Syl has a new blog!

Gonna squeeze this in here real quick ’cause y’all gotsta know.

Cyrelian’s stories are no longer being posted here (you might have noticed), but not to worry! Syl has her own blog now where you can visit him and also take a look into the lives of her other pretties. There’s a pretty hawt shoot up right this very moment, in fact!

You can find it here:

But when this post gets inevitably buried, you can always find the link in the sidebar to the right, in the rat’s nest that is Blogger’s layout system. I’m gonna try and get that spaced out a bit.

But anyway, just so y’all know Cyrelian hasn’t disappeared, he just moved to his new digs!


  • syl

    Thanks, Furb!

    As soon as I figure out widgets I'll see if I can make the link back to your blog more visible. Urgh. Stupid formatting. I picked a simple theme for a reason but it's a little clunky in spots. I'm also totally not sure if commenting is up, since logging in/out has been a bit wonky.

    Cyrelian's story– actually all the stories– are listed in order on my sidebar page. Or the header if you're mobile. I not sure formatting is 100 percent for mobile, so let me know if it sucks.

    Oh– and thank YOU very much, Furb for your very patient encouragement and advice. Couldn't have done it without you.

    BTW, did you know you got a mention on skyrim mods reddit? (

    Thread is worth it for the mods' swats alone. Also I have GOT to get that Talos statute, brb. I thought about warning the OP about what you'd do to them if they posted that request in that fashion in one of your threads– lol– but some things ya just gotta learn from life.

  • RefurbMadness

    I haven't tried anything with commenting yet, so I couldn't tell you. But I mean I like what I've seen so far, much better than this trainwreck I've got 😛 It's really, really awesome you're able to collect everything into categories like you have.

    And you're welcome, though I dunno that I did very much :3

    lol I remember that statue, I had it as a gag once when I was doing a trash playthrough with a lot of aoki's dongs-everywhere armors. But regardless it's kind of surreal to me when my name comes up in places.

    Not as surreal as the guy on a car forum I used to frequent remembered my handle and my car after like two years…that was more creepy, though, I guess >.>

  • syl


    And the nasty Russian bot hackers (I have been assured by Imgur that they were NOT hacked, it was just a "site error"…) have been slain and all is well.

    I just need to figure out wtf this format of mine is called so I can figure out how to host it. Apparently you can re-download pictures from Imgur but not the metadata… which is the story bit… yeah.

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