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Motivation (Rei Ginsei’s Saga, ch. 12)

Something’s about to go down! Watch out Tauryon…(?)

Rei found himself in his master’s chambers instead of on his island. Vile lay on the bed while a young Imperial woman bobbed her head as best as she could on his tool. He didn’t seem terribly invested in the act.

“Oh good!” Vile crowed, “I see you’re dressed for the occasion.”

The woman stopped and looked up, rubbing her jaw. Rei looked down on her with no small amount of disdain. The sudden impulse to backhand her struck him hard in the chest. He wasn’t entirely sure why, although being well and truly tipsy wasn’t doing much for the frustrations he’d been dealing with. He did happily notice that she shrunk back a little at the sight of him.

“Justinia, meet Rei Ginsei. Rei Ginsei, Justinia. She’s a recent supplicant.”

Rei didn’t say anything, but he felt his upper lip trying to curl.

“It’s good to meet you, Rei,” Justinia said quietly, although eagerness could be heard quite clearly.

“Rei Ginsei, dear. He is not Rei of the Ginsei clan. He is my Rei Ginsei.”

“Oh! Sorry. Rei Ginsei.”

“Must I share you?” Rei asked, pointedly ignoring her.

Vile’s face turned from enjoyment to concern. “Certainly not if you don’t want to! Justinia, you must go.”

“But why?”

“Now, now, barely a day ago we had to teach somebody why they shouldn’t consider themselves above my treasure, here.”

“And it’s a lesson I’d love to teach again,” Rei snarled.

“Indeed. You’re beautiful, but not so beautiful I wouldn’t send you to school.”

“I thought that maybe-“

Get her out of here!” Rei barked.

“Sorry, Justinia, his needs supersede your flights of fancy. Your needs, too, for that matter. Go work on your technique, in the meantime. My goodness.”

Finally she was gone, and Rei closed his eyes, trying to slow his breathing. He’d been trying so hard to keep himself, and he was at a breaking point.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“No, no, no,” Vile soothed, moving over a bit to allow room for Rei. “Believe me, you did me a favor. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t been with a woman in so long. And so young! Like she’d know what to do with it.”

“Well yours is a bit intimidating, to be fair.”

Vile chuckled and pulled him into a kiss. Rei returned it gratefully and nestled as deeply as he could into his master’s arms.

“What’s wrong, my love? How can I make it better?”

“Since I left here the night before my mind’s been racing. My patience is so thin. By the end of the day I was biting my tongue.”

“You can’t leave it alone, can you?” Vile asked, stroking his hair. “Even though I told you to.”

Rei sighed and closed his eyes as his master’s claws lightly brushed his scalp. “I know, Clavicus, I’m sorry.”

“I know it’s hard having to sort through all this with that seahorse breathing down your neck.”

“I wish you hadn’t taken my soul,” Rei admitted. “I can’t help but think things would be better. There wouldn’t be this confusion. Sabrael would’ve found me and there wouldn’t have been any question as to what I would have done.”

“What would you have done?” Vile asked.

Rei almost answered with the first thing that came to mind, but he stopped himself. The situation would have been different, but how completely? “I thought I knew,” he said after a while.

“That’s why we don’t dwell on the past.”

“I wouldn’t have betrayed you.”

“I know, just as you haven’t now. If I had the power to change the past, to change my actions, believe me, I would, but there are things even I can’t will into being, and we must make do with the path our actions have chosen.”

Rei sank further into his master’s embrace, wrapping his arms around the Prince’s small waist, breathing deep the scent of myrrh and light sweat.

“On the other hand,” Vile offered, “can you say you would have loved me from the start as you did after finally regaining your feeling? I’m not saying this to absolve myself of anything, but would you?”

“Probably not. You might have gotten tired of me fairly quickly.”

“You think so?”

Rei thought for a moment, really trying to remember exactly what he was like on the day he actually summoned his master. “Actually, maybe not. There are so many reasons I love you, Clavicus, but the biggest one is the fact you’re always happy with the things I do. Even in the beginning I saw you as a potential master. I was willing. It wouldn’t have happened all at once, but just learning that I could do things to make you happy would have done so much.”

