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Awakenings (Rei Ginsei’s Saga, ch. 10)


  • This chapter contains a depiction of violence which is a bit more gruesome than in previous chapters (and has nothing to do with the next bullet point, don’t worry).
  • This chapter contains an act of consensual bondage. Included is a depiction of penile stimulation involving a “stopper/plug”, as well as choking.  DO NOT TRY EITHER OF THESE AT HOME, KIDS. Having been a sub for a while, I can talk about these things if you want (well, not first-hand re: stoppers for obvious reasons), but I AM NOT AN EXPERT, AND I WILL NOT DISPENSE ADVICE. Please, please, PLEASE do not take some rando’s fiction about impossibly-proportioned supernatural men with fucked-up worldviews and relationships as an endorsement of things you should try! Please don’t. If you’re curious about the kinky things I talk about here or about the world of kinks or BDSM in general, there’s lots of resources available from people far more qualified than I am, and who don’t use florid euphemisms for things like penises and clitorati and uvulas.
  • I was just being silly, but I just now realized “uvula” is one letter away from being an anagram of “vulva”!

That’s it. Enjoy!

    Vile awakened with a start, worried about Rei Ginsei. Beside him lay one of his toys, a wonderfully handsome Redguard by the name of Ghassan.

    “Master?” he mumbled

    Vile didn’t answer. He shifted his eyes around his room, looking for what, he couldn’t say – some proof, perhaps, that his worry was unfounded. There was a definite disturbance, however, a slight draining of his power that lasted for half a minute or so. His Rei Ginsei wouldn’t betray him, would he? His chest tightened. Why had he confessed to everything?

    But, his rational side interjected, it was only a passing disturbance, and one that wasn’t very strong. That would mean perhaps Rei Ginsei was in trouble, which wasn’t much better.

    “Master, is everything alright?”

    “I fear my treasure is hurting,” he said without thinking. “Or up to no good. Or-“

    “I thought I was your treasure?”

    This one was new, and he wasn’t terribly bright. He was learning as best he could, but he still possessed that annoying vanity that he was the only one, or at least the favorite.

    “You are nothing, Ghassan, and you would do well to remember that.”


    “You’re a diversion, at best. Gather your clothes so I can send you away.”


    “Leave!” Vile barked when he didn’t immediately spring to gather his things, spiriting Ghassan away without warning, back to his tent and his horse in the desert.

    He got up and began pacing, burying his fingers in his hair and digging them into his scalp. His breathing sped, and he closed his arms so that they pressed against his face. Trying to calm himself, he closed his eyes and reached out into the Void, into Oblivion, into Nirn, but he couldn’t feel his love.

    “Barbas!” he nearly screamed. When his dog didn’t immediately respond, he did actually scream, “Barbas, get in here!”

    “Gimme a chance to wake up, would ya?” the dog grumbled as he sauntered sleepily into the room. “Was having a good dream and everything.”

    “Where’s Rei Ginsei?”

    “How’m I supposed to know, you’re the Prince, remember?”

    “Shut up! I need to know if he’s okay. I need to know if he’s still mine.”

    “Why wouldn’t he be?”

    “I don’t know!”

    “Then don’t worry.”

    “Even when your master is having a crisis you can’t help but be obnoxiously pragmatic.”

    “What do you want me to do? I can’t look for him like you can. Have you looked for him?”

    “Obviously I have, and I didn’t find him! At the very least, a ‘poor Clavicus’ would be nice.”

    “Poor Clavicus,” Barbas sighed. “Did that help?”

    “No,” he moaned.

    “Look, you’re still whole, right?

    “I suppose so.”

    “Then he’s fine.”

    “But I can’t-“

    “He’s fine, Clavicus. Stop with the hysterics.”

    “I’m going to his island,” he said.

    “Whatever helps. I’m going back to bed.”

    Vile sneered before teleporting away to the pavilion. The sheets were new; he couldn’t hug a pillow. He went through dressers and boxes, finding mostly objects of a prurient nature. Finally, after slamming the last drawer shut, he saw a forgotten shirt under the bed, one of his love’s finer ones. As if on reflex, he dove for it and buried his face in the silk cloth, breathing deep Rei Ginsei’s scent. Climbing onto the bed, he curled up and clutched the shirt close, shutting his eyes tight and wondering how he’d manage to survive.

    He supposed he’d somehow managed to fall asleep when the prayer forced his eyes open. Scrambling out of bed, he listened properly. It was him! Rather than appear, he brought Rei Ginsei to him, and as soon as his treasure materialized in front of him, he slapped his face as hard as he could.

    “What in all of Oblivion was that for?” Rei Ginsei snapped, rubbing his cheek.

    “For scaring me!”


    “I lost you!” Vile said. “I lost you, and I felt my power dip and I didn’t know what was happening.”

    “I had to go into the Star, that’s probably why you lost me.”

    Into the Star?”

    “It was the only way to remove Varen,” Rei Ginsei explained.

    “What about my power?”

    “I think I was introduced to an exception to the rules of my immortality.”

    “I suppose dying inside a soul gem wouldn’t end well, even for you,” Vile conceded. “And considering the nature of it all my power might die with you.”


    Vile took a deep breath. His panic wasn’t entirely gone, but it was leaving his legs weak as it dissipated, and he sat down on the bed. Rei Ginsei joined him and wrapped his arms around him.

