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Re-Writing this because it sounded too ugly and I didn’t mean for it to. Basically I really love UNSLAAD skin textures, but it seems there’s a large part of the body diffuse that is pretty badly artifacted. Maybe it came from the factory that way, I don’t think I did anything to it, but I guess I might have?

In any case I’m super sad because Aria looked fantastic with it, and I didn’t even notice until after I took these shots. But they are still good shots, so I’m sharing. I’m thinking I’ll go back to Doll Skin or Mega Milk Drinker. We’ll see!

In other news I’m polishing up the first part of Aria’s short-ish origin story. Moar stories!


  • syl

    I think the mod author commented on that and asked for some feedback, if I'm not mistaken. Where did you see it and which of the textures did you use? I think I mashed mine with RWoS so I wouldn't have been as likely to see it.

    And if you're using the one I had I'm sure it's all kinds of wrong, haven't had the chance to look at it too closely.

    Doll. That's zhoulia, right? I have to look at it again..

  • RefurbMadness

    Yeah the first thing I did was just open up the texture in irfanview to rule out the ENB being screwy and I was just like…okaaaaaay? I downloaded it I think probably the second it was first uploaded and I don't recall anything addressing that issue so maybe it was mentioned later. I do recall the description at the time was remarkably short.

    My habit of spending more time in Blender/CK than actually playing means I tend to let newly-downloaded mods sit a while before I actually use them, and by that time everything's gone from my little pea brain.

    I think Doll Skin was zhoulia? That sounds right. It's got the paleness Aria needs, but the pale MMD is pretty nice, too. That's probably what I'll wind up going back to, using Real Girls face normals and the Fitness Body normals.

  • syl

    I just looked at the 4k uncompressed version of unslaad and it looks like some of the issue might have been compression, still seeing a few issues though. Honestly I wish someone had chopped all of those damn moles out of Mature Skin way back when cause they're still all over the place.

    Meh. I need to get back to the females at some point.

  • RefurbMadness

    That's some terrifying levels of compression lol What I saw was bad enough I chalked it up to poor color correction. I'm using the 4k as well; I wonder if it has been slightly improved?

    I thought Mature Skin had a fewer/no moles option? It's been a long time but I could swear there was one, though I didn't mind them so it wasn't something that I would have retained very well.

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