’!” Vile grinned. “What excellent manners. You must be one of the shape-shifters. Water?”

Sabrael nodded. His hands were predictably up, fingers fidgeting away.

“A seahorse! My favorite. Forgive my forwardness, but it appears that you are soul bound to my darling Rei Ginsei.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well isn’t this fun?” Vile crowed, clapping his hands together. “Two daedra, who’ve never met , both own a most glorious specimen of Altmeri breeding. But of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask how this came to be?”

“Clavicus-” Rei began.

“Hup-up-up!” Vile interrupted, holding up a hand. “The owners are talking.”

Rei rolled his eyes.

“He didn’t know, sir,” Sabrael said quickly. “He got pulled out to sea by a rip current near my lagoon. He was drowning, I had to save him, but I…I took part of his soul while he was unconscious. I kept it to myself for all this time.”

Vile cut his eyes back over to Rei and turned properly to face him. His facetious smile was gone. “So what is all…this?” he asked. “How long has this been going on?”

“Only for a week or so,” Rei said.

“You realize how this paints you, my dear?”

“When have I lied to you, Clavicus? Sabrael found me the other day, I learned he had part of my soul, and here I am. If he had come to me before I went about appeasing you, I might not have summoned you, at all.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because Sabrael makes me happy. If I had been happy, maybe I wouldn’t have been so fixated.”

“Are you saying I don’t make you happy?” Vile asked with a resentful scowl.

“I’m saying you wouldn’t have had this particular toy to play with.”

“I suppose so.”

“As far as I knew my soul was whole when you took it.”

The Prince, who’d begun pacing slowly and dramatically, stopped and looked over his shoulder at him. Rei stepped close, turned him around, and slipped his arms around his neck. He leaned in close and, truthfully, whispered, “When I gave it to you. Nobody else is my master, and I would have no other.”

Vile moaned softly. “You are more properly appreciative with this bit of soul. And I suppose you never have tried to cross me.”

“I never would.”

Vile sighed and placed one arm back on Rei’s shoulder, placing his left hand over the right side of Rei’s face.

There was nothing to feel, nothing to see, but as soon as Vile removed his hand, Rei found he could see out of both eyes, normalizing the light. Reflexively he reached up and was pleasantly surprised to feel the swelling had all gone, and the missing fang had been replaced.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“You should ask your elemental what manners are, you great beast.”

“Sorry, thank you, but…”

“Well I can’t have my Soul Devourer running about with a battered face,” Vile said. “I figure, after all, I do have the majority of your soul, and I think perhaps there’s fun to be had in this.”

Vile was on him again and Rei couldn’t help laughing around another hard kiss.

“I’m so glad I could fix my beautiful Rei Ginsei,” Vile grinned. “Come, precious. You and your seahorse are invited to my humble little plane. Would you like that, Little Seahorse?”

Sabrael looked shyly at the towering Prince before looking questioningly over at Rei. He was aroused, but Rei could also feel the distrust. He held an arm out to his kirin, who hurried into it.

“Oh, but I’ve scared him,” Vile lamented facetiously. “I apologize for my manners, Little Seahorse, but I’m sure you understand why I would be jealous of my treasure’s soul. He has been mine for quite a long time.”

“You’re not upset with me?” he asked. Rei squeezed him reassuringly as he leaned hard against him.

“I’m not thrilled, but, as I said, I believe there’s fun to be had. So long as you understand my place in all of this.”

“As…As Rei’s master?”

“Good boy,” Vile smiled.

Rei wasn’t entirely sure how deep Sabrael’s wariness went, but the relief he felt from him meant it probably could stand to run deeper. He knew that smile on his master’s face very well, and given that Vile’s jealousy was still very much real and nowhere near set aside in the interest of peace, he prepared himself to be properly vigilant.

“Before we go,” Rei said as Vile stood up straight, “I have two things I need to talk to you about.”

“Ugh. Why can’t you summon me when you just need a lay once in a while?”

“You’ll like the second one.”

“I will?”


“Oh, fine. Go.”

“First,” Rei said, “I know you know that Barbas is here.”

“Who?” Vile asked dismissively, cutting his eyes to the side and crossing his arms.

“What did he even do, anyway?”

“What doesn’t he do? That obnoxious mutt. Every time I try to have a bit of fun he has to go and be the voice of reason.”

