I feel like stuff has been weird. But my free time has been basically consumed with this mod and when that happens I get fuzzy and I ignore things and people and it’s kinda disorienting, especially when you get towards the end and you’re like a trail horse that knows it’s about half a mile from home and starts all but galloping because AHMAGAHD FOOD.

This one, though. Dang, Tina. I thought I was done with it last Saturday or Sunday or something. Or at least nearly done. But oh my god, every time I would get in to take screenshots (which, by the way, I haaaaaaaaate doing for mods), I’d find something wrong. And not just wrong, weird.

I’m not griping or anything and it’s no big deal, but man I’m just in a weird, weird place.

Also got mild lithium poisoning and that doesn’t help with the brain-using (I’m fine, don’t worry).


OH. Yeah so I think I’m done with the mod for real and for true and will publish it tomorrow evening (or sooner if I can kick my own ass hard enough to finish with the screenshots and Photoshoppery), and after that I’m honestly not sure if Aria or Rei will be first. lol I’m worried Aria’s gonna be too boring and I’m worried Rei’s gonna be too sexy.

Or I might just let myself sleep til one tomorrow and work on the car instead if I’m up to it. I loves my Skyrim but you have no idea the love for our Integra 😛

Whatever I wind up doing tomorrow, have some pics of Rei and Clavicus modeling the fixed Moonlight Assassin armor!