I done screwed up

Furb sprained her neck doing something she wasn’t supposed to do.

I’ll spare y’all the rant.

So aside from a mod I’m uploading later because I want it out of my sight, prolly not going to be doing a whole lot for a few days apart from watching Netflix, as nothing else sounds remotely pleasant at the moment.

Anyway just sayin’ I’m not dead or whatever, just gone for a bit. Doctor said it shouldn’t be much of an issue past three or four days so here’s hoping.

I’m damaged, where’s my wish-granting prince 🙁


  • RefurbMadness

    Yeah I got some Soma and a stern warning about lifting things I'm not supposed to. I've pretty much been uncomfortably crashed all day.

    Your chapter's up, though I will need to read it later, myself. I didn't know what Ghormenghast was and I'm a little surprised at that, looking at what it is. Stuff to put on the list, I s'pose.

  • syl

    Eh, I just meant shorthand for a place that's ridiculously complicated and larger than anybody'd guess. I don't think I honestly enjoyed that book, though the reference is fun.

    Necks suck. Think last time I did that advice was to alternate cold and heat if tolerable. Blech. These days I have one of those heating pads you can wet down.

  • RefurbMadness

    Well it was an apt comparison, anyway, but I like it that way to an extent. Also I'm glad I'm not the only one that winds up doing it with places lol My spatial skills are terrible, even making houses and things in Skyrim requires Herculean effort not to go all TARDIS, at the very least, let alone writing and thinking about places in the abstract.

    Necks do suck. I'm finally able to use heat today; I couldn't before because I went for the gusto and got it all black and blue and swollen. My lumbar and sacral spine are 90% metal and allograft so I'm really not supposed to lift anything over 10 lbs to begin with, but stubbornness is a pretty big trait of mine. That said, I'm almost positive I'd prefer another surgery to this nonsense. Yes. That's a reasonable opinion to have.

  • syl

    Yeah I started to see what else I could include in it lol. So far we've got JKs Solitude, Lucky Skeever, the Lofty Loft, parts of InnCredible's Three Shields tavern, and part of the inn you first see in Bruma. Oh and Northern Bathhouses and Immersive Laundry. Also I figured there had to be back of house staff. It's for sure Sorex is always wandering around doing nothing.

    Ewww yuck on the bruising, that sounds horrid. I'm sorry. And back surgery is kinda like a Vile bargain, wouldn't wish it on anybody.

    All I can do is send sympathy and maybe a nsfw pic or two.

  • jumarbye 1

    Ouch! Sounds awful – too bad our char creations can't come alive and do our bidding. It would be nice to have someone slavishly wait on you while you recoup.

    Hope to see you back in full form soon!

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