Refurb Presents: Presents! (mod download)

Happy Saturalia, everyone! I made you a thing!

I’m not a holiday person, but I do love winter, and my favorite part is the pajamas that get put out for the season. All reds and greens and warm and soft. I figure, why not give our guys something fuzzy and sexy and warm…ish?

So I give to you all who make this worthwhile, a set of fun pajamas. They’re crushed velvet and shiny – and slightly iridescent in the right light! – and furry. Ohmahgawd, so furry! They also come in snazzy little gift boxes for you to stack somewhere I guess!

Robes in red and green (32/body, revealing)
Pants in red and green (52/pelvis secondary)
Robe/Pants combo in red/red, green/green, red/green, and green/red (32/body)
Bikini briefs in red, green, silver, and gold (52/pelvis secondary)
Holly wreath circlet (42/circlet)
Fur/Reindeer antler circlet  (42/circlet)

Why yes, the bulge does scale! The robe/pants combo is there because the standalone pants don’t work very well with the robe, and the most practical solution was to remove the trim at the waist rather than reshape the robe, and being that that’s not very attractive on its own, I opted to just make one mesh out of both.

Schlongs of Skyrim, full

How to Obtain:
To the side after you enter the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun, there’s a big ol’ pile of presents with fuzzy warmness inside. I don’t know why I did it this way as the more I think on it the more it seems like I’m encouraging people to steal from church donation boxes. I just wanted a place that was unlikely to have a billion other mod-added things!

Known Issues:
None yet! My world meshes even work! It’s a Christmas miiiiiiracle!

BUT…If you equip one of the robe *sets* and SoS spawns the placeholder underwear on top of it (like in that one unfortunate screenshot I didn’t feel like retaking), just unequip/reequip the robe set. That’s a thing that happens with SoS sometimes, can’t do anything about it, myself.

The robe is essentially a dress, and, in the absence of HDT knowledge, is rigged to the legs/feet, as is common. If you pose with your character seated or lying down with his legs in different time zones, you’re gonna have a bad time. If you pose your character seated or lying down with his legs in some sort of tangle, you’re gonna have a bad time. But that’s just for the robes, and it shouldn’t be a ginormous problem.

If this winds up somewhere else I’d ask credit and a link back. No bigs though. I do not want this monetized in any way.

Download Here!

And now for pics!

 Happy holidays, everyone! I hope this can make someone’s game a little more sparkly!


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