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Untangling the Knots (Rei’s Saga, ch. 14)

Hey sorry for the unexpected disappearance. I’ve said before these are written as they go and I’ve kind of gotten into a bad habit of just jackrabbiting off. I realized after publishing this I just did something supremely stupid and a decent chunk needed to be rewritten. If you were one of the few who read it, you don’t have to read it again if you don’t want to, but the next chapter will evoke a very small “wait, what?” if you don’t. Nothing you won’t be able to figure out on your own, though. If you’re curious, apart from some cosmetic changes, the re-written section is the one revolving around the Black Star, just before Rei and Sabrael do naughty things~

“Oh my goodness!”

The dampened squeal of a woman trying to be quiet made Rei’s eyes flutter halfway open. Sabrael’s left arm and leg were draped over him, and he heard and felt the slow rhythm of his breathing. An Altmer woman was tiptoeing towards the bed, hunched over, bright green eyes fixated on Sabrael. She was young and lovely, but the protector in Rei felt its hackles begin to raise.

“How darling!” the woman continued as if nobody was there. “I’ve never been able to get so close to one of you!”

“Kelpies do tend to be shy, from what I understand,” he said.

“Oh!” the woman yelped. “Oh, my, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were awake. I was just excited, is all. Indeed, these particular daedra are very…um… So you are the fabled Rei Ginsei?”

“I am Rei Ginsei, anyway. I’m sorry you must see me in this particular state.”

“Even in this state you more than live up to your legend, I assure you, even if you aren’t ten feet tall.”

“This is the second time in two days I’ve been called a legend.”

“Well you are in certain places you’ve visited. People talk of the creature with the talons of a hawk with glowing red eyes, and various and sundry bits belonging to animals. You get the idea. In reality you’re far more interesting to see. You didn’t think something looking like you would never get talked about, did you?”

“I’m not a thing,” Rei answered sharply.

“No, of course not!” the woman answered quickly. “My apologies. I’m Calenya. People call me Callie.”

Rei nodded.

“Right. So it seems what you actually are is an aspect of Clavicus Vile.”

“The aspect of power.”

“Yes. But you started off as an Altmer?”


“Sorry,” Callie said nervously. “I know these questions are probably irritating, but as a scholar-“

“I know,” Rei said, “I know. If you’ll forgive me, being tied up for hours on end isn’t doing much for my demeanor.”

“I imagine not!”

Sabrael stirred, and as he woke up, he began kissing Rei’s neck.

“Sabrael,” Rei said gently.

“Hm?” he answered sleepily, still without looking up. His hand moved down and gently grabbed Rei’s cock.

“Oh goodness,” Callie said, looking away and pushing a lock of blonde hair from her reddening face. 


“What, what?” he stammered. When his eyes opened properly, and he looked over, he squeaked and almost fell off the bed. “I’m so sorry! Oh, no, I’m sorry, Miss, I didn’t know you were there!”

“It’s okay,” she said through a nervous smile. “I did kind of intrude. I’m sure there’s routines I’ve interrupted.”

Rei sighed. “So what’s happening here? What has Tauryon said?”

“Well, he said that if there’s a way to save you, we should try. Otherwise, well, we’ll have to banish you.”

“Save me? What’s there to save?

“Well, your soul, for the most part,” Callie said. “You’re quite the curiosity, Rei Ginsei. Not many beings in this world can claim both a daedric vestige and a mortal soul all their own.”

“That’s all well and good. Where are you going with this?”

“We have two options, and I’m sure you know what they are.”

“And I want no part of either,” Rei said firmly.

“What are they?” Sabrael asked.

“We can break him free of his master’s will, or we can try to forcefully purge his vestige.”

“Rei, I thought you were starting to see-“

“I told you just the thought of it hurts!” he said, feeling his throat close. “And regardless of whether he sees me as a plaything or not, I told him I’d never betray him. I don’t want to.”

“I expected as much,” Callie said. “There hasn’t been much research done into Clavicus Vile’s creations, as they’re rare and tend towards autonomy, but it stands to reason – and this is only speculation – that it’s not full autonomy the way you and me-“

“Stop talking about me as if I’m not here!” Rei shouted. He shut his eyes tight, trying very hard to quell the frustration. Did nobody see him as a person?

