Octavian Shots and New Robes in Action

So I got the textures all done (they still need work) and got everything what needed to be added into CK. There’s a lot of clipping that needs to be addressed…a lot of learning why skirts are really badly weighted in vanilla Skyrim. Weighting problems in general, but ya know it’s all minor cosmetic stuff. There’s a circlet I made, but it hasn’t been fitted to elves yet so no pictures of it. Boo.

But I took it for its first test run, hoping I can get everything resolved, and that means you all can see Octavian! He himself needs more sculpting, but overall I think he’s a nice shrewed-lookin’ fella 😉 Enjoy!

And now officially I’m off until Monday when I get back from Santa Fe. Do wish my little darlings luck and pray they resist the urge to go shopping and instead listen to master classes and lectures. lol

I’ve said this before but next week you will be getting a nice story about Aria’s beginnings – told from her point of view, even! Polishing that bit is gonna be my Ambien in my hotel room!

Take care, see ya soon!


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