Mod Download – Grand Magister Robes Female/Male

So this was immediately requested to be rehosted, which doesn’t surprise me since it’s really pretty kewl. The male version is now being offered publicly, as well! The installation between the male and female versions are very different! Please read your instructions!

All versions now include Undeadgoblin’s recolors. This is mainly to avoid the song-and-dance of that plugin I had to provide. I would appreciate it very much if you would give him a download and endorsement, if you haven’t in the past. Downloads and instructions after the jump…


Known Issues:

  • I forgot I gave the male version updated and more descriptive ground object meshes. I may set the female version up with them in the future; I wasn’t up to it just right now. Sorry.
  • Minor clipping at the lower back of the female body model during certain poses/custom walk cycles. Robe mesh has been adjusted as much as possible to minimize.
  • The male model goes commando. There is a static, uncut penis  to mask the hip-hole. A tiny gap appears between weights; I have tried everything I can to make that stop, but I haven’t found a solution, yet. It’s not very visible, though, unless you just go around taking upskirt shots, you weirdo.

I did not make the CBBE bodyslide file. This was done by MrDoctorAnonymous. If you have issues with it beyond installation, I cannot help you, and your best best would be to contact him. I’m only uploading it here for the sake of completion; the only thing I know is “put armor in, press magic button, yaaaaay!”


  • You MUST have VectorPlexus Regular schlong textures installed and available. You do not need the plugin to be active if you don’t want it, but the textures are necessary for the penis mesh.
  • Use a manager or drop the files into Skyrim/Data, and ensure RM Grand Magister for Men.esp is active.
  • You craft these at the tanning rack, just like the female counterpart.


  • Pick a main file (UNP, UNPB, 7B) – If you use one of these and want nothing else, you’re good to go!
  • Install via your favorite manager or drop the contents into Skyrim/Data. Ensure RM Grand Magister.esp is active.
  • To use the CBBE BodySlide file – Do the above, install this into BodySlide, run your batch file, and let BS overwrite the default meshes.


  • CBBE Bodyslide by MrDoctorAnonymous (requires one of the main female files, doesn’t matter which) 

Final Notes:

  • Both male and female files can be used together safely and can be merged.
  • If you’re one of those who likes to compartmentalize, do NOT attempt to combine male and female armor (ARMO) and armor addon (ARMA) forms in CK unless you’re absolutely sure that you know what you’re doing.
  • The static penis is a separate piece that must be used apart from the robe model, or else it attempts to texture swap with the body, and that’s no bueno. I apologize for the need to use both 32 AND 52 on the male body, but them’s the breaks.

Groovtama – XPMSE
VectorPlexus – SoS Body meshes
Dimon99 – DIMONIZED UNP female body
xp32 – UNP Blessed Body
Sevennity – SevenBase
Petrovich – UNP Leather Clothes, UNP Undies, UNP High Heels
Ousnius – NiOverride High Heels
MrDrAnonymous – CBBE BodySlide Conversion
Ousnius and Caliente – CBBE, BodySlide and Outfit Studio

That should be it. Let me know if I forgot something. Journeyman Healer Robes will be coming next.

Here’s pics! Poor Rei. He took it like a champ.


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