• syl

    Chapter 8 continues to be mostly work safe.

    Currently running around taking screenshots and stalling on writing the next two installments. There's going to be Chapter 9, also still in Solitude and then an interlude (which will not be work safe).

    Also I just realized I have like 10 mods installed with skimpy clothing for men and like not one outfit suitable for a lady to go swimming in. Oops.

  • syl

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I was afraid it was getting too wordy at points.

    Cyrelian certainly is a thinker, my goodness.

    I always had a lot of questions about that whole Roggvir thing and if it was me I'd be holding that shindig with a lot more soldiers. Preferably from out of town. I'm also surprised Ulfric didn't go right for Solitude to begin with, it's sort of the linchpin… especially once Helgen got ruined. So, take Solitude's harbor… leaving none other really… and re-invest the mountains right at that choke-point… what's the Empire going to do? Route troops through where? Hammerfell? Lol.

    Let's see– we've got Northern Bathhouses, Lofty Loft, Navies of Skyrim for sure in that one.

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