Friendly Reminder (short vent)

Someone decided it’d be neat to click on a mod they didn’t like and post a bitchy comment about my unmitigated gall to post a mod that showed up in his feed that included NAKED MEN.

Some blame rests with me; Nexus’ new upload wizard doesn’t have the tagging page included in the process anymore. You have to go in after the fact and tag. And I didn’t realize that. So indeed, he may have had male mods checked off, and because my dumb ass failed at a basic part of publishing, the Forsworn armor showed up in his feed.


But, like…who cares? The entire short description makes it clear that if you don’t like it, move the hell along. Is it obnoxious when a modder forgets a tag? Hell yes. I don’t like followers. I would sooner stab myself in both eyes with screwdrivers than see another low-effort follower. But I have to deal with it because I’m pretty sure those modders know they’re not wanted by a vast swathe of the community and don’t correctly tag. Because somehow that will get them more endorsements?

That’s all this is, by the way. An endorsement race.



No I do not.

Because, somehow, I have it in me to just roll my eyes – if even that – and ignore it. Why is that so hard for people to comprehend? It’s okay to be annoyed, I totally get that. It stops being okay when you stomp into the mod you don’t like in order to screech about not liking it.


I mean, it’s like, you’re doing this to make me feel bad, but y’know there’s only one real dumbass in this situation and it ain’t me.

This is why I left Nexus in the first place. I just can’t deal. It makes me mad. The dude used (((echoes))) around the word “mod”. Go back to Reddit you pedo Nazi piece of trash.


Why do I let it get to me?

I’m starting to rapid cycle and that’s probably part of it. Hopefully I’ll get my meds adjusted soon and I’ll be more mellow and less suicidal but ya know who the fuck cares anymore.


Anyway. Yeah. If you have trouble not clicking on things you know you hate…that’s something you should probably seek therapy for because that’s not what mature people do and you clearly have something messed up in your noggin.


  • jumarbye 1

    Like you said, there was plenty of forewarning before he even clicked on the mod to bring it up. Sure maybe you forgot to tag it (but hey, the system's still new); however he's got some blame bc HE DIDN'T READ THE BLURB before he clicked it. Some people look for conflict! and those people are not worth one f*ck.

  • jumarbye 1

    If it makes you feel better, I made some new guys who are just dying to check out your forsworn armor – so as soon as I can get my load order to cooperate, I'll be taking pics to send your way. More penises! Yay penises! XD

  • RefurbMadness

    As far as I'm concerned he's got like 99% of the blame lol Like dude I'm not your mama. It ain't MY job to protect you from the confusing things you feel when you look at other dudes.

    Fun fact, he (or somebody) deleted the comment. xP

  • syl

    So it turns out that HDT penises plus moving loincloths= hilarity, and also some rather not-safe-for-Nexus images. Lol.

    Had a bad day and this really cheered me up, thanks.

    Marcus is gonna get exempted from any further photoshoots if he keeps this up.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone else's shots as always.

  • RefurbMadness

    It's too bad the HDT for schlongs causes my game to have conniptions (dude says he fixed the issue, but I still have it. Go me.) or I'd lurve to see.

    The shots are fab, as always, and the goats are adorbs! So those made my day better, as well. 🙂

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