Skimpy Monk Robe WiP

It’s day 5 of a migraine that’s getting worse so you know what that means! No sleep and lots of work!

I’d had a working replacer for the “monk” robes for a while but it looked cheap and lazy so I decided to go whole hog and realize my vision properly. It’ll need its own bespoke texture since recolors of the vanilla will look super wonky, and I don’t want anyone having super wonky robes. The penis won’t be visible in this…I know I’ll catch flak for that, but whatever.

I’m pretty okay with it. Mostly I’m proud o’ dem sandals. Can’t wait to get everything textured!

In other news, chapter 16 of Rei’s story is actually in the works, but I’ve only been able to work on it as I feel well enough, and being that it’s the final one I don’t want to half-ass it. I know y’all don’t mind but I figured I’d say something considering my recent pace. Anyway, here’s the robe as it stands (those colors just denote materials, don’t worry lol):


  • Yueviathan

    OMG….LOVE IT!!!!!! I just came back from looking at the forsworn replacer because I saw its on the hot files now wooo. Also saw that one comment and I was about to link actual pictures of tribal clothes the school the dumb as for nip picking you but I will behave myself XD. That said looking threw those clothes and now seeing this, just made my day thank you Furbi look forward to this. All loves <3

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