Rumarin Replacer for Interesting NPC’s (WiP)

First, if you don’t use INPC’s, you totally should. The voice acting isn’t perfect, but it’s generally cute and fun. Rumarin is one of the more popular NPCs added, one of the “super followers”, who has extra dialogue and interactions. He’s certainly one of my favorites.

He reminds me of a few people I knew in college (not so much grad/post-grad because you don’t have time for this bullshit then lol), some sweeter than others. Still makes me cringe, but it’s the good kind of cringe.

So I wanted to give him a new look. I wanna first say that I really have no issue with the vanilla NPC’s or the NPC’s that come stock with INPC’s, even though in the case of the former it’s just a bunch of reused presets over and over. But I mean, that’s okay. Aria fell in love with vanilla Romlyn, and I could never, ever dream of changing him. I’ve grown accustomed to lots of faces.

But I’ve had the urge exactly twice: Once for Erevan (of whom I have screens somewhere. Lawdy lawds…), and now for Rumarin.

I’m a bit undecided on him. I like the character design. Basically I wanted to go for making him like the most prominent person in my head to behave the way he does. I think in motion, with him chattering, things would be different. I dunno. But these are just some screens until I get up the gumption to actually apply the changes.

Also his hair needs adjusting and I’m not sure why it is the way it is.

And Furb is done for the night. Chapter 8 or Rei’s story is soon, but only because it absolutely needs to be. After that, I’m taking a short break. Wanna do something Christmassy for y’all. I’m not sure what it’ll be though. Hrrrrrrmery…


  • syl

    Aww. Think I've met that guy. He's a cutie. Prolly needs a manbun though.

    I've got Hott 3dnpcs and that one's … okay… for Rumarin but a bit doofy. I love its Hjoromir, though.

    Currently I'm swearing at Racemenu (because the sculpt tab will either let me rotate the head or edit the head but not both)and wishing there were a better way. Stupid chin vertices.

    Also Apachii melf hair clips with male elf faces, grouse grouse sigh whhyyy…

  • RefurbMadness

    Man buns, man. A bunch of things have to align before I think they work.

    I don't tend to like NPC overhauls too much. A lot of the time it seems to go overboard with the idea that everyone must be byooteeful and you wind up with Hustler colliding with Playgirl in a spectacular explosion of beesting lips and Hitler Youth hairstyles.

    Chins need like a million more vertices for reals. And yes they certainly do, and that's why I spend way too much time in Blender making hair conversions. Some people are okay with a hairline gap or clipping but not this chica. lol

  • syl

    I am only in favor of man buns to the extent that I have helped to pull hair out of chain mail and well, yeeouch.

    Y'know, adjusting hair in Racemenu leaves it looking super weird– like some odd gray shiny spots in it for some reason. I guess it needs Blender. Thankfully the one I like only needed one specific adjustment in one spot and I cleaned it up by .. well.. editing the head mesh. It was only a spot the size of a quarter. He won't miss it.

    KS does not seem to fit elves real well, I can say that for sure.

    I got him into game as an NPC, though, and gave him a schedule. Now i just need to run go rip open some follower mods for dialogue…

    See, all those waifu mods are good for something.. I just think of 'em as spare parts now.

  • jumarbye 1

    LOL – absolutely the best part of some mods is what can I rip out for my own use? πŸ™‚ I haven't tried dialog yet, but it's next-ish on the list.

    I've been making my own NPC overhaul to my own tastes, and yeah, who wants to followed by a guy who doesn't want his hair to get mussed? And who wants a husbando that has prettier hair and skin than I do? LOL.

  • jumarbye 1

    Hi Furb, good looking char – but I would expect nothing less from you XD I have downloaded INPC, but I never get to the point of playing anything – to busy adding/changing/tweaking mods etc. πŸ™

  • RefurbMadness

    D'awww :3

    And don't I know it. I try to, and then something catches my eye and I'm like, "MAEK BETAR!" Is there a Modders Anonymous or something, because I'm pretty sure it's a pathology at this point πŸ˜›

    And to think, it all started because I only wanted a house. lol

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