    “I don’t know that it would have set me off so badly if it hadn’t happened right after I told you the truth of your situation.”

    “Life isn’t known for its good timing.”

    “I suppose not. I’m sorry for hitting you. That was the first time I’ve ever laid a hand on you in anger.”

    “It was.”

    Vile sighed. “Are you damaged? Let me see.”

    Rei Ginsei turned his head. There was indeed a red, hand-shaped mark on his cheek that was swelling and would eventually bruise. Placing his hand gently over the injury, he closed his eyes and reversed the damage.

    “I wish you’d have some faith,” Rei Ginsei said.

    “It’ll take time.”

    Rei Ginsei slipped his arms around his neck and kissed him.

    “So, I suppose your being here means all went well?”

    “Very well. Unfortunately I was expecting you to come to me, so obviously I don’t have my things. The Star is beyond beautiful now.”

    “I do hope you will understand that I would prefer to send you to get them and then bring you back here. I don’t want to see that seahorse.”

    “Of course. Besides, I need proper alone time with my master, without Sabrael’s distraction.”

    “To think it’s only been a couple of days,” Vile said, moving a hand through Rei Ginsei’s hair. “It’s like starting again.”

    “I want to please you, Clavicus, more than anything. Tell me how.”

    “Gather your things,” he said. “Bring your weapons.”

    “My weapons?”

    “Or not. I have a treat for you. A hunt. I’ll leave methodology up to you,”

    A change in Rei Ginsei’s overall demeanor took place. It was subtle, a slight change in posture, a narrowing of his eyes.”Who is it?” he asked excitedly.

    “One who needs to see the error of his ways,” Vile answered simply. “You’ll see.”

    “Hurry then.”

    Vile kissed him and moved his fingers over his jaw line before sending him away. It took a little longer than he’d anticipated, but finally he heard the short prayer and brought Rei Ginsei back to him, right into his arms. Vile moved to kiss him again, but his treasure avoided it.

    “Let me at him,” he breathed. There was a dangerous intensity in his voice that had replaced the excitement that had been there before.

    “What happened, Rei Ginsei?” Vile asked, studying him closely, keeping a hand firm against the side of his face.

    “Just let me do this,” he insisted.

    Vile moved his hand to the back of Rei Ginsei’s head and pulled him close. “You are free here,” he said quietly. “This is for your enjoyment as much as mine, my love. Don’t let that seahorse taint your pleasure.”

    Rei Ginsei took a shuddering breath through his nose, never breaking eye contact.

    “No anger,” he soothed. “I alone understand you, and only I unconditionally want for your happiness.”

    His treasure closed his eyes and nodded quickly.

    “Go set your things down. When I summon your prey, I want you to wait. Are you in a position to do that?”

    “Your will is above mine,” he said.

    “Don’t be angry,” Vile said again before kissing his temple.

    He watched as Rei Ginsei set a knapsack and some satchels on the bed. He was wearing a becoming ensemble consisting of black breeches, lovingly worn black riding boots, and a black doublet with silver stitching and white silk accents. The one thing that had been a constant from the moment Vile first saw him was the innate knowledge of his breeding. His clothes were always fine and tailored to within an inch of their lives, and despite being taller than even the average Altmer, Vile had never once seen him slouch or lower his chin as tall people tended to do around others.

    And now he was unbuttoning the doublet and removing the white undershirt after. Without a word – without making any sound at all – he unbuckled his belt, pulled the ornate scabbard belonging to his favorite dagger from his knapsack, and threaded it on to sit on his left hip. Once his belt was buckled again, Rei Ginsei made motions with both hands to test the positioning of the dagger, and when he was finished, he turned to walk back, leaving his shirt and doublet on the bed.

    “I remember giving you that dagger,” Vile said.

    Rei Ginsei finally smiled. “The very first time you took me to your plane.”

    “The very first time I took you,” Vile grinned. “Ready?”

    His love nodded, taking his place at Vile’s right.

    With a smile, he closed his eyes and reached out to Nirn, locating a certain wonderfully handsome Redguard. He was at his camp, checking a map and eating a snack of dates and honey, but in the blink of an eye, he was standing before the two daedra, eyes wide in shock.

    Ghassan wobbled a bit on his feet, registering Vile first. “M-Master?” he asked. When he looked over and saw Rei Ginsei, he gasped and almost fell backwards. “Who is that?”

    “This is Rei Ginsei,” Vile answered. “He – not you, nor anyone else – is my treasure.”

    He is?”

    “You question Clavicus Vile? You have the temerity to mock a Daedric Prince’s creation to his face?”

    “No, no!” Ghassan said quickly. “I just mean-“

    “Rei Ginsei is my beginning and my end. To say that you are expendable would be an understatement.”

    “Master Vile, I’m sorry I acted surprised about not being your favorite!”

    Vile looked over at his creation who was still not terribly happy, but was enjoying the moment nonetheless. He stood with his aristocratic posture, bare-chested in the orange of perpetual sunset, looking down on the Redguard with the slightest trace of a dangerous and eager smile.

    “Give me the word, Clavicus,” he said. It was a deliberate decision to address him by name, Vile knew, not just the usual casualness only he and Barbas enjoyed. It was meant to further drive home the truth of his singularity.

