• syl

    For 6 I went and got permission from the mod author to deal with Auryen Morellus. I have this hangup with modded characters; if they have their own persona and they're not marriage candidates.. I kind of want to leave them in their own personal headspace, y'know? Sort of feel like it's disrespectful otherwise. Yeah, I'm a crouton-petter.

    I also dropped a message to Lorion's author, but as he's a simple follower/marriage candidate with no personality I thought I was on more solid ground. I haven't heard back and I'm not sure that author is active.

    Choreography is getting rather challenging! Thank goodness for finally figuring out Screenshot Pad.

  • syl

    There will be more coming, hopefully soon. Getting to the point where I need to do some work in CK to get the effects I want, and that's exhausting.. LOL.

    I have no idea how Furb does it.

  • RefurbMadness

    I dunno, you do more than I do. Making pretty poses and telling stories with choreographed images are different things, and I think the latter is more difficult than the former. I'm trying to get better at the storytelling thing, though. What with your inspiration an' all.

    Glad Screenshot Pad is helping. πŸ™‚ Have I asked about the ENB you use, if you are using one? I'm at a point where I need to start Frankenstein-ing some stuff and I like the colors you have.

  • syl

    Well, let's see– some of the images were taken at different times, so it's tough to say. Most of the ones you'll see coming up are Snapdragon (whatever the basic default one is), a couple are Rusey's Wish ENB (I need to get back with her to figure out how to dial down the grain), some are Snowfall Weathers (Snowfall is fantastic outdoors and quite orange indoors), and a few are just plain Vivid Weathers with no ENB at all. Let's see. I think I've also used Bleak/Unbleak on some shots coming up.

    Many of the ENB shots have to be tweaked pretty strongly in Paint or GIMP– or even in Imgur– to pull a lot of the red-orange out and to lighten up the shadows. So, a lot of the images have that cartoon look to them, especially the early ones where I just lightened without playing with the color curves.

    Snowfall has beautiful creamy undertones and hazy days– of course the snowfall is really really cool. Unbleak just looks amazing with a desaturated winter landscape. Snapdragon is designed for character shots– I don't like it as much for landscapes but it has stunning blue skies. I would like to try to get Suki's Preset running for Snowfall but I have given up on it for now.

    Lighting mods do not play nice with slideshow-making, I can say that– everything is way too dark. Vivid Weathers lets you adjust interior lighting, bloom, and saturation easily, so in the end I would prefer to use an ENB such as Rusey's that lets me keep that esp active. I think some of my non-ENB shots with filters added in Paint worked out best of all, for what it's worth.

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