PSA: I swear I’m not ignoring you

I’m going to put this on my mods and whatnot when I have a moment, as well, but I wanted to make a post here to say that my notifications on Nexus are being unreasonably flaky and weird. Sometimes it’ll tell me I have x number of updates and then decide that I don’t, sometimes it’ll give me the wrong number of updates altogether, and sometimes it just doesn’t bother.

If you have been to Nexus and have left a comment to which you were expecting an answer, and I have not given one, I’m not ignoring you or anything, but due to the nature of things I will either not know it’s there at all, or it’s on a mod I won’t be thinking to check (like my SSE ones). I’ve missed I think six comments due to this, that I know of, none of any sort of pressing nature, but I do like to acknowledge, regardless.

So I’m sorry if something has been swallowed. If you have a question or something that can’t wait, you’re always welcome to send me a PM there!

Thanks as always for y’all’s support!


  • RefurbMadness

    I just found one where it's two people having major problems with an SSE armor like a week ago D:

    Normally I wouldn't be so concerned, but it came on the heels of publishing those two mods, and that's like the worst time to be unable to see what's happening lol

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