Rei left Sabrael’s side, slid his hands over his master’s shoulders and began kissing his neck.One hand traveled down, letting his palm brush over a small, hard nipple on the way, pushing his fingers over the belt of his master’s loincloth and underneath to massage his remarkably large tool. It was, he found, one of the few ways of keeping Vile pliant while he was off on one of his pouting jags.

“Rei Ginsei, you don’t know what it’s like,” he whined, wrapping his arms around Rei’s chest and lifting one thigh to rest on his hip. “The things I put up with. I’m the Prince.”

“Mmhm,” Rei agreed automatically. He took Vile’s lips to play the old game of letting his master vent in between short, teasing kisses.

“Why should I be stuck with a dog that tells me not to do the things I want to do? Does Mehrunes Dagon have some stuck-up imp telling him not to try and subjugate Tamriel? No.”

“But what did he do this time that was so bad?”

“It wasn’t just one thing,” Vile sulked. “It was lots of little things.  It’s always been like this, you know that, and I don’t know why I never thought of banishing him before. All these eons and I’ve simply put up with chants of ‘shouldn’t you be more reasonable’ and ‘that’s not a good idea, Clavicus’. He’s not a good idea.”

“I agree,” Rei breathed into his ear. Lost in his lust and his master’s influence, he continued with every conviction: “It’s not fair, having someone butt into your business. Telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.”

Vile leaned his head against his and began thrusting lazily into Rei’s fist. “I’m going to fuck you six ways from Sundas, you perfect little creature.”

“I think you need to let Barbas come home.”


“Because I missed you. If Barbas hadn’t found me, who knows when I would have found a shrine to try summoning you at. And you wouldn’t have been able to come to me of your own free will.”

“He told you all that, huh?” Vile sighed. “I suppose I hadn’t thought of that. Can’t you be my new Barbas?”

“I don’t think it works that way, Clavicus. C’mon. You’re still the Prince, you know. You don’t have to listen to some dog. Not when you have me.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

“Bring him back so you can have me whenever you like again. We can even go fuck first before we talk about the second thing.”

“Well. Alright. But only because I need my freedom. Barbas!” Vile snapped. Rei looked over and was not surprised to  see that the dog had found a spot away from them to lie down facing the wall and covering his face with his paws. Rei knew well their sexual activities and the cavalier way with which they engaged in them were a constant source of annoyance for him.

Barbas raised his head expectantly and looked back.

“You’re not banished anymore. You’re welcome, et cetera, et cetera.”

“Thanks, Rei Ginsei,” Barbas said flatly, making a point of not acknowledging Vile’s theatrics. “I know I said I’d make it worth your while, but somehow I don’t think I have anything you want. Please don’t say otherwise.”

“Go home, mutt,” Vile sighed. He snapped his thumb and middle fingers, and in an instant Barbas disappeared and the stone representation of him reappeared on the statue.

“So you did do that, with the statue,” Rei said.

“Of course I did. I wasn’t going to have people thinking I still associated with that mongrel.”

“So shall we adjourn?”

Vile smirked. “I’m sure you have some filthy beast outside you’ll want me to bring along?”

Rei kissed his master’s lips deeply. “Please, Clavicus?” he purred, knowing full well this was all he was fishing for. “It’s very cold out there.”

“It’s so very hard to say ‘no’ to my darling creation. I didn’t create that stable for nothing, either, I suppose.”

Rei smirked before picking his satchel up off the ground where he’d laid it before summoning Vile, and when the word was given, he found himself with his companions on the shores of his childhood home. His master had created it just for him the first time he had visited. It was always summer and always warm, cast in perpetual twilight. They had arrived on a small open pavilion adorned with ivy, where a large bed sat and chests containing the various toys and curiosities Vile had conjured up over the centuries.

Rei’s throat constricted as homesickness hit him for the very first time since he’d left his town, as well as proper gratefulness at his master’s consideration. He felt Sabrael’s arms wrap around his middle in response to his sudden emotional response, and he rested a hand on his kirin’s shoulder.

Vile looked at him curiously.

“Thank you, Master,” Rei said quietly.

“For what, my dear?”