“I am sorry, you know,” Vile said quietly.

“Don’t be.”

Rei raised up to kiss his master before leaning his forehead against him. Long fingers stroked his cheek. “I miss being with you so much now,” he said without thinking.

“You know,” Vile said, “you could always live here with me if our separation wears on you. Quit that wandering nonsense and take your place properly as my right hand.”

“Does my wandering displease you?”

Vile laughed. “Of course not, you silly thing. If it did, I wouldn’t have let you do it. Besides, part of the reason you’re here now is because I like seeing you hunt, and a hunter can’t do his job if he’s kept from tracking his prey.”

Rei smiled and pressed his face into his master’s neck. It amazed and thrilled him at how quickly being together seemed to wash everything away.

“Just think of it. We could really make your island something to behold! I’d relegate this stuffy old coffin to being my toy box and live there with you, if you wanted…would you want that?”

“You have no idea…”

“I could even bring some toys to the island on ccasion. We could fuck them, or kill them, or both!”

Rei felt his cock, which had already been steadily hardening, throb hard at the thought. “Can we go to my island now? I need the air.”

“Shall I make it nighttime?”

“I’d like that,” Rei sighed.

In an instant, Rei felt cool, packed sand beneath him, and in place of the usual low sun, it was Secunda that cast its glittering reflection over the water’s surface. He looked over to meet Vile’s gaze, those strange eyes with irises so brilliant they seemed to faintly glow in the moonlight. He was so clear in the darkness. Sabrael was beautiful, but his master was miles above.

He leaned forward, and their lips met. Vile’s tongue pressed against his lips, and Rei allowed them to be prised gently open. The light flick along the roof of his mouth made him twitch and coaxed a deep moan from his throat. They played their game, Rei attempting to capture Vile’s tongue with his, sucking occasionally before finally biting it.

Vile sighed and shifted so that he was on his knees, and Rei followed suit so as not to break their contact. Vile’s hands held his head firmly as he raised up further, pushing him back. Rei held firm, though, overpowering his master and grabbing one of his dark horns to pull his head to the side, exposing his neck. Rei bit down as long arms wrapped around him, and he transitioned into planting lingering kisses over Vile’s neck and throat while he reached down to rub his balls.

The horn was wrenched from his hand, and in a second Rei felt his back slam against the ground, knocking the air from his lungs. Eagerly he wrapped his arms around his master as Vile’s warm tongue ran the length of his right ear. He hooked his right leg over Vile’s hip and dug his claws into beautiful olive skin, eliciting a sharp, ecstatic gasp.

His master pushed his hips forward, sliding his member along the middle of Rei’s stomach. It felt wonderful, that warm weight against his skin. Rei spit on his right hand and slid it over the top of his master’s cock. Vile moaned, thrilling Rei with his pleasant tenor. He pushed himself up as he began thrusting between Rei’s hand and stomach, his eyes closed, mouth open as he breathed carefully, as if holding onto every tiny sensation.

Rei bit his lip as he watched, his own cock so hard it was causing discomfort. He didn’t move to touch it, though, he kept his free hand behind Vile’s shoulder before slowly dragging his claws down his arm.

“Rei Ginsei,” Vile sighed.

“What can I do?”

“Let me come in your mouth.”

Rei moaned at the thought.

“And I want you to come in my mouth,” Vile added.


“It feels like the thing to do,” Vile grinned, lowering himself to take Rei’s lips again. “Besides, I’ve never once tasted anyone, and if I should, it ought to be you, don’t you think?”

“I think you won’t have to work too hard,” Rei answered.

After a short kiss, he lifted his shoulders off the ground and pushed so that he could roll Vile onto his back. He’d heard of this position, but, given his preferences as a dominant lover, had never felt the need to try. He turned, switching his legs so that he was now straddling his master’s chest and facing away. Vile’s rod lay against his stomach, precum already leaking from the tip. Rei flicked his tongue over the slit, tasting him, cherishing the small cry it induced.