“I’m sorry!” Callie gasped, reaching out a hand, palm down, in a placatory gesture. “Rei Ginsei, I really am. You’re interesting to me, and I get into this analytical mode and-“

“Stop,” he said. “Just bear in mind I’m not some artifact.”

“Right. Right, I meant no disrespect.”

The sound of footsteps growing closer as they climbed stairs interrupted the small meeting and soon Tauryon stepped hastily into the room. “What’s going on?” he asked. “Is everything alright?”

“Everything’s fine, Tauryon, thank you,” Callie answered. “I was a bit rude, is all. You know how I get when I’m engrossed.”

Tauryon eyed Rei suspiciously, and he smiled sarcastically back.

“Anyway, as I was saying: you, Rei Ginsei, have your own autonomy as granted by your soul, but Vile’s vestige hampers that autonomy. His will is stronger than yours, essentially.”

“I think that’s been more than apparent, lately,” Rei muttered. “But what does this mean in the context of what’s happening now?”

“Hm,” Callie said as she put a finger to her lips in thought. “How did you feel about your master before he took you in?”

“I was eager to serve him. I spent years currying his favor. It wasn’t an arbitrary decision, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“What if it hadn’t worked? What if he had – just for the sake of argument – denied you, full-stop?”

“I would have been angry, obviously.”

“How angry?”

Rei found he didn’t quite have an answer. He had known failure of some stripe was a possibility, but he’d been so confident in his success, he’d never given it much thought. “I-I don’t know,” he said finally. “Probably I’d take it out on someone as I always did.”

“And then what?”

He shrugged. “Take another tack, I suppose.”

“With Vile?” Callie pressed.

“Probably not. I’d probably have moved to Dagon, though he never did do much for me.”

For some reason that seemed to tickle Sabrael, who giggled and cuddled closer. Rei couldn’t help his smile. It struck him that there were two different loves at play, not just one that one being was getting right and the other wrong.

Sabrael was patient and nurturing.

Vile had slapped him out of nowhere for something that was beyond his control. He’d apologized almost immediately, but he’d done it, nonetheless. It was just nerves, though, wasn’t it? Rei could understand his paranoia. But would it happen again? And what if he had actually transgressed, even accidentally?

Sabrael looked up at him, smiling hopefully.

“Rei?” Callie’s voice was pushing through thoughts which acted like thick cotton batting. “Rei Ginsei?”

“Hm?” he answered, startled out of his reverie. “I’m sorry, I just…”

“It’s fine! I was just theorizing that since you didn’t go into this explicitly as an exclusive and immutable disciple of Vile, this pain you’re afraid of feeling is just surface pain. The pain you’d feel if you had, say, a large thorn in your hand, and someone came and pulled it out.”

“My master’s vestige is a thorn?” he asked, not entirely sure why he was challenging her.

“Maybe I could have said it better,” Callie grimaced uncertainly. “I just mean that if you did have a thorn in your hand, you might be afraid of someone pulling it out because of the pain, yes? And it would hurt, but once it’s gone, you’d be pain-free!”

“You’re supposedly an expert, but I notice you haven’t addressed the fact that if you take Vile’s power from me, it’s going to return to him, and we’ll all be in grave danger.”

“If we go that route, we’d of course have to find an appropriate container.”

A sudden, despicable thought occurred to him, and he wasn’t sure why. “I might have an option you could entertain,” he said. “But I’m not committing to anything. I’m just curious.”


“Sabrael, look in that big bag, the one with my clothes.”

He felt a real surge of optimism from his kirin as he looked at him and smiled curiously. Callie politely stepped aside as he scooted off the bed and obeyed. Rei saw Tauryon watch Sabrael before turning his gaze back to him. It was maddeningly authoritative.

“Here,” Sabrael said, offering the wrapped object to Callie, who took it gingerly.

“By the Eight,” she breathed as she unwrapped it. “Surely this isn’t what I think it is?”

“It is,” Sabrael said with a tinge of regret that made Rei look away in embarrassment. “Rei helped turn it black.”

“Remarkable. However did you manage this?”

Rei told her the entire story, the thread, it seemed, that bound all of this unpleasantness together.

“Would the vestige fit?” he asked eventually.

Callie pursed her lips as she thought. “Soul gems can hold daedric vestiges, yes, but generally none more powerful than a middling dremora. Greater daedric entities, to say nothing of Princes, tend to be more powerful than the crystalline matrices can withstand.”