    “Patience, my love,” he smiled, reaching over to stroke his hair. “Ghassan, I will allow you a head start. My treasure prefers a challenge. I will warn you, however, he is in a bit of a mood.”

    “W-What does that mean?”

    “It means you had best make an extra effort to not let him catch you.”

    “Isn’t this a little excessive? What about my family? They’re expecting me home tomorrow! Please, Master, surely we can work something out?”

    Vile looked over at his creation.

    “Nobody escapes me,” he said simply.

    “See what I mean about his mood? But I don’t think it would hurt to strike a deal, do you, Rei Ginsei?”

    “It’ll make things more interesting if he thinks he has a chance.”

    “Th-Thank you,” Ghassan stammered, bowing slightly and repeatedly. “Just tell me what I need to do.”

    “There is on this island a canah bird unlike the others. Its tail is uncommonly long and fades from red to purple. He also happens to be Rei Ginsei’s favorite. If you are able to catch him and bring him to me, alive and completely unharmed, I will let you go. If you manage to make it back and my love finds the tiniest thing wrong, our deal is null, and Rei Ginsei will do with you as he pleases.”

    “That…That’s not fair! How do I know he won’t lie about the bird’s condition?”

    “Your main concern should be finding it, to begin with, before he finds you.”

    “He’s still going to be hunting me?”

    “Of course he is!” Vile laughed. “When did I say he wasn’t?”


    “We do have more important things to be doing, Ghassan; we can’t just wait here until you find and catch a wild bird. So the deal is as I have described. Take it, or leave it.”

    “Alright,” Ghassan said. “Okay. I’ll find the bird.”

    “We’ll see, won’t we?” Vile smiled. “Off with you, now. Quickly.”

    “How long?” his creation asked as Ghassan disappeared into the treeline.

    “Soon enough. Would you indulge my vanity for just a moment?”

    “Always,” Rei Ginsei said.

    “You weren’t at all fazed when I brought Mirage into the bargain. Why is that?”

    His creation drew close and leaned his forehead against his own. “Because I trust you, Clavicus.”

    “Not just because he can’t die?”

    “He can be hurt, though. He can be terrified and upset. I know, as I’ve always known, that you wouldn’t sacrifice something if there was a real chance that I would wind up hurt. Damaged, I guess, as you’ve always put it. Even as I could feel no such thing, you were always so careful bringing the things I showed any vestige of interest in into bargains with the people we played games with.”

    “I love you, Rei Ginsei.”

    “I love you, too,” he answered.

    “How much?”

    “I could fill volumes.”

    Vile returned Rei Ginsei’s smile and kissed his lips. “So poetic! It seems you’re perking up, a bit.”

    “Anticipation,” he said. “It’s sinking in what I’m about to do.”

    “And what is that, my love?”

    “I get to hunt, and I get to kill. Unimpeded. I won’t have to fear for my existence as I did in the Star. There will be no one to intervene and spoil my fun. Just me and my prey, something I haven’t been able to simply enjoy since before I gave myself to you.”

    “Remember the deal,” Vile said conspiratorially.

    Rei Ginsei narrowed his eyes as his mouth worked itself into a wide smile.

    “Go do what you’re meant to do. I’ll be watching.”

    His treasure kissed him once more, quickly, before sprinting off into the forest. Vile sighed, feeling pride and excitement and, even more since the other night, complete. It wasn’t just the feeling of being actively loved he’d been missing out on, he realized. As Celedaen, his creation had always been quick and agile, at odds with his proportions, but Vile had given him more than just a few cosmetic alterations and artificial hindrances. His own power, the heart that resided within the former Altmer, imparted to him strength that he was perhaps only just now properly discovering.

    His spirit had been dampened by whatever lies that seahorse had laid upon him, but before being sent back, the joy and the need were breaking free. Rei Ginsei was a force that had, through no act of his own, lain almost completely dormant, operating through routine, and now he had the ability to come back into his own. Vile wanted to see his power grow and to see the unmitigated entitlement and arrogance that made Celedaen Aedeus what he was. At the moment there was a softness that he didn’t remember being there in the beginning, and there was only one real difference between then and now.

    The fate of the seahorse could wait, however. Now was the time to bolster and enjoy. He climbed onto the bed and sat cross-legged, closing his eyes and seeking out his Soul Devourer. It didn’t take him long, and in his mind’s eye he saw Rei Ginsei skulking between the trees, getting close to the ground to check for signs of humanoid disturbance. When he found a trail, he’d quickly follow until he lost it, and then the process would begin again.

    He reached a clearing, but rather than step into it, he clung more closely to the shadows. Vile watched him study the area, stepping softly around trees, pausing now and then to listen. Finally, he crouched by one of the larger trees, loosely pursed his lips and put forth a piercing call that rose in pitch, repeated it exactly three times with increasing speed and ending on a long, irregular trill.

    Vile bit his lip expectantly, waiting with his treasure. A movement in the shadows of green feathers indicated that one canah bird had heard him and was curious, but this one was female. After a few moments Rei Ginsei made another, different call. It took a little while, but this time a brilliant red male lighted on a nearby branch.

    “Hello, pretty bird,” Rei Ginsei whispered, smiling broadly. He held out his hand, presenting a few of the fat, ripe blackberries he’d picked while he was tracking. “I’m sorry I didn’t visit you last I was here.”

