Mod Download: Steel and Wolf Armor Replacers for Men

Hey so today didn’t pan out and I’m a bit cranky about that, but you shouldn’t be, because here’s skimpy male armor! Replacers AND standalone versions of the steel and wolf armors for the man in your lifegame.

The requirements for these armors are different, as are the methods of obtaining them in the standalone versions, so be sure to read closely!


  • None, technically. The gloves and boots worn on a non-SoS body may clip, however.


  • XPMSE  – This is a HARD requirement, and you will CTD without it when equipping the cuirass
  • RaceMenu – SOFT requirement, only necessary to access bulge scaling.

Standalone Acquisition:

  • Craft at any forge, as usual. My meshes start with “RM”.


  • Purchase armor from Eorland Greymane once you have reached that portion of the Companions questline.
  • Take pieces to any forge and convert them to my meshes. Again, these will have “RM” in front of their names.
  • Recipes will not show in your crafting list without the vanilla armor in your inventory.

Use your manager of choice or manually extract the contents of your archive into Skyrim/Data.

Known Issues:
In my game Skjor’s armor doesn’t get replaced. I don’t know if this is a mod that’s doing it or if he has his own “bespoke” armor that looks like everyone else’s but points to a different location. He dies anyway tho so vOv

The Wolf armor comes in two versions: One with only bikini bottoms, and one with a belt over the bikinis. See pics below before deciding, unless you’re grabbing the standalone.

Mods Used in Screenshots:



  • No monetization
  • Credit is to be given to those authors listed in credits if this mod is republished elsewhere
  • No credit need be given to me, but it would be appreciated.





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