Unhidden Mods and Rambling You Probably Don’t Care About

As the title says, all my mods have been unhidden on Nexus.

I’m still getting PM’s asking where they all went, and I figured, in the end, it doesn’t matter what theatrics my brain is putting me through. If I can help make someone’s game, or even day, better, that’s what’s important.

I feel like an ass over all this. I’m embarrassed. Like, who does this? The only people I can think of are young people who can’t handle getting called out on shit. Nothing like that happened. My brain just cracked a bit more. You’d think the embarrassment would be the other way but the people who do the tantrum thing are kind of incapable…that’s why they throw tantrums lol

Even so, I’m sorry if I caused anyone inconvenience.

I’m still not out of the woods. The past two days have been extremely dark, and while the fact that I’ve woken up, had no trouble taking the dog out, fed the cats, and made my tea, after the other day I’m not taking that alone as a sign of anything other than a small burst of endorphins or whatever. My inbox on Nexus is still very full (as in the old limit kind of full lol), and the overwhelming nature of it is still unreasonably oppressive, so that could, and probably is, a sign.

In any case, I’m going to continue to cocoon for a while. I know I laid out a schedule, but it obviously didn’t happen, and I’m not going to say when it will. My next mod will go up on Nexus, and I will let y’all know.

Thanks everyone for your continued understanding.


  • Qewbix

    OMG! Ty so much! That forsworn standalone that I didn't install like I should've saves Sverrir from getting compromised every time he goes to a forsworn camp just to steal them lol Though of course he doesn't mind the compromising >< anyways ty. *virtual hug* since you seem like you could use one. 🙂 Cocoon as long as you need it. Take care!

  • syl

    I got to go back and look at Rei's old shots!

    There were even some I'd missed… yay! Although I am pretty impressed that you are still with us here after the unicorn modeling session…

    Marcus says thank you. He has now commenced nagging ME.

    (I have CK work today so Marcus can piss right off.)

    I had fun going through the shots to see my evolution of characters. Marcus says don't look, it's not him, it's his scroungy cousin who always forgets to shave and who has to be reminded about changing his socks.

    And I never had grabbed the wing tattoos previously so woot.

    I've got the elven and Thalmor stuff of yours in an upcoming installment. Soon. Not the next one like I promise. I'll let ya know.

  • Yueviathan

    Furbi, we all get into a state where just the smallest bit of pain can be that one point on top of a mountain of problems, chained to our backs or crippling our legs. Most of us understand that pain, and won't judge you for it. Thank you for sharing your art, thank you for talking with us, and most of all thank you for being you and sticking around. I have no right to ask you to stay, being essentially strangers so far away, unable to give a hug in person or hang out when you need someone there, but for what its worth I wish I could. I'm glad you was able to post this and talk to us all. the mods are nice and all, but I was worried you never speak again. So I'm just so happy your still here. Thank you hugs <3

  • jumarbye 1

    Hey, Yue – I'm with you. Furb's files are great, but Furb herself is more important. Don't worry about your inbox or your schedule. Take a day at a time and let everyone else take care of themselves.
    Hugs from me, too! <3

  • RefurbMadness

    Thanks both of y'all 🙂 Yue I've told you how much I appreciate your being there for me solid, but jumarbye I really have and do appreciate the kind words and support you've offered, as well. It all means tons, and the positivity has certainly helped, I think.

    Hugs back all around <3

  • RefurbMadness

    Hah, sometimes I forget how long he's been with me, and that he only started as a nostalgia project just to see if I could recreate his anime basis.

    Unfortunately I think something must have happened to my older shots, because my Steam folder is oddly empty, but who can say. I have B&W's of Aria in the Grey Cowl of Nocturnal desert what name I'm drawing a blank on, and that's enough for me. That was brand-new Grey Cowl; I need to play with the new one.

    Can't wait to see my armors made immortal 😀

  • syl


    I think I will give up on fighting with CK and go back to polishing dialogue. That's 12 hours I won't get back. Erdi may get completely new hair as KS is just so much not-fun to wrestle with.

    My victim.. er beta reader… uhm husband.. is going to have to suffer through another intimate-scene installment for me to fix that one up, and then the one after that has the duds. And he's busy tonight so there's that.

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