“For this. I couldn’t appreciate it all properly before. I can smell the ocean…”

“Well, you’ve always kept me happy,” Vile cooed, running the fingers of one hand through his hair. “I try to reward those who properly satisfy my needs, and you’re the only one who’s never once hesitated.”

Rei returned his kiss deeply.

“But enough of this sentimentality,” Vile announced, waving a hand as if to clear the air. “What I’m interested in is this precious elemental.”

I’m sure you are, Rei thought, stepping aside to begin undressing.

“I hope I’ve managed to assuage your fears, Little Seahorse.”

Rei felt a residual nervousness beneath Sabrael’s arousal that was steadily growing. He didn’t know if that was due to the general fear Vile had instilled in him or just the anticipation of being with another man, though.

“You have, yes,” Sabrael said. “I’m only wondering what’s going to happen.”

“Let’s start with this, then.”

Rei watched Vile effortlessly sweep Sabrael off his feet and into his arms.

“I do so love your size, Little Seahorse,” he cooed. “I can’t do this with my Rei Ginsei. His dimensions make it difficult, you see.”

He had made sure to emphasize the word “my”, though it didn’t seem to have fazed Sabrael too much, who just giggled quietly. Rei, finally free of his clothing, crawled up onto the bed and lay on his back, casually playing with himself as he watched his two favorite beings get acquainted.

Vile brought Sabrael’s head close and kissed him gently. Rei felt that he always seemed to forget his master’s strength, and, not for the first time, he wondered if it was something endemic to the princes, or if Vile’s aspect of power was more all-encompassing than he’d imagined. Effortlessly, he shifted Sabrael so that he was simply sitting in the crook of his left arm, allowing him to begin unbuttoning Sabrael’s fly.

Rei took a deep breath as Sabrael shivered against the vague stimulation offered by long fingers slipping buttons through holes and bumping against his hardness. His kirin’s head had fallen onto Vile’s shoulder, and when the Prince wrapped his fingers around him to draw him out, Rei’s toes curled with Sabrael’s.

“My, but how lucky are you, Rei Ginsei?” Vile mused. “What a perfect little cock your seahorse has.”

Like the rest of him in his humanoid form, Sabrael’s member was small, but it was wonderfully shaped and fit nicely in the hand. It lent itself well to extended sessions of idle play.

“Certainly the best I’ve had,” Rei grinned. Sabrael blushed and huddled, smiling bashfully, against his new lover’s shoulder.

“Apart from mine, you mean,” Vile idly corrected him. It wasn’t a question or plea for validation; it was a statement of fact that Rei had simply gotten wrong, and, gods help him, it made Rei love him for it. “I’m not partial to the taste of cock, myself, but I don’t think I can help myself this time.”

“You mean…” Sabrael began. Rei moaned at the surge of his kirin’s excitement.

“Why wouldn’t I? Surely your soul bond has taken care of you?”

“Well, not with his mouth.”

“Rei Ginsei, how could you?” Vile scolded lazily before laying Sabrael down on the bed. “Here, Little Seahorse. Do something about those clothes, would you?”

Rei looked over and returned Sabrael’s smile, leaning over for a kiss. “How are you?” he asked as Vile went about stepping out of his loincloth and removing a few pieces of jewelry that could prove more troublesome than others.

“Excited,” he grinned, attempting to pull his boots off without sitting up.

“Getting a bit used to him?”


“What lies are you telling him about me?” Vile asked, climbing languidly onto the bed and lying on top of Rei.

“I was about to tell him how jealous I am that you would suck him off the first time you meet him, and you’ve never once put your mouth on me.”

“You’ve never put your mouth on him, you hypocrite.”

“Learned from the best,” Rei grinned, hooking one leg over his master’s side.

“You’ve always had some brass balls,” Vile smirked, “but I do have to say the influence of your soul does make them a bit shinier.”

“Does it please you?”

“Does anything you do ever displease me?”

Rei sighed as Vile kissed him, and as he felt the pressure of his master’s cock as it was slowly thrust across his skin.

“You could distract me for days,” Vile said, gently pulling Rei’s hair before pushing himself onto his knees. “But I mustn’t let your Little Seahorse go unattended.”

Rei’s cock twitched as Sabrael’s lust flared. His kirin sat naked on the sheets, so hard that precum had already begun to leak from the tip. He breathed heavily and nervously as the Prince crawled towards him.