The soft skin of his master’s palm was on him, surrounding his balls and gently squeezing. He felt his cock angled down with a warm hand and wetness enveloping the head. The positioning, being what it was, caused Vile’s teeth to graze the delicate skin, but the sensation was divine. Rei’s thighs tensed as tiny forks of pleasure like lightning worked through him.

Eagerly he slid as much of his master’s cock into his mouth as he could, dropping his jaw as he sucked, bathing it with his tongue as he went. Vile moaned, and it sent sweet vibrations through his cock. He was so close; he never would have guessed his master wasn’t fond of performing this act, and the gradually intensifying massage on his sac was about to send him over the edge.

Rei paused a moment, sliding him out of his mouth just long enough to wet two fingers with his saliva. As soon as he’d resumed his rhythm, he slid his fingers between the two firm cheeks before him. Vile jumped a bit, but soon relaxed, and Rei was able to carefully slide his fingers into his master’s anus, slowly moving them in and out in time with the way he bobbed on his cock. He hooked them upward, pressing against the front wall, and he was met with sweet whimpers.

Rei’s muscles were so taut they might as well have been stone. Vile’s tongue moved over that one special spot under the head, and his warm, soft hand kept squeezing and pulling. He cried out loudly around his master’s large tool as his hips began to buck. Vile’s free hand was on his lower back, pulling him close as he emptied himself into the waiting, still diligently sucking, mouth.

Still not entirely finished, Rei continued working his master, rubbing his prostate, sucking his cock in a desperate attempt to show Vile how he had made him feel. Arms were around his back, and soon his master’s knees were up by his ears. Short cries were growing farther and father apart until Vile’s body froze beneath him, and Rei felt the first hot jets of his master’s passion against  the back of his throat. He swallowed all that he was given, letting the last few waves of complete satisfaction wash over him.

He sighed heavily as he slipped his master from his mouth and laid his head on his hip, gently moving his hand over the softening member. Vile’s hands stroked his sides. He wished he could fall asleep that way, but that would mean lowering himself completely and onto his master’s face, which he imagined wouldn’t be well-received.

“So what did you think?” he grinned as he turned back to lay beside his master.

“Well, I can’t say I’ll be putting it on everything, but it’ll be a nice occasional treat. It was wonderful feeling you blow like that.”

Rei smiled as Vile rolled onto his side to face him. He let himself be pulled close and slipped his outside leg between his master’s. “I think I would like to finally settle here.”

“I’m a little afraid nothing will get done,” Vile chuckled.

“I guess we’ll see. There are some things I want to take care of, first.”

“Dare I?”

Rei sighed. “That and the Star. I need help with Sabrael, Clavicus.”

“Help? Rei Ginsei, I couldn’t possibly.”

“Please, I understand what you said about resentment, but I won’t.”

“What’s the matter?”

Rei took a deep breath, organizing his thoughts. “I was going to do it today. I had every opportunity, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, and I don’t understand that. I know there are situations where people are ready to commit murder, but then can’t carry through when they see the person under their knife. I don’t get it. Never once have I hesitated or questioned what I was doing. But now-“

“It’s because you love him,” Vile laughed. “Goodness.”

“Why should that matter? I want him dead! That should be enough.”

“Rei Ginsei. Precious. Why does it matter if you’re going to be living here with me?”

“He has part of me! You were gracious enough to give back my soul, so there’s no reason some lesser daedra can’t do the same.”

“Are you operating under the notion that he can give it back to you, but he won’t?” Vile asked.

“He seemed to imply that was the case,” Rei said. “He said he took the part of my soul that was leaving my body and that he chose to keep it.”

“Well, not that it matters, I suppose, but there’s only a small window during which he could have given it back.”

“That doesn’t make it better. I think it makes what he did worse, actually.”

