New Armor WiP – Moonlight Assassin (Rei modeling!)

Had a very…not-good doctor visit today. So I decided to be irresponsible and unsociable and put things off I’d promised because dammit.

I made this instead. Part three of a four-set armor pack. It’s called Moonlight Assassin and is based on Jaffar’s outfit from some Fire Emblem game or another I don’t remember. It shows off Rei’s hair.



  • RefurbMadness

    Ooh, I dunno…I think I might have to go for Mister O'Toole πŸ˜›

    And glad you like it! Hope the other three hold up, though I gotta say this one's my favorite by far (and even worked perfectly first time in game!).

  • RefurbMadness

    I have 4k makeup I made myself ages ago. I had kept wanting to release it, but a good deal of it just isn't that good. Unfortunately it's one of those things you put off way too long and these days my hands shake too much for me to do things that require fine work like eyeliner. :

  • longxue

    I'm longxue on Nexus and I finish refitting your armors of Furb's SoS Armors All-in-One-86777-1-1 for SAM but now I can't find yours on Nexus and here. Can you reupload it somewhere?

  • RefurbMadness

    Hey, I'm done with Nexus sorry I wasn't trying to ignore you or anything.

    Do you need the file uploaded just so people can download it as a dependency? Because if that's the case you absolutely have my permission to upload the file in full wherever it's being posted, so long as you link back here and credit NULL9 for the Cleric Armor.

    Otherwise if you need it for yourself tell me and I'll try and get it uploaded here. It is teh hueg πŸ˜›

  • longxue

    Thanks for your cooperation!

    As I sent you PM on Nexus on March 2, I finish making a patch of your Daedric, Elven, and Glass armors except Elven gauntlets of Furb's SoS Armors All-in-One-86777-1-1, for SAM. So I hope you will upload this mod here for my patch. And about credit I don't refit Cleric Armor then I don't need to add credit NULL9 and I just need you for credit.

    About Elven gauntlets issue I mentioned on my PM, please see it on Nexus.

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