    The bird hopped to a lower branch and ate the offering, careful not to pinch his friend’s skin with his beak. Satisfied that Rei Ginsei was who he said he was, Mirage fluttered the awkward distance to perch on his shoulder and turned around, allowing for one long finger to rub the brilliant yellow plumage of his breast.

    Vile had never asked, but he wondered if bird calling was something he’d always done, or if it was something he’d learned after first seeing the canah he named Mirage. He supposed it was more likely the former, even though Mirage was one of those things that seemed to transcend Rei Ginsei’s need for a soul. Not by a lot, of course, but it was enough for Vile to notice.

    “I need you to do something for me,” Rei Ginsei whispered. “There’s a bad, bad man who wants to catch you. I’m not going to let him, though. I want you to sit just right here, and I’ll be just behind.”

    He offered his opposite hand onto which Mirage stepped and lifted him up to a naked tree branch that stuck out into the clearing. The island was small; the chances that Ghassan was close enough by to hear were great. Rei Ginsei made a call again, and this time Mirage answered with his own. This went on for just a little while before Ghassan barrelled into the clearing.

    “It’s you!” he panted excitedly. “You’re the bird! I hope you’re not gonna make this too difficult.”

    The Redguard stepped slowly towards the tree where Mirage was perched, hands slightly up, all while Rei Ginsei watched from the shadows. As soon as Ghassan was only a few feet from the tree, he stepped out from his hiding place between his prey and his pet.

    Ghassan screeched in fright and fell backwards.

    “So jumpy!” Rei Ginsei grinned. “Oh look, you found my bird.”

    “W-What happens now?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I found the bird before you did.”

    “It seems to me that when one’s life is on the line, listening to the terms of one’s survival would be pretty high on one’s list of priorities. It’s a good thing you’re pretty.”

    Vile smirked.

    “I just mean, maybe you would let me catch him? Since I found him before you found me?”

    “Is that really what you think happened?”

    Ghassan shifted his eyes nervously back and forth. “Y-Yes?”

    Rei Ginsei took a moment to consider, or at least to give appearance of consideration, before finally reaching out his right hand.

    “Are you offering a truce?”

    Vile’s creation only smiled serenely. When he had picked out Ghassan at a tavern after hearing his prayer for relief from the many, many debts he owed, Vile knew he wasn’t working with the brightest example of humanity, but never would he have expected someone to fail to register an obvious trap and then to consider taking the hand of the person who not only set it up but refused to answer a simple question as to whether or not he was offering a truce. Granted, Rei Ginsei was being unusually casual about the whole thing, but it was still phenomenally unwise.

    And, indeed, Ghassan reached out and took the clawed hand that effortlessly lifted him up onto his feet. He breathed a sigh of relief, returning Rei Ginsei’s smile gratefully. He didn’t have time to register the swift, sharp motion of his hopeful savior’s left hand, drawing the dagger from its sheath and ramming it deep into his side. Ghassan screamed and held the wound with both hands.

    “You really are just some special sort of idiot, aren’t you?” Rei Ginsei laughed. “Tell me, Ghassan, you mentioned family. I’m certain you didn’t mean that you live with your mother.”

    “What does it matter?” Ghassan panted, hunched over in pain.

    “I’m just curious,” Rei Ginsei answered, passing the dagger from one hand to the other.

    “I have a wife and a daughter.”

    “A wife and a daughter at home, and sleeping with a Daedric Prince. You immoral little prick!”

    On the word “prick”, Rei Ginsei plunged the blade into Ghassan’s other side and twisted it hard.

    Another scream rent the air, punctuated by sobs. Rei Ginsei raised his leg and slammed the sole of his boot into the Redguard’s solar plexus, knocking him back down onto the ground.

    “And now you won’t be coming home! You’ll die right here in Oblivion, leaving no body for your loved ones to find. They’ll die, too, never knowing what became of you. But perhaps that’s for the best, don’t you think?”

    “Please,” Ghassan moaned pitifully. “You can still save me! You don’t have to do this!”

    “You know this is a punishment for your arrogance,” Rei Ginsei said, “and in the face of it, you questioned our master’s love for me, and now you have the gall to tell me what I do and don’t have to do.”

    “No, no! I didn’t mean-“

    Rei Ginsei had dropped to one knee and slashed with his right hand so quickly, Vile wasn’t sure that the rip in Ghassan’s shirt hadn’t always been there, but then the exposed skin split, and the entrails inside bulged out grotesquely. The cry of pain that followed was hoarser than the screams before, and it simply became a harder wave of crying and sobbing.

    “I’m sorry!” Ghassan pleaded, writhing desperately and clutching now at his stomach. “Is that…Are those my insides? Oh, Divines, oh please, help me!”

    Rei Ginsei snorted and lowered himself to both knees, straddling his victim’s legs. “I’m sure the Divines have much better things to do than help a piece of garbage like you.”

    Ghassan, perhaps in the first wise action of the day, Vile thought, didn’t say anything, but only turned his head away and cried.

    Vile watched as his creation leaned forward so that his hands were on either side of Ghassan’s head. The Redguard was looking away, so Rei Ginsei took the opportunity to put his lips right next to the dark ear and breathed, “You will die alone and scared, you miserable cur.”

