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So since I made Valerion, I’ve been working on making Octavian as his follower. In his Warcraft lore, Octavian is a young and gifted warlock, who, following the destruction of the Sunwell by Arthas and the petitioning by the Sin’dorei to be admitted into the Horde, was named an ambassador in spite of his age, with the hopes that his unusual expertise on demons and the Nether would prove useful and thus improve his people’s chances of alliance.

He’s a gentle soul, though, regardless of his field of study. His trusty felhunter Sloodrom is nearly always at his side, acting more like a blind puppy than a creature out to devour the mana of mages. Valerion saved him from certain death on his first mission as consultant, and from there it was love at first sight. Unfortunately for Octavian, Valerion’s status as a sell-sword and spy means he never settles in one place, and while Valerion has expressed his singular love for him, he often reminds Octavian that settling down is simply not an option.

Of course, once bitten, twice shy, and Octavian, for all his inability to say no, thinks it’s all a bunch of pretty words…

I wish I still had that drawing I did of him and Sloodrom. Oh my god. That demon dog. Too cute.


I actually plan on publishing Octavian as a follower, provided I can find a hair that I can actually publish with him and that looks good on him. My goals for this are:

-Create his pet Sloodrom.
-Create a bespoke outfit.

Well, first one probably won’t happen because I’m absolute shit at animation.

But the second! I used to play Fire Emblem a bit, and there was one character by the name of Soren who was a mage-type. I really don’t have much attachment to him one way or another, but he was a bit of the inspiration for Octavian’s looks back in the day, and he always had the best outfits. Soooooo…here’s what I’ve whipped up so far:

I just need to make the cape (ugh, I hate making capes) and the buckles, and I think I’m going to go for a red/gold Silvermoon color scheme rather than the green/gold. Though if I wind up releasing the robes on their own, there’ll probably be various colors. I dunno.

lol It’s so disheartening seeing that flowing artwork next to the static model.

Anywho that’s the nothing going on in my life thanks for reading!


  • RefurbMadness

    Won't be long, I'm at the texturing stage now 😀 He's got all the little goo-gaws and a very loverly cape, if I do say. I can just see my Octavian standing there with one of his many books 😛

    …Also I'm trying very hard to put off birthday celebrations. lol

  • syl

    It is pretty sweet looking.

    There are some publishable hairs, aren't there? I see a lot of standalones. No guarantees that they're any damn good, obvs.

  • RefurbMadness

    Thanks 🙂 There are, but the ones I use on my guys aren't; or at least I'm unsure of which channels I need to use to beg permission. So I'm left to Apachii or KS, neither of which blow my hair back (hah) when it comes to men.

    If I'm feeling like an eager beaver I might make one myself but. Y'know. Effort.

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