“But I was inside it.”

“That’s true, I suppose,” she said, lifting the artifact up to the light that poured in from the window. “To the naked eye, it’s clear the structure is very dense and possibly flawless, though I would need a proper lens to judge that.”

She tapped the crystal with a long nail.

“It strikes me as oddly incestuous,” she said. “You’d also be risking the serious ire of Azura who is, undoubtedly, none too pleased with your exploits, as they are.”

Rei licked his upper lip. “Perhaps I could present it to her as penance?” he scoffed. “Wouldn’t that be a way to go. At least I could say I tried.”

“Well, put that way, you may have a chance,” Callie said. “It’s entirely possible she’s seen all of this happen already and is just waiting. Besides, it occurs to me now that if Azura saw her champion in you, to begin with, she almost certainly knows what’s happening right now. She is the goddess of change and transition, you know.”

“Yes,” Rei said absently. It was the Star, the whole time, wasn’t it?

“That was an awfully strong idea,” Sabrael said. It was an encouraging statement, but it just made Rei feel ill.

“Indeed! I’m surprised you would offer it, Rei Ginsei. Is that what you wish to do?”

“I…I don’t know. Callie, what is the preferable option, here, overall?”

“Obviously the preferable option is to purge the vestige,” she said.

“Obviously,” he repeated quietly. “I’d lose my youth. My immortality. I’d lose my power.”

“Well, yes,” she conceded, “but if we only separate you from Vile, we have no assurance you won’t turn right back to him, if not now, then at some later date. You’ll also be more powerful. Besides, you’ll still have your youth for a while. You’ll still have, ideally, a few hundred years left to live. Essentially you’ll just be picking up where you left off.”

“If you just separate me from Vile, I’m not sure I’ll want to go back. There would absolutely be no forgiveness, then. I might still feel the pull, though. The first thing Umbra did when it was able to was return to the plane and destroy part of it to build that cursed city.”


Rei pressed his lips together and looked down as his chest tightened uncomfortably. “I don’t want to do it,” he said again, feeling his breathing hitch slightly. “I love him so much. To leave him, let alone to cripple him, would hurt him and make him hate me.”

“But look at who wants to help you live a normal life,” Sabrael insisted. “I’ll always love you. You might disappoint me sometimes, and I might disappoint you, but that’s just something that happens. I think it helps us be better. Better for each other.”

“For the record,” Tauryon interjected, “I’m doing this for Sabrael.”

“If I go through with this, it’s for Sabrael,” he shot back.

Tauryon sniffed derisively and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Please, Rei?” Sabrael asked. “It might hurt, but it won’t be forever.”

Out of the blue, Rei had a memory of Brighteyes, his favorite filly. She was true white, with a soft pink muzzle and blue eyes like he’d never seen before or since. He was twelve when it happened. He woke up early to tend to her and the other three animals, and he found the stable hand already there, standing outside her closed stall, unable to get close. She was anxious and pawing at the ground, frequently lying down and trying to roll in the narrow stall.

“What’s wrong, Undalmo?” he’d asked, terrified. “Why aren’t you doing anything??”

The young elf said it was colic. That there was something in her stomach causing her serious pain. Celedaen had run to her and yanked open the stall, nearly getting trampled as she, in her state of upset, bucked and threw herself forward and out into the yard. Immediately she fell onto the ground and rolled, but when Celedaen approached her to try and calm her down, she leapt back up and skittered away.

They never did find the exact cause; the usual treatments for clearing blockages didn’t work, and without knowing exactly what was going on, the town healer’s spells weren’t as effective as they could have been. It was a few days before she died, and it was Celedaen’s first experience with death. The hurt was profound, and he laid in his bed for many days without eating, even in spite of his parents’ threats of punishment. Really, what could have been worse than that pain?

It did fade, eventually. And even though the memory itself brought tears to his eyes, he couldn’t say that he thought of her much, anymore, not after four centuries.

“My stomach hurts,” he said finally.

“Well, you haven’t eaten in a very long time,” Sabrael said. “Can he have some food, Tauryon? It’s hard to think when you’re hungry.”

Tauryon closed his eyes and nodded. “Yes, yes, I’m sorry. I’m not out to starve you. I’ll have Tirwyn make you something.”

“Maybe,” Sabrael continued, “we could be alone for a little while? He’s got a lot to think about.”