“Shh,” Vile hushed, placing one hand behind Sabrael’s head, “I’ll take such good care of you.”

Rei took a slow breath in through his teeth as his master kissed Sabrael. His kirin almost visibly melted in his arms, and when Vile moved his thumb up the underside of the head of his cock and over the tip, he cried out softly. Rei wrapped his fingers around his own tool in earnest and began rubbing himself properly.

Keeping one hand just under Sabrael’s jaw, Vile kissed a trail from his lips, down his stomach, and making a slight deviation to slide his tongue along the faint depression marking the right side of Sabrael’s pelvic “V”. Sabrael was breathing rapidly and shaking with anticipation.

Rei felt like climbing the walls. When Vile dragged his tongue along the length of Sabrael’s cock, he could almost feel the physical sensation through his kirin. When the Prince took him into his mouth, Rei moaned with Sabrael and quickly moved to take his love’s lips with his own, burying his right hand into the mass of Vile’s curls and rubbing his scalp in the way he liked.

“Oh, Rei,” Sabrael breathed urgently.

“Thank Master Vile,” he answered.

“Yes, yes! Thank you,  Master Vile!”

Vile chuckled around him before sliding his lips off his member. “Is Rei Ginsei teaching you well?”

Sabrael bit his lip and shuddered at the sudden absence of stimulation. Rei wrapped his arms around his kirin and kissed his neck and shoulder, cherishing his gentle moans.

“I’ve had my taste,” Vile continued. “I have to say, Little Seahorse, that it was as nice as I’d suspected and more. But I can’t tell you the last time I sucked anyone, so I’m sure to be out-of-practice…if I was ever in practice, to begin with. But darling Rei Ginsei, oh! He’s been depriving you quite badly if the way he treats my cock is any indication.”

“You’ve sucked him?” Sabrael asked in wonderment.

“The only one I ever have,” Rei answered. “The only one to fuck me, at that. But I can make an allowance for my kirin.”

“Would you finish me?” Sabrael asked. It wasn’t in his usual innocently hopeful way. Rei felt the desperation and almost came on the spot.

“I think we can arrange that,” Vile said smoothly. He had stepped away so quietly and quickly that Rei didn’t notice, and it seemed the small bottle of their favorite oil had simply appeared in his hand (though he supposed it could have). “But first…”

Rei let himself be taken in his master’s arms and kissed. He reached up and gently grabbed one of Vile’s spiraling horns and pulled his head to the side to bite his neck and earlobe. Vile shuddered in his arms as Rei felt him working the top off the bottle behind him. In a matter of moments, he heard the soft thud of the bottle as it fell onto the bedclothes, felt his master yank out of his grip to reverse their roles. He raised his chin and leaned back as Vile licked from the hollow of his throat to his chin, resisting the urge to brace himself as he felt himself spread and the pressure of two fingers, slick with oil, press against his momentary entrance. He moaned as he was slowly penetrated, to be stretched and loosened in preparation to take his master’s cock.

“Are you mine?” Vile whispered.

For the first time, Rei heard worry beneath the otherwise casual call for affirmation. It was a dangerous sign, but it was unfounded, and Rei was happy enough to assuage him.

“For as long as you’ll have me,” he breathed into his master’s ear. “But kill me when you’ve had enough.”

Vile kissed him deeply. His fingers slowly thrust in and out of Rei’s anal ring, rubbing across that one wonderful spot against the front wall that made him twitch. He pressed his head against his master’s, moaning happily until the fingers were removed, leaving behind them a strange emptiness.

“I hope we didn’t leave you too long, Little Seahorse,” Vile said. “I’m sure you can appreciate our special bond.”

Rei realized he’d been so lost in his master that he’d somehow managed to stop paying attention to Sabrael’s raging hormones. He felt guilty, realizing suddenly that everything he was feeling for Vile, Sabrael was privy to. If his kirin felt slighted in any way, however, he wasn’t showing it. He sat on his knees, shaking with desire, looking raptly at the lovers and, Rei could feel, trying to ignore the deep ache in his balls.

“No,” Sabrael answered. “You look so nice together! Rei feels so much for you, and it makes me feel wonderful.”

“How lovely,” Vile answered. “I certainly wouldn’t want to inspire jealousy within a man’s soul bond.”

“Not at all!”

