Setting Out and Getting Off (More Valerion! And it’s NWS!)

I had him start as an outlaw in the wilds. As you can see there’s a bit of a big fish/small pond thing going. Can you blame him for setting off on his own?

Think of Valerion as diet Rei Ginsei. All the libido, zero calories. He likes people and he likes fun and gosh darn it, life’s just fine by him. Sure he might steal a thing or two, and suuuuuuure he’ll kill a dude for money if he feels it’s worthwhile, but he’s just a boy doin’ what boys do.

And he found a hot spring.

With mammoths.

The mammoths were kind enough to wait until he’d finished before stomping on his face.


Oh and yeah, in case that wasn’t clear, there is a man in this set having a visible orgasm. Just in case. Y’know. You should see something you don’t wanna see.

(sorry I didn’t take screenshots of the mammoths murdering him)


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