“Oh, absolutely. It was theft, plain and simple. Fitting, then, that killing him is the only way to get it back. Punishment and total vindication all in one go.”

Rei felt his heart clench. His master was right, though. It was theft. The most egregious act of thievery.

“And to use it to manipulate you!” Vile continued. “And that’s what he’s done, you know. He truly is a vile little creature.”

“Beauty is as beauty does,” Rei sighed.

“As I always say.”

“But is my soul tainted? I’m convinced it’s wound up with his so tightly it’ll come back to me with his feelings.”

“Daedric vestiges aren’t quite the same as mortal souls. Your soul fragment is absolutely wound very tightly with the seahorse’s vestige, but they’re fundamentally different things. Once the container that binds them – that is, his physical shell – is destroyed, you and he will be completely separate once again, your fragment free of any of his influence.”

Rei let his outside arm rest heavily in the small dip of Vile’s waist. He swallowed hard as a sudden sob shook him.

“Tell me what you need help with, my darling,” Vile said, wiping an errant tear from Rei’s eye with his thumb.

“If it’s left up to me, I’m afraid it won’t get done,” he said slowly. “I know what you said before, but I need you to tell me.”

“Are you sure? You know better than anyone that what I say is final.”

“That’s why you need to give me the order. For whatever reason, I can’t let go of my love for him, even though I know it’s a lie. My love for you trumps all, so if I could just hear it from your lips, that’s all I would need.

Rei closed his eyes as Vile rested a hand on his cheek.

“Kill him, Rei Ginsei. He stole a part of you and has since used it to entrap your emotions. Worse, he transgressed against me by harming my favorite creature. Be my blade, my love.”

Rei loosely grasped his master’s wrist and squeezed his eyelids together. “Thank you.”

“Do it however you like,” Vile said. “Take your time, just don’t waste it. This should be a catharsis, not a chore.”

Rei nodded. “I love you.”

“I love you too, my treasure. That you would recognize my judgment and allow me this speaks to your loyalty.”

Rei drew closer as they kissed. He felt a great weight lift from him. It wasn’t that he worried that Vile would deny him his wish, but the explicit blessing was somehow bolstering. Vile had confidence in him, and he knew it was well-placed. He had, after all, killed plenty of innocents – innocent, at least, in the sense that he didn’t explicitly know of any wrongs they’d committed – and Sabrael wasn’t innocent, no matter how hard he’d fallen for his rhetoric. Theft was theft, no matter how justified one tried to make it.

In the back of his mind, however, he thought on the times he told Sabrael exactly what he’d just told his master. It was the truth. If there was one thing Rei was absolutely sure of amidst all the turmoil, it was that he had far better things to do than tell someone he loved them when he didn’t. He wasn’t lying, either, when he promised him that he would always be his kirin.

He would banish his darling kirin, and no, perhaps it wouldn’t be death, but it would be better if it was. Just like Mirage, Sabrael could feel pain. He could, probably more than anything else, feel fear. Unlike Mirage, who, being a simple manifestation of Vile’s whim, would simply regenerate where he was should something happen, none the wiser for it, Sabrael would have to undergo a process of rebirth, all the while completely aware of what had happened. Always aware that the person he loved and trusted had betrayed him. But he would always be his kirin, who had haunted his dreams and, for one brief instant in time, shared the first pure moments of happiness he’d ever felt in his life.

“Did you still wish to discuss the Star?” Vile asked. “Or is your mind well and truly occupied?”

Rei looked down as his hair was combed and stroked. “Let’s discuss it later. I won’t be able to properly devote my time to anything until I get this done.”

“I understand. Shall I send you back, then?”

“I suppose so.”

“My love, don’t cry,” Vile cooed. “It hurts, I know. Just know that I’m always proud of you, and that everything you have done for me are things I cherish. If you need me, I will be by your side in a heartbeat.”

“Thank you.”