    “Please just kill me,” Ghassan moaned. “At least don’t let me linger this way.”

    “I’ll meet you halfway,” Rei Ginsei said. The dagger was jammed between two ribs on his left side, and an odd rush of air could be heard. “Don’t let anyone say Rei Ginsei isn’t merciful.”

    He rose from the ground and walked back over to the tree where Mirage still patiently sat, preening. Rei Ginsei sat cross-legged back down in the dirt and kept watch as his victim struggled to breathe, as blood seeped from his stab wounds, as his insides continued to bulge from the swift incision, and as blood bubbled where the lung was punctured. Mirage left the tree to perch on his friend’s shoulder, and Rei Ginsei raised his hand to stroke the soft feathers.

    He was quiet, serene. He never did this without his soul, but Celedaen often did. Vile wondered what he was thinking about, if he thought he could see some physical manifestation of the soul as it left its host. Would he be pondering mortality as Celedaen undoubtedly would have been? Or did it just boil down to the simplicity of a man’s pleasure?

    The process took a while, but eventually Ghassan stopped writhing, and eventually the ragged breathing stopped, as well. After a few moments, Rei Ginsei stood up and walked over to the body and nudged it with his foot.

    That was it.

    He smiled and looked over at Mirage, making a kissing sound at him. The bird bobbed his head and flew away, back to his home on the far shore.

    Vile waited until he heard the unspoken prayer and brought his love back. Rei Ginsei fell into his arms, and he returned his kiss as deeply as he could. Wasting no time, he unbuckled his treasure’s belt and unlaced the fly of his breeches to free his perfectly rigid tool. The gasp as Vile began to work him was beautiful.

    “You were wonderful to watch,” he said softly.

    “Did I please you?”

    “You always do, my love. So much that I feel I should ask how I might please you?”

    “I want the choke collar,” Rei Ginsei said.

    “As you wish,” Vile grinned, planting a quick kiss on his nose.

    Along the pavilion’s perimeter, facing a cliff that jutted out into the sea, was a low wooden platform with a padded upholstered top in soft cream rabbit fur. In the middle of it was a solid arch, lightly padded, but wrapped with tightly-woven linen. Above it all, anchored to the frame of the pavilion’s structure, was an eye hook from which two chains dangled, terminating in black leather cuffs. Vile smiled as his treasure undressed and patiently stood by it, idly playing with his large, pleasantly curved cock.

    Vile selected a drawer in the vanity and pulled it out. He selected two small boxes, closed the drawer, and moved on and on until he’d gathered everything he needed.

    “Gods, I can’t wait,” Rei Ginsei sighed.

    “I know this will be something special, considering,” Vile answered, “so I brought a little of everything.”

    Rei Ginsei took the small box he was offered and opened the lid. Inside was a silver ring that was open on one side with gold balls on the ends, while the opposite side sported a stem that went out at a right angle and curved into a “U” shape, ending in its own gold ball. “You’re going to ruin me,” he grinned.

    “Never,” Vile cooed, taking the ring and standing behind his treasure in order to reach his arms around and affix the device.

    The stem was first. Gently he pressed the ball against the slit in Rei Ginsei’s cock. He heard the hiss of air as his love inhaled sharply, followed by an ecstatic exhale as it slipped in. When it was only just inside and secure, Vile carefully hooked the ring around the head.

    Rei Ginsei leaned his head back, and Vile kissed him before affixing a glans ring of his own, this one without a stopper. Already he could feel the pressure as the head of his cock hardened. This was going to be one of the rare occasions where setup would take longer than play time.

    And that, Vile thought, is perfectly fine.

    From another box, he produced a black leather strap that had several small cuffs sewn all down its length.. With practiced hands, he took Rei Ginsei’s tail and buckled each cuff around it, taking a moment to admire the finished product of shiny white puffs between each cuff before letting it hang free for the moment.

    “You know I really wasn’t sure about the tail in the beginning,” he said.


    “Well it’s white, you know. I worried it would wind up grotty, but you’ve always kept it so shiny and soft.”

    “I’m rather fond of it, myself,” Rei Ginsei said.

    In yet another box was his treasure’s specific request: A wide leather collar studded with rubies. It consisted of two strips of leather, one with a metal ring on one end and a buckle on the other. The second strip was threaded through the ring of the first and fitted with a ring of its own so that it couldn’t be pulled through, and the other end was meant to buckle with the other strip. A long chain was attached to the second ring so that when it was pulled, the strip it was attached to would slip through the other ring, tightening the collar around its wearer.

    Vile felt he might be more excited than Rei Ginsei to see what would happen. Choking was one of those things where the result it achieved was intense enough that it could almost induce feeling in one with no soul. Eagerly he buckled the collar around his love’s neck and turned it so that the choking ring was at the back. He then lifted the decorated tail up and affixed the chain which dangled from the last cuff to the ring of the collar.

    “Alright, my darling,” Vile said. “Up with you!”

    Rei Ginsei grinned  and positioned himself on the platform so that his knees were spread very widely by the arch in the middle, and without being told, he raised his hands all the way above his head so that Vile could shackle them with the cuffs that dangled from the chain. As he often did, Rei Ginsei took the opportunity to stretch his shoulders, eliciting tiny cracking sounds from his joints. This time he could sigh with enjoyment, and Vile, who didn’t normally care for those noises, simply smiled and wrapped his arms around his treasure.