Rei looked over at him, wondering why he wasn’t upset at being spoken for. He wasn’t an invalid, after all. He found he was grateful and relieved.

“I suppose so,” Tauryon sighed. “Come, Callie. We’ll catch up over some whisky. It’s early, but I’ve been up so long, I don’t think it counts.”

Callie laughed. “Don’t stress yourself,” she said to Rei.

He nodded as he took a deep breath.

When Callie and Tauryon were gone, Sabrael put a hand on his cheek and leaned over to kiss him.

“What do you feel from me?” Rei asked quietly.

“I feel your love more clearly than I have since we first met. You’re scared, still, but it’s the kind of scared you feel when there’s a big change ahead. And I feel your lust again,” Sabrael giggled as he blushed.

Rei laughed once. “It’ll never go away. I’ll be cold in the ground and wondering how I should get myself off.”

Sabrael kissed him again, and he twitched. There was something oddly arousing about this particular scenario, him tied up with submissive little Sabrael in control.

“You make me so hard,” he breathed.

“How?” Sabrael whispered.

“You’re so beautiful and so soft. Gentle, I mean.”

Sabrael giggled.

“You’re anything but soft in that other department,” Rei chuckled. “You really do just want me here, don’t you?”

“I do. You could never spend another Septim on me, and it wouldn’t change the way I feel.”

“I guess I am only a tool for my master. Maybe he does like watching what I do, but I suppose, when it all comes down to it, I’m just his favorite toy.”

“You’re not a toy to me.”

“He said I was after his own heart.”

“And what does that say, really?” Sabrael asked.

“Look at who you’re talking to.”

“It’s not like you don’t know right from wrong.”

“Can you just kiss me again?” Rei sighed. “Can you just love me?”

Sabrael smiled and obliged him. He wanted so badly to hold him. Sabrael’s desire filled him, though, and while it couldn’t replace that sort of contact, it certainly helped.

“Remember the way you held me after you woke up that one time after we met?” Sabrael asked.

“I do,” he said. “I stroked you until you came. There’s nothing like feeling you when you explode.”


“Really. It’s always so strong and your love makes it so much better.”

“It feels like you’re about to come now,” Sabrael grinned.

Rei laughed. “Just thinking about it makes me crazy.”

“Should I use my mouth? Or I can ride you!”

“I’d love to watch you masturbate,” he said. “I’d love to feel you blow your load onto my chest.”

“Oh, Rei,” Sabrael sighed.

Rei bit his lip hard as his cock throbbed and rubbed maddeningly against the silk cloth of his pants. He flexed his pelvic muscles, causing his penis to rub against the cloth. It was wonderful and sent delicate, tingling shivers through him and into his limbs. Sabrael’s arousal worked on him in the most brilliant way, more than it ever had.

“Rei!” Sabrael gasped, freezing in the middle of pulling his linen pants down. “Rei stop, or I won’t be able to last!”

“I’m sorry, beauty,” he chuckled before leaning his head back and sighing with the growing ache in his balls.

Sabrael carefully straddled his waist, his perfect little cock pointing outward and up, his sac taut and ready. Carefully he slid his hand up the length and began gingerly stroking. Rei took a slow breath in, trying to rein in his own lust to try and help Sabrael back from the brink, but it was almost too difficult to try and bother with. He loved watching the way his kirin handled himself, master of his own pleasure in a way Rei – or anyone – could never be. His left hand cupped his balls while his right hand paused to massage the head. Rei could almost feel his throbs and twitches, and he couldn’t keep from starting up his own makeshift means of onanism again.

“You’re so beautiful, Sabrael,” he moaned. “I love watching you play with yourself.”

Sabrael only whimpered in response, his eyes closed, whole body quivering with the effort of trying to hold back.

“Come for me, sweet boy,” Rei said. His hips pulsed upward as his muscles tensed and his toes curled. “I love you, and I need you, and I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Oh Rei, Rei!” Sabrael cried a bit too loudly, but it didn’t matter.

In a second he felt the break and saw the ghostly white fluid burst from his love’s cock. The first jet actually hit him in the face, a hot streak that stretched from chin to cheek, and as soon as it made contact, his own organ exploded in his pants, covering itself and his balls in pleasurable warmth. Rei moaned and writhed as Sabrael’s passion splashed him over and over, consumed with his ecstasy and his own.

