Frostfire Stallion Update – IMPORTANT

If you have downloaded Snaefax the Frostfire Stallion prior to the timestamp of this post, please go back to the original post and re-download as I’ve implemented a fix to keep him from wandering back home once you dismount.

I use Convenient Horses and I never, ever think to do that when I make horse mods. I’m so very sorry.

lol I’m still recovering from headaches and I woke up just now and was like “DAMMIT” so I got up and took care of it. Hopefully. Please let me know if I missed something!


  • syl

    I find that the most annoying thing about horses is that they always go with you when you fast-travel. Gaaaaaahhh stay where I put you! I love to do Quaxe's Winterhold rebuild but I always find myself going through conniptions to ditch that horse. (Even if it dies you get a horse ghost…aggh.)

    I used to use Immersive Horses but sadly those horses were still magic. A real immersive horse would cost a thousand gold a month in feed and farrier's bills, would have pretty strict limits on how far/fast you could ride it, and would def nope the f out of any dragon encounter.

  • RefurbMadness

    Convenient Horses/Convenient Horse Herding are two things I cannot live without, but I don't think they stop the fast travel nonsense. I don't fast travel so I don't know lol

    I grew up on a ranch and spent summers with my horse breeder step-grandfather, so I try not to put too much thought into game horses lest my brain explode. To say nothing of many of the mods available for them. Slof knows the difference between a white and a grey horse and that alone is enough to make me love her forever lol

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