Reupload Delay

I’m sorry I feel like I’m posting fifty million things a day. Due to unforeseen circumstances, a new desk must be built. I will try very hard to get the steel and wolf armors up by tonight as promised, but I have no idea what will go into this. My husband is the handy one. I just burn designs in wood. Which doesn’t help hereOH MY GOD I CAN WRITE ON THIS DESK WITH MY SOLDERING IRON…


 Anyway, yeah, so tonight I think is being optimistic, but tomorrow for sure; this isn’t going to be some Herculean undertaking.

Ugh. Change.

Good news is after this next reupload, requests will be closed temporarily so that I can give y’all one never-before-released mod that has received numerous requests for release over the years, and hopefully a new simple and fun armor/clothing mod by the end of the week.

Have a good Sunday, y’all.


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