New Armor WiP – Dashing Spellsword

Hey guys. Managed to get up for a while and got some work done. There’s a few gremlins to work out as you’ll see, but I think this is my favorite armor by far. It’s named after Tauryon Camorin: soldier, Thalmor interrogator, Rei Ginsei’s oldest friend.

I dunno with the ESO ouroboros. I liked the visual in spite of the lore clash, and also it was a great exercise in decimation. I have an awful, awful habit of giving you guys at least one mesh with an unreasonable number of polys so I figured I should get some practice in reducing those while maintaining the shape’s integrity. It’s still a bit too high, but it’s not like I can’t start the process over.

I’m still pushing through the crud. I think it’s getting better. If you’re one of the very many who’ve sent PMs to me on Nexus, I sincerely appreciate your concerns and kind words, and I’m replying to you all as I have the energy. I’m trying right now, putting on my happy face where I need to. Right now I’m basically in bed 99% of the time, and when I’m out of it I’m trying to do things that lift my spirits and that don’t require too much thought. Sharing these with you guys was something I was looking forward to doing, so that’s what my goal was for today. And I did it!

But again, I really am humbled and comforted by the thoughts that have been sent my way, and I will reply on an individual level just as soon as I’m able to. Meanwhile, maybe this will provide an okay stop-gap?


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