After one last, lingering kiss, Rei found himself back in Tauryon’s guest bedroom. He took a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair, stopping halfway to pull back on his scalp and stretch the muscles in his forehead. As he looked over, though, he saw the bed was empty. Sabrael hadn’t gone far, though. He was happy…content…

Rei dug through his large bag and pulled out a pair of silk bottoms that he stepped into and cinched about his hips as he walked out into the small common area that separated the two bedrooms. It only took him a few leisurely strides to cross, and, without knocking, he turned the knob of the other bedroom’s door and opened it. As he figured, there were Sabrael and Tauryon, under the covers and snuggling as they talked. At least, he figured they’d been talking since they weren’t remotely asleep when they jerked upright at his presence.

Nobody said a word. Rei got the feeling they were waiting for his reaction. He looked from Tauryon and slowly moved his eyes to Sabrael, whose nerves seemed to be on fire.

“Let’s go, Sabrael,” he said.

Sabrael’s nervousness began to transition into fear. He was clutching the bedspread up by his chin hard enough that his knuckles were turning white. He shook his head slowly.

“You don’t have a choice in this,” Rei goaded. His chest was tight. “Let’s. Go.”

“Please, Rei,” Tauryon said. “This is my fault. I’m the one that took him to bed; if you’re going to be angry, be angry at me.”

“What did you tell him?” Rei asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Why is he terrified of me? What did you say?”

“Just what it was like when we were youths,” Tauryon said.

“And what was I like as a youth, Tauryon?”

“Stop it, Rei,” Sabrael piped up. “He didn’t tell me anything I didn’t really already know.”

“Why won’t you listen to me, then?” Rei asked, feeling his throat tighten to match his chest.

“You’ll be angry if I tell you…”

“I’ll be angrier if you don’t!”  he snapped.

“Now that’s enough!” Tauryon barked, getting out of bed. “What in all of Mundus has this young man done that warrants you treating him this way?”

Rei took a step towards him, pulling his shoulders back. Tauryon swallowed, but he didn’t back down, and his gaze never faltered.

“Sabrael loves you. What happened tonight was-“

“I don’t care what happened tonight! You, me, him, we all got our rocks off and we’re all happy, aren’t we? This isn’t about whom he fucked and when.”

“Then what is it?”

Rei exhaled sharply through his nose and looked over at his kirin who’d pulled the cover up to his eyes.

“Stop that!” he shouted. A small cascade of hot tears spilled suddenly down his cheeks. “You always cower from me! I have never laid a hand on you!”

“Rei, I’m scared,” Sabrael said. “Your eyes are dangerous. They look like they did when you beat that man in the inn.”

“You beat somebody in the inn?” Tauryon repeated.

“In Falkreath. I was drunk.”

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

Rei tried to slow his breathing and center his being. He knew he was not handling this well. His mind felt scattered, and he realized he may have backed himself into a very inconvenient corner by barging in. He really didn’t mind that Sabrael could have fun with his old friend, and, he supposed, he was actually rather glad, especially since their intimacy hadn’t been very satisfying.

Unfortunately, trying to relax allowed him to cry again, which almost made him want to punch something.

“Look,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

“Why did you want to leave?” Tauryon asked.

“It’s not important.”

Tauryon sighed and looked momentarily at the ground. “I think it would be best if you returned to the Skeever for the night.”

Rei looked back over at Sabrael.

“He will not be going with you.”

“I beg your pardon?” Rei asked. His ire shot right back up with no effort.

“I don’t know why you wanted to leave in the middle of the night, and he’s scared of you. Now, I say this as someone who simply knows who you are, and I mean this in neither a positive nor negative way, it is important to me that Sabrael is safe.”

“Why do you think he wouldn’t be safe with me?” Rei asked quietly.

“You’re angry about something, and that anger seems directed at him. I’m old, but my memory is still intact. Based on the things you’ve told me tonight and your behavior right now, I have no doubt in my mind that Celedaen’s temper and lack of control are alive and well.”

“You certainly seem to be forgetting all the things you did for me.”

“I’m not who I was,” Tauryon said emphatically. “I will not let you bring harm to this creature.”

