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Valerion Sunlancer (New Character Intro)

As gamers and roleplayers, in general, many of us have that one character we all come back to. The security blanket of the imaginative, I suppose. Not that I’m terribly imaginative, but you know.

Mine is Valerion Sunlancer, a dashing, lovable rogue. He was my first serious World of Warcraft character, and the one I felt most attached to.
For a brief stint, due to health problems and my inability to work in my chosen field, wherein my insurance was instantly lost (be so very careful when choosing insurance through groups designed for independent workers in a specific field), I worked for Blizzard Entertainment.

I won’t get into details for reasons involving decorum (whatever that happens to be worth), but the Activision merger ruined me. I was having panic attacks just thinking of going into work. I attempted suicide while at work. Things were bad.

But always, there was Valerion. Whether it was drawing him and his optimistic love Octavian or writing his story, whether it was strolling the streets of CyberSilvermoon with his boyfriend, Valerion was a constant, and he was someone I could escape to when I felt that nobody, not even my husband, understood me.

In light of this worsening depression, I decided I’d make him in Skyrim. After all, I’ve had Thieves Guild for Good Guys hanging out gathering dust, so who better? I’d like to make Octavian, as well, maybe release him as a follower, but I have tried making him before and haven’t had much luck. We’ll see.

In any case, here’s Valerion. I gave his backstory, but it’s so very irrelevant to Skyrim I’m just leaving it blank for now until he tells me a few things about his Elder Scrolls self.

Warcraft Value (Skyrim Value)

Name: Valerion Sunlancer
Race: Quel’Dorei (Altmer)
Age: 35 years
Height: 5’11” (~6’5″)
Weight: 138 lbs (167 lbs)
Sexuality: Pan


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