Adriel and Rumarin: Everyone has a kink (Very NWS)

Adriel and Rumarin were being mercifully more cooperative than Sabrael and Tauryon were. Unfortunately SexLab chose a foot fetish routine because I hadn’t gone through and pruned the animation list down properly.

I figured this time I’d just embrace it. Let things fall where they might. My tolerance stems in no small part from it being a part of the M2M animation pack  which is, as you might guess, SexLab animations made for gay male characters by someone competent. They’re smooth, don’t look like a couple of corpses being electrified into motion, AND they have intro/outro animations which are, like, so sweet. Also thank you to muh Yue for pointing me in its direction!

So mainly that’s why I stuck with it. It was pleasing to the eye and I got some decent shots. And also Rumarin was clearly having the time of his life. If ya don’t like it, ya don’t gotta look!

And on that note, I’m catching up on sleep I didn’t get last night.Sleep I could have caught up on earlier but family has been…family. Lately. If I haven’t been responsive that’s probably why. lol


  • Yueviathan

    Oh I'm glad you was able to use the mod, yeah I fell inlove with the mod its become my go to because yeah l the same way about alot of sexlab animation which is why I use osex and sexlab both. That said the mod maker did some amazing stuff. These look awesome hope you doing well all loves <3

  • RefurbMadness

    It might not have been, come to think. I made a VERY thorough sweep of SL's pack-ins after I watched Cymbeline's husband rape the fuck out of her thanks to an animation that wasn't tagged nor named as such. If I missed a foot animation during both my initial AND that sweep, I guess my subconscious is trying to tell me something. I'm one of those people who wouldn't let a foot touch me above the knee, even if the person it belonged to had autoclaves for shoes. lol

  • RefurbMadness

    They also lined up pretty much perfectly out of the gate, which makes me lean towards it being M2M but vOv I'll be taking an actual look at those animations today and unchecking what I'm not into so I s'pose we'll see.

  • syl

    Part of what can happen is that SL can swap in some bits of other animations for the foreplay stuff if the tags are right… which has led to unintentional hilarity when I forget to disable M2M when it's an m/f sequence… because SL figures its strapon time and I've forgotten to disable that option.

    I've had every animation misalign at some point, but usually it's a scaling issue that I have to fix elsewhere, so it's always good when it works out.

    I am pretty sure of which animation that is, it's got 'loving' as one of its tags and the feet thing is kinda lower down on the list. Sometimes I just leave it be to get the embraces part of it.

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