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Rei Ginsei’s Saga, Vol. 1, Compilation

I’m working with organization on this thing, so this is experimental. Theoretically I can gather big things like this and put them on the side bar? I dunno. Either way, here is this for convenience.
Hooray it worked! From now on in the right sidebar you’ll see a section called “Character Story Compilations”. That’s where you’ll find posts containing links to all the chapters in a character’s story so that, if you’re new, or if you just want to re-read, you don’t have to go picking through things. Even labels have their limits.

So as stated in the title, this is the complete list of chapters in the first volume of Rei Ginsei’s story, even the first chapter which is a chapter in the same way American cheese is cheese. But it’s necessary so it’s there. Hope this proves helpful to people.

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