Extracurriculars (Rei Ginsei/Sabrael shoot NWS)

A friend pointed me to that mod you see floating around now and again with the Winterhold College jumper. The only mages I have I can’t really be silly with. And what’s the fun in modding if you can’t make your own stuff? So I made a texture for Rei, and one for Sabrael. Made a pair of shorts, refitted my Tank Girl combat boots (which I realized way too late I should have unwrapped BEFORE fitting to the male body…), and made Sabrael a pair of Vans to go with his straight-legs. And ya know what that means! Time for another trip to the Aether Suite and Arclite Community College for some alternate reality roleplay!

Think that ol’ jock Rei might be honing in on some bookish young lad (after the jump because I just remembered those are a thing and I should be using them)…

G’night y’all. Loves.


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