Rei and Sabrael Have New Clothes (Imagedump, NWS)

I’m a masochist. I am. I’m upset there’s good shots here because the set’s just incomplete and I’d just as soon scrap it. But y’know. That’s a stupid thing to do.

Anyway yeah so I made some mesh shirts and underwear to match so of course that means another trip to Aether Suite and Rei and Sabrael being their usual horny selves! I’m back to using Rampage ENB so there’s a lot of shots that are just the same pose but from different angles. A lot of the scenes and locations in AS are very moody and utilize light in nice ways, so it’s good practice for me.

And of course we end with a good, old-fashioned 69. Do not mind Rei’s disappearing shirt…I forgot water doesn’t play well with transparent things, but the scene already doesn’t have an ending; I didn’t want it to have an abrupt beginning, too. And sorry about the lack of a proper ending, the camera was being a pill, and that was the first of five attempts to actually get an appropriate SexLab animation. How many lesbian animations are there. Every time I think I toggle them all off, another one crops up. And why do they keep triggering for my men? I mean some can be femmy but come on (do not take this as a solicitation for advice, all is well now, I’m just bitching).

Anyway, do enjoy my two dearest boys.

“How can I take care of you, my beauty?”
“You know, it’s been a while since you’ve sucked me…”


  • jumarbye 1

    Really nice shots! πŸ™‚

    I like the new mesh shirts (I'm sure the underpants are fine, too, but I have no use for underwear πŸ˜› Lol ) The shots of them in just their mesh shirts are particularly fine!

  • syl

    Is that the specular map that comes with Vitruvia? Looks very nice with that ENB.

    Answer to your question is: all of them. Except M2M. All of them are lesbian animations.

    Now, if you want funny, trigger a lesbian scene when all you've got enabled is M2M. Vindication.

    Sorry for the chatter. All I'm doing is endless conflict resolution in xedit, bleh.

  • RefurbMadness

    I dunno if he's using that one or CMO's. Rei must be using CMO's because I know Sabrael is using Vitruvia everything and he looks like he's been dipped in lacquer when the lighting's right.

    I guess they could be if you want to nit-pick? I don't really care who an animation is "meant" for so long as it makes sense. Unfortunately gay animations are never going to be able to flip-flop between the sexes. Well. Maybe if both chicks wore strap-ons.

    Anyway the point is all day today I've been ripping my hair out for one reason or another and I'm ready to scream my lungs out so naturally this would have happened.

    I unintentionally started ranting and realized what I was doing. I am sorry. I bought a jug of Kraken rum earlier so I'm starting working on that. Probably not the best idea considering my state, but fuck it.

  • syl

    Ehehehe. Likely it won't hurt. Sexlab frustrates me so much because there's no 'deselect all' button, which would make it easy. (Yes they do both wear strapons, which they try to rub together, poor things..)

    It's all good. We had a chocolate stout tasting on skype today which means I'm still working on the last can 10 hours later, woof. Can't wait for the headache this is going to produce.

    I'll take a look at CMO's specular again, I think. I need to go fix Marcus's hands, something is off kilter.

  • RefurbMadness

    I have an SL profile saved that I just load up across all my new MO profiles and it's fairly easy to go through and make changes that way, you know, once all the flat-out, not-gonna-use-ever things are unchecked by default. But sometimes I get lazy or I forget or I don't prune well enough. Rei/Sabrael, Adriel/Rumarin, and (soon) Zephyr/Farkas are my only male couples I've made with SL-enabled Skyrim, and they're all oddly recent-ish, so I'm kinda feeling them out. So to speak. lol Bound to find some irritants along the way.

    I can't really do beer, which is bad news considering the way I like to drink. I'll drink it to be polite. When I worked at a garage the guy who rented out space to me and my boss was kind enough to keep Bud Lite in his fridge for when we visited because he knew we "liked the fancy stuff". So. If anyone tells you "fancy" isn't relative…

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