Mod Download: Journeyman Healer Robes

Second reupload for the weekend, my ever-popular Journeyman Healer Robes. Designed specifically for Valgus, the wandering priest of Interesting NPC’s, this set will fit the needs of any mage tasked with plying their skills from town to town.


  • Male and Female Compatibility
  • Hoods are Beast Race Compatible
  • Choice of Hoods to Show or Hide Khajiit Ears

How to Obtain:

  • Tanning rack and some linen piles and leather/strips will get you a set of plain, unenchanted robes, gloves, shoes, cape, and hood.
  • There is a special enchanted set geared towards resto mages hidden somewhere in The Pale, along the coast nearby Dawnstar.


  • Interesing NPC’s is required if you wish to make this Valgus’ default outfit.
  • Body shape doesn’t matter. UUNP-base users may have issues with hands and bare feet clipping, just equip the gloves and shoes.

Otherwise you don’t need anything.


  • Download the Main File and use your favorite manager or drop the contents into Skyrim/Data.
  • Download the patch you want, and overwrite the esp in the Main File.

Known Issues:
This was, I think, my first armor or one of my first. It’s far from perfect, so maybe don’t be too harsh.

  • Minor clipping between the leggings and the shoes; this is a vanilla thing, I haven’t done anything to address it (keep reading).
  • The front and back “tails” are rigged to the legs and stretch. Skirt bones are rigged, but painting needs to be taken care of.

I have come back to this several times since releasing it, looking to improve the tail weighting and that clipping, but for whatever reason the existing models are fighting me tooth and nail. I have several color schemes I wish to implement, but will not do so until I’m happy with the behavior of the armor. It probably will come down to me having to recreate it from scratch, but whatever the case, I am working to make this better, as it deserves much better than it’s gotten, especially considering the love it’s received from its users.


SydneyB (Ashara) – Princes of the Woods (cape)

Enjoy, you guys. Gonna take a short break today and when I come back you’ll have my enchanting table available, and then my steel and wolf armors.

Thank you all so much for your patience while I do this!



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