Mod Download: Cherrywood Dragon Enchanting Tables

Alright, last mod for the day, another favorite, my Cherrywood Enchanting Tables. It is, as you might have figured, a replacer for the vanilla enchanting workbench and workstation, with the emphasis being put on the full bench. In place of your troll skull, you have a dragon with a black soul gem in its mouf, and some glowy runes on the tabletop itself. Pics, as usual, are at the bottom!

Features and Improvements:

  • Choice of white candles or red and purple ones
  • Improved normal map – this should quit that gods-forsaken shine.



  • Ruins Clutter Improved – Overwrite their meshes with this one. For MO users this means move this mod BELOW RCI in the left pane. (Highly recommend this mod, by the way, even with SMIM)
  • Craftable Cloud Storage – Compatible meshes come included with each pack, meaning you can use the Mystic Embalming Pick to make soul gem storage appear. However, this MUST be installed after CCS and allowed to overwrite its meshes (they’re in a different folder). Again, MO users this means my mod needs to be BELOW CCS in the left pane.
  • And obviously anything that explicitly alters these meshes and textures.


  • Pick your favorite (pictures below) and use your favorite manager or drop the contents into Skyrim/Data.
  • If you do not use CCS, the extra folders will not affect your game at all, and can be safely removed if you feel it necessary.

The glow intensity will vary based on your game’s particular lighting setup. ENB’s obviously will have the biggest impact. I can’t account for all of them. I’ve been using this myself without a break ever since I made it, all through my adjustments and everything, and I’ve found that with only a few exceptions, it’s mostly fine. If you’re using an ENB that’s very heavy on bloom, you might have a Bad Time. But y’know. Try it. Worst case scenario is you hate it and you uninstall it.

White Candles
Red and Purple Candles

Alright guys, that’s it for Saturday. Tomorrow I’ll give y’all my steel and wolf, and that’ll be it for the time being (just a break, not saying you can’t make requests).


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