Still Alive

Hey guys, Furb’s having a bit of an extended meltdown so she’s been a bit on the down-low. Just wanted to say hey. Life’s in a bit of a huge transition (Oh, Fortuna, why must thy wheel turn so…) that’s taking a bit of a toll mentally and physically, and there’s a lot on my mind in terms of choices and whatnot. But…

The new outfit mod is coming very soon; the fourth outfit is having its textures mapped as we speak, and I think it pretty much tops the other three (I don’t think you’ve seen the second, though…Tauryon tried to model it, but it’s a bit too rugged for the likes of his bougie ass lol).

I’m considering unhiding my mods on Nexus? I went and unhid the ones in my AiO as a favor to a kind soul who’s been making SAM conversions (I’ll get y’all the link once I have it), so I dunno. It’ll have to wait until all this emotional nonsense gets sorted. I just don’t want to be That Girl. Though I guess I already am.

So yeah, once the mod has been properly finished, I’ll get back to writing. Aria’s second part will be first, followed by the first chapter of Rei’s second volume. Or would that be too much? We’re not talking back-to-back or anything, but it seems much. Y’all who read those things let me know, would you?

Meanwhile have some random pretty shots…


  • jumarbye 1

    Hey there! I kinda figured you were wanting to be out of the public eye for awhile, so I didn't want to bug you. I hope you're doing okay – glad to hear you're still alive 😉

    As far as reading goes, I'm happy to read whatever, whenever you wanna write. There is no "too soon" as far as I'm concerned. 🙂 That being said, I will happily and patiently wait until you feel like writing 😛

    And your teaser hints about the new outfits gives me all kinds of pins and needles XD

    Hang in there!

  • Qewbix

    I noticed you unhid some things… I was looking for that unicorn one! 😛 ty for that. Hope things don't kick you down too hard. I'm catching up on your reads anyways hehe Excited about the new gears!

  • syl

    I actually have a section of my external drive labelled 'mod author meltdown–do not delete' and it's been there for a couple years now.

    Yay for unhiding, I was able to go back and snap up the versions with the nice feet, so Marcus would quit yelling at me. (Yes, Marcus, always download allll the options from now on, sigh..)

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