Rei wondered at Sabrael’s naivete and the way his suspicion had seemingly flown out the door. He didn’t need to be emotionally bound to his master to sense that he was giving over to jealousy, himself, and he didn’t think four centuries of acquaintance was needed to know when a being matching Vile’s personality was on the edge. But he reasoned that all was alright so long as he was there and able to reassure the Prince.

“Come to me, Rei Ginsei,” Vile called, standing by the side of the bed. His massive penis, large enough that it could never get rock hard (for the better, Rei often thought; it would have been a deadly weapon otherwise), shimmered in the evening sun as Vile covered it with the aromatic oil.

Rei obeyed and slunk across to him on all fours before presenting Vile his backside. He arched his back as his master reached forward and pulled slender hands back from his chest and down his sides, coming to rest on his buttocks.

“Come here, my beauty,” he beckoned Sabrael, who eagerly approached him before sitting back on his heels. “Up on your knees so I can reach.”

Sabrael did as he was told and drew close. Wrapping a couple of fingers around him and gently pulling him down, Rei kissed the smooth head and flicked his tongue over the underside where the foreskin connected. It always sent Vile into fits, and it did no less for his kirin who seemed ready to pass out, but he moved slowly, trying not to cause Sabrael to come before things really got started.

Rei felt the blunt head of Vile’s cock press against him and grunted. It was a slow process, and it needed to be. Rei was unspeakably thankful for his master’s care, and this time was no different in the slow rocking that gradually opened him further and further. The pain was still very much an issue, however, and it was unavoidable. The sting of his flesh stretching, the general discomfort of being penetrated. Once Vile passed over that one spot, though, stimulated through his sheer girth, Rei shuddered and moaned around Sabrael’s cock.

“I always forget how perfectly you fit me,” Vile moaned as he began to slowly thrust.

Rei sighed happily in response. He took his hand away from Sabrael and moved it to his kirin’s backside, pulling him against his face, encouraging him to start fucking to make it easier, given Rei’s limited mobility. It took a few seconds, but soon he felt a timid hand grab his hair and Sabrael’s hips begin thrusting against him. It started slowly at first, in time with his master’s rhythm, but soon he felt a wave of impatient lust hit him. All at once, both of Sabrael’s hands were in his hair, and he was pounding his face as hard as Rei had pounded anyone else’s.

“Oh, Rei!” Sabrael gasped. “Oh, gods, this feels so good!”

“Didn’t I tell you?” Vile asked, speeding slightly. Rei groaned as his prostate was massaged. “I do hope you’re not holding back. Rei Ginsei would love to swallow your come. Isn’t that right?”

Rei grunted in an emphatic affirmative. His cock was throbbing from his master’s treatment and his kirin’s excitement. As Sabrael peaked, he threw one arm around his back.

Sabrael’s thrusting had become quick and erratic, escalating cries escaped his throat, Rei felt the grip on his hair tighten uncomfortably. Finally, with one hard, last thrust, Sabrael cried out, and Rei felt the strong jets of his love’s bitter seed fill his mouth. He swallowed dutifully and pulled his kirin closer, gently sucking in the way he would play with him with his hands, reaching up with one hand to cup his soft sac. He was so very close, himself…

“Rei, yes!” Sabrael cried, beginning to thrust again almost involuntarily.

Rei’s own cock strained desperately as Sabrael’s pulsed against his tongue, but it was frustratingly not quite enough.

“My goodness,” Vile mused without breaking stride. “What a sweet little thing. Does Rei Ginsei at least make sure you’re spent?”

“Oh, yes,” Sabrael sighed. “He never leaves me wanting.”

Rei smiled as he let his lover slip from his lips. Sabrael lowered himself to kiss him, finding out the hard way it wasn’t the best idea while Rei was being pushed forward rather roughly and rhythmically. Not to be deterred, Rei saw him move off to the side, only barely able to see what was going on. He suddenly felt his kirin, lying on his back, squirming to get underneath him.

Something warm and wet slid over the underside of his cock, and Rei felt like he could have died. Sabrael couldn’t properly suck him, but his lips moved over the head, then back, until he could suck his balls, first one, then the other.

“What a thoughtful little seahorse,” Vile observed. “Shall we race, my pet?”

