Mod Download: Snaefax the Frostfire Stallion

If you’re not familiar with Slof’s Unique Shadowmere, you may be familiar with the derivative Blaze of Eventide. They’re what Slof herself calls “nightmares”, infernal horses with flame running through them. They are awesome.

I’d used Unique Shadowmere for quite some time before deciding that it would be cool to have a “frostfire” version to go with him. Partially this is because I am an inexplicable fan of the old video game Chakan that had frostfire sword enchantments that I liked. And that recently I yanked out of my Genesis and threw roughly back into the bin because I forgot how to do a thing in a level. I might be a child.

So this is Snaefax, my own take on Slof’s beautiful horse. I’ve used him for many, many moons now, and it’s time to share him.

I have a bigger mod coming up, a pack of SFW, just generally neat Fire-Emblem-inspired outfits for men I made for sculpting/scratch-building practice. Aiming for next week sometime!


  • Unique appearance and tack
  • Essential
  • Doesn’t affect sneak
  • +25% Movement speed
  • Oh yeah he’s a stallion so he’s “equipped”. Not very noticeable, but you can remove the offending bits in NifSkope if it bothers you that much. It’s an easy fix. Hah.

Where to Find:
Just outside Septimus Signus’ lair. He just hangin’ out there. Maybe he’s Septimus’ horse and you steal him? Who knows? He’s yours, now!


Known Issues:
NoneJust fixed issue where Snaefax would return home on dismount.

Snaefax the Frostfire Stallion

Slof – Stallion mesh and original textures


  • This file is not to be monetized.
  • This file is not to be redistributed.
  • The assets in this file are not to be used elsewhere.



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