    “Are you ready?” he asked.

    “That’s an understatement,” Rei Ginsei laughed.

    Vile smiled and reached over to grab a small bottle of oil and poured some onto the first two fingers of his right hand. Carefully he worked them past Rei Ginsei’s anal ring and began the process of preparation. His love pressed back, his eyes closed and his head leaned back luxuriantly. He must have been very close, Vile noticed, considering he had done nothing to directly pleasure him. When he hooked his fingers toward the front, Rei Ginsei moaned deeply and shuddered, letting his weight drop against his wrist shackles.

    “Don’t you slouch,” Vile chided playfully, lightly smacking a smooth, toned buttock with his left hand. “I can’t fuck you when you’re like that.”

    Rei Ginsei  laughed as he pulled himself back into a proper kneeling position. “I wish you’d fuck me now,” he moaned. “If I don’t come soon I’m going to go insane.”

    “Do you need your Prince’s cock, love?”

    “More than anything.”

    “Say, ‘Please Clavicus?’ “

    Pretty please, Clavicus?” Rei Ginsei mewled sweetly.

    “Well, I suppose since you made it pretty,” Vile smiled.

    He took the bottle of oil and poured a line down his member as he moved to the side and watched his treasure bite his lip in anticipation. Vile took a sharp breath as he spread the oil, taking some extra time to rub the head, impossibly hard from the pressure of his glans ring. He moved his index finger back and forth between the balls of the ring, the spot where his foreskin attached, taking a sharp breath in as the divine sensation made his legs weak.

    Finally he felt he was ready. He wrapped his right arm around Rei Ginsei’s hips and leaned forward to kiss his neck. With his left hand he spread his love open and positioned the head of his cock against the ersatz entrance. Slowly, always slowly, he pressed with his hips and pulled Rei Ginsei back with his arm. Back and forth he rocked until he achieved penetration, sighing deeply as his length was progressively squeezed.

    Rei Ginsei was already shuddering and moaning. At this stage Vile knew it was more to do with pain than pleasure, but it would subside. “I’ve got the chain,” he said. “Are you ready?”

    “Yes, please,” he begged.

    As he began his rhythm, still slowly, he pulled  on the chain, tightening the collar. Rei Ginsei’s jaw dropped, but as soon as his tongue bean to protrude, Vile released the pressure. As his treasure caught a few quick breaths, he sped his pace. Rei Ginsei was moaning properly now, and before he could catch too many breaths, Vile tightened the collar once more.

    “You feel so good on me,” he purred, sliding his right hand over to stroke his love’s cock before coming to rest, cupping and squeezing the taut sac below.

    As Rei Ginsei began to sag, he loosened the collar again. An audible rush of air filled his lungs.

    “Don’t stop, Clavicus, please,” he gasped.

    He’d barely got through his sentence before Vile pulled the collar even more tightly and properly began to jerk him off. He grit his teeth against Rei Ginsei’s tightness, at the strong, reluctantly pliant ring that squeezed the length of him on every stroke. The muscles in his legs were weakening, the pressure was building, but he kept himself, tightening the collar as his love’s hips began pulsing forward.

    “That’s it, love,” he breathed. “Come with me!”

    After a moment, Vile felt the pause, felt Rei Ginsei’s balls draw up close followed by the straining pulses of his cock. The stopper at the end prevented his ejaculation, increasing his stimulation, and as he loosed the collar one last time, Rei Ginsei was crying out between breaths, lost in a very clear and deep ecstasy.

    Vile let him lean back against him as his own thrusts became short and rapid. He drew closer and closer, the balls of his glans ring pressing into him wonderfully. His toes curled and he held his treasure, who was still shuddering and twitching, tightly. Finally he felt it, the apex, building just at the tip before shooting his load deep inside his lover.

    “Oh, Rei Ginsei,” he moaned as he continued to empty himself. “How did I manage to find you?”

    Rei Ginsei, only just now managing to come back down, only grinned and laughed giddily.

    “How are you feeling?”

    “Dizzy. Gods, but that was amazing!”

    Vile hugged him tightly. “Think you can stand? I’m thinking of taking a nap, myself. That silly Star can wait.”

     “That sounds wonderful.”

    Vile unbuckled the various cuffs, removed the stopper, and helped Rei Ginsei down from the platform. He was a bit wobbly on his legs, so Vile helped him to the large tub by the shore where they bathed in perpetually fresh and warm water. It really was some kind of paradise here, he thought. Why should he ever return to his own little pocket?

    As they lay now in bed, kissing slowly and gently, Vile asked something which had been on his mind for a while: “Why was it that you sought me out, Rei Ginsei? I know there was a question in your heart at the time. I know you had considered Mehrunes Dagon, and I know he would have cherished someone like you, even if it might be in a different way than I. And Molag Bal. It could be argued that either one of them would be a better patron to you than I; I like souls, but only insofar as they’re pretty within their gems and that they’re fantastic bargaining chips. And while I hold dominion over the concept of power, I have no particular desire to sow destruction or to actively incite change through violence.”

    “I don’t know if I could properly say,” he admitted. “Dagon was a bore, to me.”

    Vile chuckled. “I don’t know if ‘boring’ is how most people would describe him.”

