Rumarin’s Final Replacer Version

Yeah so first off, I’m not doing Cymbeline’s story and I might not even play her anymore. Just for whatever reason, reading over the first chapter one last time, it just reeked too much of the “noble savage” trope, and I just can’t. I try probably unusually hard to specifically avoid that for very personal reasons I won’t get into, so maybe I’m being too hyper-analytic, but it’s all just smashed now. I’m really sorry; I was genuinely looking forward to sharing.

On the bright side that means you’ll get to hang out with Aria. She’s fun. And she has no formally-written story so you’ll just have short stories about her life as well as sexy li’l vignettes! How awesome. Maybe.

Anyway so after arguing with CK over Rumarin’s weight and finally just giving in, I have him down. And I am oh, so happy with him. I actually sculpted a smile because he’s just so damn chipper, and I didn’t realize but I guess he’s set to be always happy, so he just has this bright li’l smile pretty much all the time and it makes me giggle.

It’s pretty great, though; SAD and bipolar don’t mix and being that we haven’t had winter here for like seven or eight years I am no longer used to having to cope with constant dark grey days on top of my brain trying to get me to jam a fork in my eye. So having a happy, go-getter follower has just been swell.

Rest assured there will be more and better pics; Adriel is quite smitten. In the last pics Rumarin is being a good friend, too, and telling Adriel that the college robes aren’t that bad and that they definitely don’t look like a burlap sack.


  • jumarbye 1

    Awwww, he's adorable! πŸ™‚ Definitely like his smile – I like happy characters following me around, or sexy ones…or both! And I like reading about/looking at pictures of happy characters, or sexy ones or both! And he's two-in-one, so yay! Thanks for sharing his pics πŸ™‚

  • syl

    He is adorable, and he still has the Bruce Campbell chin, lol.

    Using your normal map to build my Marcus, Furb… but I have to go back to the drawing board as his diffuse map is just too dang plastic. Sigh..

  • syl

    On your femfeet normal map? I mashed up CMO (the only good one I know of for femfeet) and Fair Men. I wanted some muscles (Fair men is .. really flat..) so I pasted 'em in from CMO, can't say it looks great.

    Unfortunately it's way too pale (especially for this guy, he's a darker-skinned black-haired Imperial) and my experiment getting the schlong seam to vanish didn't quite work as planned. Eh, I'll send it along and you can take a look if you like.

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