Rei bit his lips, barely aware that he was swaying back and forth on his ankles. Tauryon was being obnoxiously steadfast. The pressure of his anger was growing, and he no longer cared about what he felt about anyone in the room. He pulled his right hand back, and concentrated all his strength into his shoulder.

In an instant Tauryon’s hands were raised, and before Rei’s fist could connect, a loud, repetitive, concussive sound filled his head as the air before him seemed to take on solid form, pummeling him in the face and chest. It was only a matter of seconds, but to Rei it felt like eons as he went from normal, to experiencing the worst headache he’d ever had, to nausea, and then falling into complete darkness.


  • syl

    Good. Rei needed to be bitch-slapped into next week, if you'll forgive the reference.

    So, I'll tell you what it takes to have a Rei story drop: Let's imagine the scene. A nice pub, cozy little benches, good stout on draft, steak sandwiches and onion rings… Syl's whole family, chatting about some movie or other… And then there is this conversational lull. And Syl looks up.

    What's so interesting?


    Thank god, family of geeks. I s'pose if I said "elf porn" they would go, "oh alright then" and go back to talking about Jace Beleren.

  • jumarbye 1

    Holy shit batman!

    Yay for Tauryon! (He's pretty brave – I'm pretty sure Rei could beat most people up)

    Not that I'm advocating violence against Rei, mind you.But his head's all messed up with Vile's, umm, vile manipulations, and besides, we know what really hot sex will do to a man – that's right, it'll stir fry his noodle, bollix his bollocks and so on.

    So Rei's all screwed up right now, determined to kill Sabrael and yet unable to bring himself to do so….and Tauryon (whom I'm coming to adore) actually stood up to Rei, and prevented a massacre, a serving of seahorse souffle, if you will, to Vile.

    And Pow! a mystery ending…

    Wow. Amazing segment to the story – I had to read it twice to make sure I didn't miss any juicy details. πŸ™‚ Can NOT wait to see the next chapter πŸ™‚

    Adoring Fan (lol)

  • RefurbMadness

    Isn't Tauryon a doll? I love him so πŸ˜› I can't wait to see the next one, either lol

    Re: Manipulations
    I dunno, Vile's the only one in this whole equation that's sitting pretty, as far as he knows. All Rei wanted was to be officially ordered to kill Sabrael to boost his resolve (or maybe drown out a conscience). Vile had already struck oil, but he kept drilling anyway, making sure Rei was 100% convinced. Sure, he'd given Rei an out, being that Sabrael's forced absence would no longer be necessary, but, indeed, Sabrael had already transgressed against him by virtue of his existing and taking some of Rei's attention, so he had no real reason to tell Rei not to when Rei had pretty much just given him a golden ticket to not only order him to commit the act but one that also absolved himself of any direct blame. It was Rei who asked, of course.

    Just my two cents and is in no way intended to say anyone's take is wrong; I only can see ahead about half a chapter at a time, so I'm almost as blind as anyone else as to this trajectory. But maybe don't write Rei off, just yet (admittedly assholish as he has been)!

  • jumarbye 1

    Oh I haven't written him off. I tend to be optimistic/romantic, so I keep waiting for Rei to have some, I dunno, epiphany I guess, that his love for Sabrael is worth any disgrace with Vile. Because disgraced he will be, if Vile doesn't outright try to kill Rei, when he doesn't come through with murdering Sabrael.

    Besides, against Rei's strongest efforts, he was shedding tears at the thought of killing his beauty. His mind is so squirrelly right now, all he can see is his love for Vile. If he were actually to make a real effort at killing Sabrael, I wonder if it would split his soul? (more like Lord Voldemort than how his soul is already split between himself and Sabrael right now).

    Don't mind me, I just love to speculate. πŸ™‚

  • RefurbMadness

    Oh speculate away! πŸ™‚ I was just bouncing off the Rei manipulating Vile thing. I think that's what Syl meant, anyway…Now I'm kind of worried it wasn't and I was a bitch 😐

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