    “He did, though,” he answered. Vile could hear the grin. “It seems his scope is very narrow. And Molag Bal…I don’t like vampires or the strange things he creates. Boethiah, Namira, both are grotty and beneath me. But you, Clavicus, I always feared you more than any other. You made me want to show you my worth and my cleverness. If I succeeded, it meant I could be more to you than just a machine. If I failed in my pursuit of your favor, it would be more than just my life I gambled. I could’ve wound up like those vampires in Haemar’s Shame.”

    “You understood. For me you demonstrated your willingness to wait. For so many years you put off summoning me in favor of simply showing deference. You showed me that you belonged to me, even if you weren’t wholly aware of it. I feared that regaining your soul would cause you to realize some form of resentment towards me for taking it away.”

    “I probably should feel that way, but I understand why you did. And even if I did resent you, you give me a freedom I could never have elsewhere. Alone with you – really alone and without Sabrael – I feel more like myself. I wonder if I was too defensive the other day.”


    “His emotions work on me,” Rei Ginsei said. “They hook into me. I love him, that much I know, but the panic when I couldn’t find him, the fear that I’d driven him away… Was it only because of the connection? Or was it entirely me?”

    Vile swallowed as hope wiggled its way into his heart. “I can’t know that,” he admitted.

    “For so long I’d hoped to find him. And when he’d found me, the rush of emotion was overwhelming. I think now things are evening out, that I’m getting used to having a soul again. I think the novelty of things is wearing off, and I think my vision is clearing.”

    “And what do you see, my love?”

    Rei Ginsei shook his head. “An awful lot of difficulty. I have a question, Clavicus, and I think, being who you are, you might have the answer.”

    “What is it?”

    “When a lesser daedra is banished – the sentient ones, anyway – do they retain their personality in the Chaotic Creatia?”

    Vile cut his eyes over sharply. He licked his lips as he wondered how to answer, whether he wanted to ask if Rei Ginsei was curious due to anticipated guilt, or to just simply answer him. Taking a slow breath, he opted for the latter: “When a daedra is banished, they return to their home plane where their physical shell falls away. What remains is, yes, their vestige. Their being, if you prefer. The only thing that changes is their shell.”

    Rei Ginsei sighed.

    “I told you I wouldn’t ask you to.”

    “You didn’t tell me not to.”

    “If it’s something you wish-“

    “I’ll be the one to grant it,” he snapped suddenly.

    “Goodness,” Vile said benignly.

    “I’m sorry. Look, I don’t even know if I could do it without word from you. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about. I feel pent-up, Clavicus, and it’s because of him. Everything I do is wrong, everything I do causes some form of hysterics. If I were still Celedaen, his throat would’ve been slit the second he first told me ‘no’.”

    Vile didn’t know what exactly to say, and he didn’t particularly wish for his excitement to bleed through anything he did.

    “And yet I keep trying to protect him, and I keep trying to soothe and love him. This is the first time I’ve truly felt clear-headed and real. And I’m crying and Celedaen never cried!”

    Vile sat up and pulled his creation over to him so Rei Ginsei could lay his head in his lap. “It’s alright, my love. It is. We’ll get this solved, you and me, right?”

    “Are you telling me to-“

    “No, just put that down for the moment. If you decide to on your own, I won’t argue, but that’s not what we’re talking about now.”

    “What else could we be?” Rei Ginsei sighed.

    “I don’t know just yet. Perhaps I can just feed you a steady diet of mortals that mildly annoy me.”

    His treasure laughed quietly.

    “Let’s just rest a while for now, alright?” he soothed. “We’ve all the time in the world.”


    • RefurbMadness

      Well there's a ways to go, yet.

      But yeah there are definitely good arguments to be made for a soulless Rei that don't involve feelings of possessiveness.

      Next chapter gon' be interesting, on that note!

    • jumarbye 1

      Wow. I have no words.

      I never thought I'd say this but Sabrael better find a good hiding place!

      But….will Sabrael's love have the power to transform Rei Ginsei?

      You could say that Vile's love has transformed Rei into…something. Someone that makes Vile happy. Is that enough for Rei though? At his deepest level? We shall see (I fervently hope!) 🙂

      Wow, waxing all philosophical here. Amazing how the written word can make a person think. And it doesn't have to be some studious tome, covered in dust, filled with dry words that crumple when read, sending the reader to sleep. 🙂 A little fantasy with some HOT sex can do the same! XD

      (And I have to agree with Syl here – Vile almost seems the better person here.) When he's alone with Vile, Rei is more the pure predator – more wolf than man. With Sabrael, he's something more.

      Welp, enough deep thinking from me (what is that odd pain coming from my skull? Oh yes, the rusty wheels are turning) lol

    • RefurbMadness

      Oh wow, thanks! I'm glad this got your gears turning (though they're prolly not as rusty as you say ;P).

      Regarding Vile, he has a vested interest in appearing to be detached with regards to Sabrael's fate. There's a formula, you know, that if Rei does the deed Vile can't be seen to have actively encouraged him, but then the corollary to that is that Rei probably shouldn't be in an unstable, impulsive state if/when he does it because, well. I'm sure we've all been in a place where we've done something big on impulse and were like, oops…

      Hopefully not murder, but y'know. I mean like eating one too many brownies lol

    • jumarbye 1

      Hahaha…I wouldn't know about murder, lol, although I DO have a teenage daughter….. er..ahem! Where was I? Oh yes! Eating too many brownies… Wait – how did I get to brownies?

