Update about Nexus

So maybe some of you have noticed I’ve hidden my mods in a needlessly dramatic way.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it really isn’t a great environment for me, and that it tends to cause a great deal of stress. In my current state of mind, I just can’t deal with it. I don’t know if I’ll be back. I don’t think so this time. I can’t go somewhere I don’t feel safe.

I’ll keep this going, however. If there is a mod that was on Nexus that you want/need but can no longer get, please leave a comment somewhere here (doesn’t have to be relevant) and ask, and I will host the mod elsewhere for you to access.

Comments aren’t that reliable, though, so if you’d feel better emailing, use this address:

marysthorne at gmail dot com.

This isn’t my personal, but it’s one connected to my phone so I’ll know when something shows up in it.

Anyway. I’ll continue to upload new mods here, absolutely; this doesn’t mark the end of my modding hobby, I just don’t want to deal with Nexus anymore.

You’ll be getting an Aria chapter later this evening, though! So it’s not all bad!

I love you all, for reals. I know this move will make a huge impact on my telemetry, but I don’t much care about numbers. Silent or vocal, y’all all make this worthwhile.


  • syl

    Sorry people are such butts.

    … well, crud… idk what i'm missing of your stuff, darn it. Lol.

    Anyways, I still have my modelling pics, so I'll post 'em as I get time.

    Honestly I don't know what is wrong with folks anymore.

    Fuck 'em.

  • RefurbMadness

    I'll probably get around to uploading my more popular stuff like the All-in-One and my enchanting table and junk, but I dunno when that will be. If you think of something, though, by all means.

    And to be fair it's nobody, really, I'm just being really neurotic and I won't get into it. The past couple of days between students and meetings I've been chewing my nails and pacing, and going into my car to scream, so that's where Furb's mind is.

    Sorry I didn't mean to go off. Ugh. Why can't this go away.

  • jumarbye 1

    Once upon a time, I had all your mods (I think). Then my computer decided it was time to chew everything up and be a bitch (2 wks ago). I lost every single thing in my computer. Then I loaded Skyrim back up, and the first thing I did was upload your mods, maybe not every single one, but the most important ones (skimpy male armor, bc, you know). Fortunately, I manually d/l them and saved them while Skyrim was downloading. Then Skyrim itself decided to be a bitch and chewed everything up. (Last weekend).

    The point of this long boring story is that I saved some of your stuff in a folder that Skyrim couldn't get it's clammy hands on. Maybe I have most of your stuff. Except the Journeyman Healing robes and the Grand Magister robes. Oh! the pajamas! But those are still here, right?

    When you feel up to it, would you mind making the j.healing robes & g.m. robes available? 🙂 I would be so appreciative!

  • syl

    Mmm. Idk.

    Maybe go back to the doc? This year has sucked ass all around for sure. For most ppl I mean. I got nothing to complain about myself, in specific… but it sure is apparent for everyone else. It doesn't help that talking to them usually means a swim in the toxic soup of social media..


    Prolly I should go back. Just a couple more weeks.

    I got the brain weasels.

  • RefurbMadness

    I actually went to see her week before last and she had me give half my blood for testing. I'm no expert obviously but it looked like my lithium was lower than it ought to've been. But I never got a call, so maybe she doesn't think so. I hate having to make a sooner appointment though. Sooner appointments are usually preludes to hospital stays, and I just can't afford one, in many ways. But y'know. If I don't do it someone will force me to so I may as well. My husband's taken to asking if it's okay if he goes to work so if that's not a sign I don't guess I know what one is.

    And yeah if you feel you should, you probably should. Brain weasels sound unpleasant 🙁 I hope you're okay.

    Also stay away from social networks. Blugh. Toxic is too light a word, but lord if I can think of a strong enough one.

  • syl

    Well, generally if you're proactive and shit they tend not to push the less-restrictive-means. Hope they're not complete shits.

    Glad they took blood to check things at least.

    Over here MH care might as well be medieval– reverse phrenology anyone?

    I am actually surprised I am not deluged with involuntary-commit cases right now (did I just fucking jinx myself?) due to rampant craziness everywhere (ppl with troubles tend to wander into public buildings so its not like we don't see them) but maybe the last trial convinced the local facility that our judges aren't real impressed with their standard of care.


    If you wanna more quiet place to vent feel free to drop a comment on my blog someplace. I'll see it.

  • syl

    Oh– I actually put my Skyrim mods as zip files on an external drive– I just hadn't gotten around to grabbing every single one yet– I think I have most of the skimpy one although not the all in one update. Which does not matter since I merge clothing mods myself anyways..

    It won't save me if there's a power surge or something but it's good for random computer failures and Skyrim eating itself..

  • jumarbye 1

    Hehehehe…yeah you were smart to save that way. I thought I had myself covered this time and saved all the mod archives in a separate folder, but when your PC gets the munchies and decides to eat stuff, well there's no protecting it. Next time, titanium flash drive or something. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    was wondering if u could please link for your steel and wolf armor?? if its possible thank you ! ^^ and sorry to hear about nexus – not everything is for everyone.

  • Qewbix

    Yay! Least you're still modding. I love your male armor mods since there weren't much out there til I stumbled across yours a couple weeks ago which made me drop SE to go back to Oldrim lol Keep up the good work. Sorry to hear about nexus. 🙁

  • RefurbMadness

    Oh no I'm sorry you switched and then I went crazy >.<

    Thanks for your kind words, though, and there'll def be new mods coming, and I'll be opening re-hosting requests again soon so if there's something you wanted but couldn't get your hands on or whatever You'll be able to ask for it. There's a thing in the top right sidebar that I've put in that says whether requests are open or not, so keep an eye out. After that first influx I realized I have to kind meter things out lol

  • Qewbix

    I've bookmarked your site and been looking through it already. No rush to get your stuff in order. I see you have stories in here as well and pictures. That'll keep me entertained for awhile 😀 I'm still excited that after all these years I've finally managed to figure out the ENB stuff for Oldrim and finding your armors lol

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