As he started to come down, he licked his lips and saw Sabrael smiling as he panted, eyes closed, perfectly content. He leaned forward and put his arms around Rei’s neck and kissed him.

“I don’t know if you want to lay all the way down,” Rei said.

“Oh, right,” Sabrael giggled. I’ll get a towel.

There was a washbowl and pitcher in one corner of the room with a couple of small towels on a table beside it. As Sabrael retrieved one, and without having put himself away, Tauryon walked through the door.

“Ah…” he began before turning and shooing someone back. Rei caught a glimpse of Tirwyn, and he was certain Callie wasn’t far behind. With the women gone, he shut the door again. “This wasn’t a particularly good time.”

“We’re sorry, Tauryon,” Sabrael offered sheepishly as he hurriedly tucked himself away. “It’s just, you know…”

There was a look of dismay in the old mer’s eyes, and Rei wasn’t ashamed to admit he was pleased to see it. “Yes, well. Get him cleaned up so we can all eat and get this moving on.”

“Not to be a bother, but could you untie my feet?” Rei asked. “My legs have been aching for a while. My arms, too, but my legs are worse.”

Tauryon sighed. “I don’t particularly want to. I’ve seen a number of  prisoners die from being bound for too long, though, and I don’t suppose we want any of that.”

“Thank you.”

Tauryon waved a dismissive hand before quietly dispelling his bonds.

Rei took a slow, hissing breath through his teeth as he drew his feet up, flexing his stiff, sore knees. He watched as Tauryon turned away, leaving a trail of unmistakable melancholy.

“Tauryon?” he called.


“I’m sorry. For all of this. And I’m sorry for saying what I did earlier.”

“Which part?”

Rei sighed with no small amount of irritation. “That you’d choke on my cock if I’d given you the chance.”

Tauryon turned back. “I admit that, for all its crudeness, there was a time when that was the case. Your disappearance really did devastate me, Rei Ginsei, but you have no idea how I hurt knowing you’ve not changed one iota.”

Rei looked down, not really seeing the pale hand that was wiping his chest clean.

“And I think you should know that I envy you the affections of a creature as innocent as Sabrael. In a just world you’d have been left to rot long ago.”

Rei didn’t look up, only nodded very slightly.

“Don’t, Tauryon,” Sabrael said, pulling Rei’s head to his chest. “He feels bad enough.”

Rei looked up to see Tauryon sigh and run a hand over hair that was skimmed back into a ponytail.

“All I can say is that I’m sorry,” Rei said as he flexed his ankles back and forth. “I don’t blame you for being suspicious, but there’s nothing I can do but ask you to try and have faith. If you feel the need to kill me at any point, then you should do so.”

“Rei!” Sabrael gasped.

“I have to offer something,” he said, “and that’s the best I can do, given the circumstances. Just as I said earlier, I don’t trust myself, even. Not while I’m still part of him.”

Tauryon’s face softened a bit, and he nodded before inviting the women back into the room. Callie settled into an armchair by the bed, and Tirwyn followed, carefully balancing a silver tray with a tureen and a few bowls, with a folding rack almost as tall as she was resting in the crook of one arm. Rei almost thought to offer some aid before remembering his arms were disabled, but, even so, it appeared she had plenty of practice as she managed to move and support the tray with one hand while she fluidly opened the table with the other and set it down.

“What is it?” Sabrael asked. “It smells wonderful.”

“Only tomato soup I had left over from a dinner party two nights ago that I managed to keep in the ice box,” Tauryon answered without much actual engagement. “It is quite brilliant. Tirwyn is very gifted. I don’t usually pay the money to keep that box cold, even with snow a stone’s throw away, but if she’s cooking for more than two I make sure there’s a way to save it.”

“Thank you, sir,” the Bosmer smiled, dipping slightly as she filled a bowl that she passed to Sabrael.

They all ate in silence, Rei and Sabrael sharing the one bowl, alternating spoonfuls. There was a gravity he could feel now, an uneasy one. At some point he told Sabrael he was done, the feeling was so uncomfortable on top of his aching body.

“We need to do whatever we’re doing now,” he said.

“Not that I’m arguing,” Tauryon said, “but why right this moment?”

“Because we’re being watched.”

 I think I posted this with Celedaen pics, but it’s pretty much Rei and Sabrael’s theme, in my head.


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