      Anywho….back to Rei and Vile and Sabrael. Well, yes of course, I need to keep in mind that Vile is the prince of conniving, the maven of manipulation and the er… lord of sinister semantics. I'm just worried that Rei will fall for Vile's trickery, trusting star-crossed lover lad that he is. Okay, not trusting. And he's not a lad. And is being led by his penis or by his higher, er, brain? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂 (and I am waiting most patiently for the next installment – no "are we there yet?"'s from me – nope)

      I think the flakes of rust falling from my skull have attacked my typing fingers, and I'm rambling a bit.

      So, g'night!

    • jumarbye 1

      Umm, one more thought crossed my…brain.

      So that's how David Carradine died!

      Kids, do not try this at home, especially if you're alone! And kids – you should be in bed, not reading adult stuff for cryin' out loud.

    • RefurbMadness

      Yeah, it's no bueno. I was into choking (the one being choked) for a while but after a while I decided it was just too scary rolling them dice, no matter how much I trusted my partner who was actually very well-versed. But ya know even Formula 1 drivers have accidents.

      I kinda questioned putting it in, but, well. Do as Furb says, not as she writes?

    • syl

      Yeah, I've been giving this some thought too, lol.

      I'm not real sure that's "love" per se that Vile has for Rei, but I s'pose that's the best shorthand for it.

      I find it interesting how whenever Rei gets near to contemplating any of this stuff– especially how fucked up he was as Celedaen from the get-go– he immediately goes straight for whatever causes him to lose the ability to think.

      I wouldn't be surprised to find him constantly rocked out on, say, the Balomora Blue.

    • jumarbye 1

      Intriguing thoughts. So you think maybe Rei is either unwilling – or temporarily unable – to face self reflection? I think you're on to something. He does seem to prefer to fill his mind with pursuits that will cause instant gratification, and he's clearly uncomfortable with the contemplation of his lifestyle, both former and current.

      And you're right, Vile is more dominating, narcissistic and possessive than loving. I think he cares for Rei because he sees him as a 'creation' that reflects well on his powers, but when/if Rei were to become useless or would rebel against Vile's authority, I wonder how difficult it would be for Vile to destroy him? He would probably do something that would allow his anger to build against Rei so that he would feel justified in destroying his creation.

      It will be interesting to see what part Sabrael plays in upcoming events, and whether he will cause Rei to wish to remake himself.

    • syl

      Heh. Well, maybe I have a bit of a unique perspective; unfortunately I've met a few guys like Rei. Either self-reflection is completely avoided via any means necessary, or it becomes a … superficial bragging session? "look at me, I'm so bad…"

      Thankfully they're sort of rare. Even more thankfully some of 'em seem to mature out of it.

    • RefurbMadness

      According to Barbas himself, Vile is unable to kill or destroy those creations that bear parts of himself. Hence why Barbas was only banished in Skyrim; Vile was angry enough at him that if he could have destroyed him, he would have. Of course, there's no real elaboration on that, but it stands to reason that he can't destroy himself, so anything that has any significant amount of himself in it would be immune to anything he tried to do.

      This is also borne out by the fact that when Umbra escaped the sword, Vile was not out to kill it, but to recapture it.

      As we saw with Barbas in Skyrim, just the act of banishment was enough to cripple Vile in a significant way. If one of his beings were to meet with destruction in a place where the usual laws of death and banishment don't apply, it's very likely his power would die with them.

      So with Rei he's terrified on multiple fronts. He took him so that nobody else could claim him and removed his soul so that, unlike, say, Umbra, he would be easier to control. Vile likes Rei with his soul insofar as it means Rei can actively provide adulation, but with the soul in play it means that he's not in complete control anymore, and if there's one thing someone like Clavicus Vile hates, it's being out of control of the person they've decided to latch onto.

      With Sabrael in the picture, he has that much more to worry about, and he has to enure that Rei continues to see him as an enemy to his actual being, all while appearing to be tolerant of the relationship.

      So I don't know if destruction is in Rei's future…not at the hands of Vile, anyway. OR EVER! Maybe. Who knows!

      Sabrael PoV next chapter tho…*tents fingers*

    • jumarbye 1

      Actually, you did allude to Vile's inability to destroy anything with parts of himself, but I had forgotten. And egad! I certainly hope that Rei is never destroyed. :O

      Hmmm, a worried Vile is a scary Vile, no?

      So! Sabrael's pov next? That little breadcrumb will have to suffice XD lol!

    • jumarbye 1

      And I hope you don't think I'm trashing Vile, more like trying to see him clearly. I know you like him.

      He is certainly easier to like than many of the other daedric princes. Whatever his ulterior motives in relation to Rei, he at least has the will to provide things that make Rei happy, and he's letting Rei keep his soul, although I'm sure that's not due to altruism.

    • RefurbMadness

      Yeah I don't think you're trashing him, I started talking about a thing and then just started rambling lol I'm no joke just making this up as I go, I have no idea what's gonna happen beyond a chapter or two. So I'm right with ya! 😀

      @syl Got it! Gonna go up tomorrow.

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