Rei laughed. “I’ll try to  keep myself until you come,” he said. “You know how I love feeling you.”

Vile moaned happily.

Between Sabrael’s mouth and the quickening massage Vile’s cock gave to his prostate, Rei’s arms lost their tone, and he sank down onto his forearms, pushing himself back against his master. He felt one of Vile’s hands move from its place at the small of his back to hook over his shoulder, while the other tightened its hold on his hip. An oddly breathless cry of pain carried from Rei’s chest as his master increased his speed and force, but his toes curled, and his hands gripped the sheets. Sabrael’s precious lips and tongue worked him just so, and as his abdominal muscles tensed, as Vile’s claws dug into his shoulder, he blew his load so hard it felt like he hadn’t come in a week. He heard Vile grunt hard behind clenched teeth, felt his cock throb inside him as he was filled with his master’s seed.

Long arms wrapped around his chest and pulled him up and back awkwardly, and he turned his head so that he could return Vile’s impassioned kisses, prolonging each other’s orgasms in their closeness.

“I love, you, Clavicus,” he gasped, suddenly horrified at what he’d let slip.

“Oh, my precious, how I’ve longed to hear that,” Vile answered, his hips pumping the last of his climax into him.

Rei froze for a moment, scanning for any signs that Sabrael had heard him. In terms of emotions, it didn’t seem that he had. Emotionally, he could sense an unusually profound contentment and happiness.

It was true, though. With his emotions intact, with the ability to properly appreciate not just the patronage but the way his lord treated him, it seemed so easy.

Why do you love your kirin? queried a stray thought that traipsed through his head.

The feeling of lips on his cheek startled him out of his quandary. Grateful to be brought back, he turned again to kiss his master, who held him close as he began to pull completely out. All the pain of penetration was, at least to Rei, nothing to the odd feeling of emptiness when Vile was through with him.

Rei felt himself pulled back until he was laying back against Vile’s body. He let his fear go, leaned his cheek against the smooth olive skin of Vile’s chest. Soon Sabrael nudged his way under his arm, and he smiled. Did it matter, really? He’d been with his master for centuries. It only made sense he would, in proper control of his feelings, appreciate the care he’d been given and express his appreciation. And Sabrael, well, in one form or another had been like a lifelong companion. He could love both in the same way. Couldn’t he?

“Shall we brave the unpleasantness of moving and clean ourselves up?” Vile asked, sliding a finger up and down the length of Rei’s now-flaccid cock.

Rei shuddered pleasantly. “It’s probably for the best.”

“Get rid of this nonsense, first,” Vile grimaced once they’d vacated the bed.

Without any fanfare the white sheets and spread had been exchanged for clean, red ones, and the trio set off.

Bathing in this artificial world could take place anywhere Vile wanted, of course, or anywhere Rei told him he wanted. It usually took place in a deep hot springs Rei had thought up many decades ago, and, in normal circumstances, it would have been him and Vile washing each other with nothing to get in the way. It was pretend for Rei, but part of him wished it still was. Sweet little Sabrael was just thrilled to be part of the action, but Vile, for all his pretty words when it came to the elemental, was very jealous.

Rei wondered if other men in such situations would try and maintain relations with both partners or try and choose one. He had a suspicion he knew which situation he’d prefer and felt more than a little ashamed

Whatever the case, he endeavored to make both men feel equal in terms of attention, and, at least on the surface, everything was alright. When they returned to bed, Sabrael drifted off in his arms, happy and deeply in love, and Vile followed suit, his belly to Rei’s back, squeezing him protectively, in a way he didn’t normally.

If Rei was going to drift off, he didn’t think it’d be any time soon.


  • jumarbye 1


    That was not what I expected at all (which is a good thing, bc I hate to be able to figure out what's going to happen next). I didn't realize Rei had those kind of feelings for Vile. Very very interesting. And innocent little Sabrael is so sweet.

    But Vile, don't know what he's gonna do next – get over his feelings of jealousy? embrace the new normal that is Rei with a part of a soul?
    Oh the anticipation!!

    Well done!

  • RefurbMadness

    It's interesting to think about what one might do in Rei's situation. You spend a good amount of your time with someone who treats you well (albeit like a doll, most of the time), but with no way to register until all of a sudden…what happens?

    But chapter eight has some answers I think might satisfy your curiosity 😉

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